Poll: Right up by 4 seats to 69

By Ted Belman

A recent JPOST poll found,

    It predicted that Likud would win one more mandate than Kadima, 30 to 29, instead of the 28 seats for Kadima and 27 for Likud in the current Knesset. Israel Beiteinu and Shas would remain at 15 and 11 seats, respectively.

    In a dramatic shift on the Left, Labor would fall from 13 seats to only six and Meretz would double its current total of three mandates to match Labor.

    Arab parties would win 10 seats, down one, United Torah Judaism would rise from five seats to seven, and the two religious-Zionist parties – the National Union and Habayit Hayehudi – would each win three.

    Asked who they would prefer as prime minister, 40% of respondents said Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, 30% opposition leader Tzipi Livni, and 30% had no preference or opinion. Among voters who have not decided which party to vote for, 33% said they preferred Livni and 31% Netanyahu, while 36% would not say.

Labor is falling apart, probably because they are in the present coalition which the left hates. Their votes are going to Meretz, a big surprise, and to Kadima.

The capitulation voters are concentrated on Kadima. Too bad the right is not as concentrated on Likud. But to argue that Likud should find a party to amalgamate with, does not necessay mean that the amalgamated party would get the same number of votes as their present combined total.

December 10, 2010 | 4 Comments »

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4 Comments / 4 Comments

  1. Please don´t equate secular Jews with “the left” There are far more non religious Jews among the supporters of Likud.

  2. NOW:


    NU 3
    Beiteinu 15
    TOTAL 18


    UTJ 5
    Habayit 3
    Shas 11
    TOTAL 19


    Likud 27


    Kadima 28
    Labor 13
    Meretz 3
    TOTAL 44


    (all) 11



    NU 3
    Beiteinu 15
    TOTAL 18 (no change)


    UTJ 7
    Habayit 3
    Shas 15
    TOTAL 25 (up 6)


    Likud 30 (up 3)


    Kadima 29
    Labor 6
    Meretz 6
    TOTAL 41 (down 3)


    (all) 10 (down 1)

    It seems that five votes come out of thin air. What did I miss?

    As Sam Fistel pointed out, the religious appear to be the winners due to natural increase. That means that Jewish opinions, after all they’ve been through, are essentially unchanged.

  3. Israel’s right now 69; Left 41:

    Netanyahu’s rightist coalition originally won by 65 to 44. We are now seeing a permanent shift in power in Israel from left to right. In part that is because real Israeli Jews have many Jewish children, even if it crimps their lifestyle a bit. Secular and atheistic Israeli “Jews”, in contrast, abort their Jewish children, so that they can continue to live large.

    The post-Zionist, Jew-hating, arab-loving Israeli left still dominates Israeli media, education, and the judiciary. As their actual numbers shrink, they become ever more polarized and fanatic, and determined to destroy Jewish Israel rather than see Jews who believe in HaShem take power.

    A secular “Jewish” Israel, without Judaism, aside from being an abomination to HaShem our Creator, is a leftist recipe for voluntary suicide. A post-Zionist Israel will be taken over and destroyed by third-world savages, just as we see post-christian America, France and Germany transforming before our eyes.

    Netanyahu does not appear to be the man to create a truly Jewish Israel. It seems he, and some of the Likud, are somewhat attracted by post-Zionism, and if push came to shove (and it will), would choose to work with Israeli leftist atheists rather than Jews who wear kippot and tzitzis, and who still believe in the Land of Israel living according to the Torah of Israel.

    Israel will not achieve the destiny HaShem desires, until there is a Torah-true Prime Minister who wears a kippa with pride, and is supported by a solid majority of fellow Torah-true Jews working together to make Israel a Holy Nation.

    I like walking down a street which is filled with playing, happy kids wearing kippot and tzitzis, and moms dressed modestly pushing double baby carriages. I am happy to help them out a bit if they are in need, and do not consider them to be “parasites”. I want to live among them, and not among non-Jews. I do not want to give my money to polygamous, Jew-hating muslim savages with forty kids (including ten boys each named muhammad). If that makes me a “racist”, then so be it. (Ohd amaynu khai.)

  4. Ted,

    A Likud-led coalition government would be perfectly acceptable for the long-term interests of the re-assembling Jewish nation as well as the State of Israel. But Binyamin Netanyahu has never proved to be anything like the David Ben-Gurion of the right. And that is precisely what Israel needs today.

    In addition, wall-to-wall parliamentary coalitions are too unstable to govern. Which means Likud should not get into any kind of coalition with Livni’s Kadima. As for Israel’s Labor Party defense minister, he can stay. But administrative control over the settlement-building process in Yehuda and Shomron should be taken out of the hands of Zahal’s Central Command and turned over to Israel’s Interior ministry.

    Although I greatly prefer the Jewish nationalist parties to the religious parties, I recognize that neither can run the country without the other. And I would be comfortable with the leadership of either the Russian immigrants or of Israel Eldad’s son.

    Arnold Harris
    Mount Horeb WI