Poll: Trump leads Biden among Jewish voters in New York

New poll by Siena College shows that former President has a 9-point lead over current President among Jews in New York state.

INN     Feb 21, 2024

Trump and Biden

A new poll by Siena College shows that former US President Donald Trump has a 9-point lead over current President Joe Biden among Jews in New York state, which has the nation’s largest Jewish population, Newsmax reports.

The poll, which was released on Tuesday, showed that Trump, the front-runner for the Republican nomination, has a 53%-44% lead over Biden among New York’s Jewish voters in a two-way race and a 46%-38% lead in a four-way race with independents Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Cornel West.

The poll surveyed 806 registered voters in New York, 8% of whom were Jewish, from February 12-14.

The poll results are quite remarkable given Trump’s poor standing among Jewish voters nationwide in each of his presidential campaigns. In 2016, Hillary Clinton won 71% of the Jewish vote compared to Trump’s 24%

In 2020, Biden won 68% to Trump’s 30% according to the Jewish Virtual Library.

The Siena poll also showed Trump narrowing the gap with Biden among all voters in New York to 12 percentage points (48%-36%) in a two-way race and 10 percentage points (42%-32%) in a four-way race.

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7 Comments / 7 Comments

  1. @Laura

    He had better not choose Ramaswamy or Gabbard for running mate…both of them are anti-Israel.

    I don’t agree that Ramswampy is anti-Israel, but his chameleon ways lead me to believe that he is capable of pursuing any position on any topic which will gain him more relevance. Like any good salesman, he is good with words and capable of great duplicity, both of which he displayed during the primary. Hopefully Trump will choose someone more sincere than the the Hindu who claims to hold a greater appreciation for Judeo-Christian values than anyone of the Judeo-Christian faith and who described himself as being Trumpier than Trump could be. In any event, whereas I do believe that Trump likely promised this word-smith poser some role in his govt, I would be quite surprised if it were as his running mate.

    I also agree that Trump’s VP pick should not be chosen from any of the isolationists posing as MAGA supporters who are looking to coast to success on Trump’s political coattails, and I certainly would characterize Gabbard as one of these. As I have noted before, Trump is an internationalist, and the Trump Doctrine requires a robust, but focused and rational foreign policy, which such isolationists as Gabbard, Owens and Carlson (and others) specifically oppose. Additionally, for a good review of Gabbard’s greater weaknesses, one need only give a listen to Shipwreckcrew’s review of the history of her and her father which he discussed in some detail about two or three years ago. Curiously, in all of the personal attacks which might be thrown at Gabbard, and there are any number of such attacks which have been used, the reports of her family’s support for a local Hawaiian cult has yet to be unveiled against her. I can hardly believe that this information is not known to Trump, and have little expectation that she will be his VP pick.

    Time will tell whom Trump might pick, but I would be greatly surprised if it were either of the two which you warn against.

  2. At this point, Trump wins easily. The only way forward for the Democrats is either convicting Trump on some of the Trumped-up charges, no pun intended, or election fraud as in the last election. I don’t expect this dynamic to change. In fact, I expect Trump’s lead in the Electoral College to grow substantially by election time. Hopefully something has been done or is being done to stop Democrat fraud. Obviously president Trump is innocent but can justice be properly served in term for an honest and straight election? Electoral fraud or convicting DJT on trumped-up charges is the only way forward for the Democrats.

  3. He had better not choose Ramaswamy or Gabbard for running mate. If something were to happen to Trump, both of them are anti-Israel.

  4. So 44% of New York’s Jews still don’t care that the Democrats want Israel destroyed and Jews subservient to the Dem’s new co-religionists, the Muslims?

    Well, wait another 10 years.