Poll: Impossible for Israel to reach peace deal with PA

A majority of Israeli Jews believe it would be impossible for Israel to reach a peace deal with the Palestinian Authority anytime in the foreseeable future, a new poll shows.

According to a survey published by Channel 2 Monday, despite President Donald Trump’s pledge to bring the two sides together for negotiations, there is little optimism regarding the possibility of a final status agreement between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

A full 50% of Israeli Jews say there is absolutely no chance of a peace deal between Israel and the PA in the foreseeable future, compared to just 3% who say the chances for such an agreement are good. Forty-six percent of Israeli Jews said a peace deal was possible with the PA – but was unlikely to be reached.

National Religious Jews were the most skeptical about the prospects for a peace agreement, with 71% saying there was absolutely no chance, while 69% of haredi Jews agreed the odds of such a deal being brokered were nil. Self-identified left-wingers were the most likely to believe peace is possible, but even among them only 11% say it is likely, compared to 19% who believe there is no chance for a deal.

The poll also shows that younger respondents were the least likely to believe in the possibility of a peace deal, while respondents over the age of 45 were the most likely to believe there was a chance for an agreement.

Israeli Arabs also expressed skepticism over the possibility of a peace deal, with 41% saying there was no chance whatsoever of a deal, just 21% who said it was possible but unlikely, and 8% who said the odds for a deal were good. Thirty percent had no response.

Residents of the Palestinian Authority were the most likely to say a peace deal was possible, with just 35% saying there were no chances whatsoever for a deal, 44% who believe a deal is possible but unlikely, and 15% who say a deal is likely to be reached.

The survey was conducted from the 21st to the 26th of May, and included a sample of 1,298 respondents including 604 Jewish Israelis, 150 Arab Israelis, 331 Arab residents of Judea and Samaria, and 213 residents of the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip.

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  1. And yet the good will gestures continue. Allowing Arabs to build means Jews can not live there. Similarly, permitting Muslim immigration to the West is not universalism, but aiding and abetting foreign invasion through settler colonialism. It’s Muslim imperialism. The fact that no Muslim country is permitting outsiders in, the fact that no Muslim country tolerates any other religion or culture is all the evidence needed. Muslim immigration must be stopped. Arab settlement construction must be permanently frozen.

  2. @ Sebastien Zorn:
    And the fact that non-Muslims dare not set foot in Muslim zones in Europe, thus making them essentially foreign soil just like embassies. They should be deported or interned.

  3. The government of Israel should never have put itself in position to be compelled to negotiate anythng whatsoever with the Fatah terror gang having renamed itself the Palestine “Authority”.

    Right from the get-go 50 years ago, the government should have negotiated separately with the many dozens of hamulas — the blood-relation extended clans that have governed the urban Arabs of Eretz-Yisreal since far back into the history of the Ottoman Empire that ruled the Middle East after the fall of the Byzantine Greek Empire. The Turks ruled the locals largely through those clan-related arrangements. They didn’t rule the Arabs very well, but they couldn’t have cared less about that.

    It is not too late to veer to that course of action right now, this very year. That, plus a doubling and tripling of strictly Jewish development of all Shomron and Yehuda.

    And above all, cut the gordian knots that tie the Jewish state not to the people of the United States of America, but to the largely Jew-hating gang that has run the US State Department for about the last century.

    Divide and conquer has worked for everyone else throughout history. Now is the time for the re-established Jewish nation to apply the same principles to our relationships with the goyim both great and small.

    Arnold Harris, Outspeaker

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