Predetermined Algorithms Source of Widespread Election Fraud in Arizona

By Wendi Strauch Mahoney, UNCOVERDC,

Predetermined algorithms caused widespread election fraud in Maricopa County, Arizona. Jovan Hutton Pulitzer told a packed room on June 27 that he conducted a forensic kinematic investigation of the ballots that “shows sufficient and irrefutable evidence of pervasive voter fraud and widespread election fraud in Maricopa County, Arizona.” Pulitzer explained that “specific ballots” were repeatedly and fraudulently inserted to predetermine the election’s winner. In short, the Maricopa election was an absolute mess that robbed many voters of their 14th amendment rights. Pulitzer said he is still knee-deep in the investigation.

Specific Ballots/Pulitzer June 27, Arizona

To be clear, a kinematic investigation means Pulitzer actually followed the physical and cyber “trail” of the Maricopa County ballots from the time they were manufactured to the “printing, the folding, sorting, and mailing” of those ballots. Pulitzer then “followed the mailing process, the return process, the election handling process, and eventual scanning, tallying, and election recording of the votes—and reporting of the final outcome.” In addition, Pulitzer drilled his investigation down to the precinct level. He and his team processed over 20,895,610 digital and forensic images in multiple formats.

Predetermined Algorithms and Strategically Inserted Ballots

Pulitzer says he can prove that predetermined algorithms caused the election to be skewed toward a win for Biden.

“91.62 percent of the predetermined ballots were cast in favor of Joe Biden.”

Approximately 406,972 of the over 2.1 million ballots cast in Maricopa County were “of a predetermined origin” because of the use of algorithms. 38 percent of the mail-in ballots for Biden were found to be of a predetermined nature. 33 percent of the Trump ballots on election day were predetermined. After removing the fraudulently cast ballots, Trump got 59% of the votes. To find that “true vote,” Pulitzer removed the ballots contributing to the predetermined outcome. Biden only got 41 percent with the removal of the predetermined ballots.

Predetermined/Pulitzer June 27

Pulitzer is confident that when the algorithm could not keep pace with the votes coming in for Trump, “paper ballots had to be created to match the electronic outcome.” He found ample evidence of many ballot boxes that were “pilfered.” The boxes were “opened and reopened over time to either insert or remove ballots.”

Interestingly, 52 ballot boxes were “pre-set aside” on Election Day for a hand audit. Oddly, those boxes were the only ones that were never disturbed. The inconsistencies and non-compliance concerning the handling of the other ballot boxes were remarkable, allowing for fraudulent activity such as the insertion of ballots where needed.

Pallet upon pallet of boxes was dual-dated. That translates to ballots with multiple dates and multiple months all mixed in, a finding that is “not congruent with how these ballots should be processed.” 89 percent of the dual date batches “were decided for Joe Biden,” according to Pulitzer. He stated that election workers “with decades of experience had never seen such dual date batches.” Pulitzer believes the boxes were “pilfered to make the paper match the digital outcome.”

Incorrect Paper Causes Compromised Elections

The incorrect paper was also used; paper that was so thin it allowed for bleedthrough on the ballots, which, in turn, caused massive forced adjudication of ballots. To run an honest election, the paper must be the correct printing density, and the printing machines must be properly maintained and calibrated. Pulitzer said, “343,304 ballots were printed out of mechanical compliance,” with no one supervising or inspecting the printers.

That is 343,304 voters who “were not treated equally” in the election, according to the 14th amendment. His analysis included bleedthrough analysis, chromatic analysis, human or machine voted Oval analysis, and machine or hand fold or no fold analysis. The use of incorrect paper and poorly calibrated machines resulted in 120,867 compromised ballots. That represents 6 percent of the votes and creates “a forced adjudication event.” That is “nine times the deciding outcome of the 2020 election,” added Pulitzer.

Forced Adjudication/Pulitzer/June 27

The Maricopa County Board of election reported they used only Roland vote secure paper in the 2020 election. However, Pulitzer says this is “patently false.” He backed up his claims with countless official witnesses and affidavits “submitted by longtime Maricopa County election workers.”

“Our systems detected numerous, not secure, non-compliant, simple commercial grade paper cut to the ballot size was used widespread in Maricopa County,” continued Pulitzer, primarily for the needs of the ballot on-demand machines. In excess of 200,000 individual ballots were printed on unauthorized, not official compromised commercially available papers not suitable for compliant ballot-voting stock. 10 percent of the ballots cast in Maricopa County in the Arizona general election were compromised due to the wrong paper ballot stock being utilized.”

SharpieGate is real, despite the protestations of the County election board. Prior to 2020, Sharpie pens were expressly prohibited for obvious reasons—they often bleed through the ballot paper. Using the sharpies with inferior paper is a double whammy. Markings from sharpies cause extra votes and confuse the scanning machines.

Additionally, 10,943 Maricopa general election ballots were straight-up “counterfeit ballots.” The use of these counterfeit ballots “was widespread across all of Maricopa County,” according to Pulitzer. 39 percent of the counterfeit ballots were cast for Donald Trump, and 46 percent were cast for Biden. Thirteen percent were cast for write-in candidates.

“These counterfeit ballots gave Joe Biden an advantage over Donald Trump, equal to almost 7% of the deciding outcome. The malicious use of 10,943 counterfeit ballots represents a subverted or stolen vote from the Arizona voters, which is equal to 104% of the deciding outcome.”

Adjudication Rates were Outlandish

Pulitzer had some remarkable comments on the adjudication rate in the county. Maricopa beat historic records in terms of adjudication rates in 2020. 235,367 ballots were changed “either by a human or a machine” in the election “after the ballots were tallied.” Not only that, he said, “99 percent of all batches were modified.” Remarkably, the ballots were modified electronically “without ANY inspection of the physical ballot paper.” Pulitzer explained:

“Historically across American elections, if more than four ballots per one hundred showed errors in the system, the machines were considered to not be functioning properly. This is one out of every 25 ballots. In the 2016 general election, correcting ballots happened about one per 100 ballots. In 2018 across America, it was two times per 100 ballots, or one out of every 50 ballots. In 2020 Maricopa, AZ, had the adjudication rates jump to an astounding one out of every eight ballots cast. This abnormality in Maricopa represents almost 12 times the historical average per ballot modifications.”

Mail-In Ballots are a Nightmare

One of the most stunning revelations of the evening was related to mail-in ballots. Most people now realize that mail-in ballots were utilized in 2020 on a massive scale under the guise of the pandemic. Ballot cracking was used in the election. Ballot cracking means that individuals can access and tamper with ballots that were returned undeliverable in the mail. The individual opens the ballot, votes, signs a “bogus signature,” or doesn’t sign it. Since Maricopa County fell abysmally short in the area of signature verification“ballot cracking can go undetected,” said Pulitzer.

Moreover, he stated, when “returned to the county, these ballots simply disappear.” The county reported 53,866 as returned undeliverable ballots in the Maricopa election. However, incredibly:

“The Election Assistance Commission, utilizing United States Postal Service records, reported for 2020 that 110,092 general election ballots were, in fact, returned in Maricopa County, Arizona. Ballot cracking, these mysteriously disappearing 110,092 ballots would have been inserting a number of nefarious ballots in an amount greater than 400% of the official margin of the election.”

The mail-in ballots combined with poorly maintained voter rolls in the county resulted in another opportunity for fraud. There were 246,691 phantom voters on the Maricopa rolls as a result of dirty voter rolls. Nefarious actors can use ballot-cracking and other methods to backfill votes when you have overinflated rolls of 10 percent—as was the case in Maricopa. There was an average of 332 phantom voters per precinct in the county. And “they are almost always wiped from the voter rolls” immediately following an election. “26 percent of the 2020 win were scrubbed immediately following the Maricopa election,” according to Pulitzer.

Coordinated Subversion of an Election

However, the most stunning revelation of the evening referenced how profoundly the 2020 election was allegedly subverted because of the pandemic. Runbeck printed the ballots for many elections, including Maricopa. Pulitzer explained:

“We got no Runbeck records. We got no postal records for some reason for the roughly 2,545,000 voters mailed 4,089,000 ballots. That means Runbeck printed over 4,089,000 ballots. We don’t have an answer for that. That is why ballot cracking is key.”

But here is where the information becomes really interesting. News of the pandemic began to emerge in early 2020. However, Pulitzer points out that the first holiday they told us to all stay home was on the 4th of July. In August, many states decided to go with mail-in ballots. He then refers to something odd that Runbeck did in March and another odd thing the Post Office pulled in April.

“Runbeck placed the largest order in the world ever for ballot envelope stuffing machines on March 1—How did they know? I have the order and everything.

Our United States Post Office has what’s called a mail cover system. This is how when somebody sends anthrax to the president; you’re able to track it. And our Postal Service, when that comes in and goes on the conveyor belt, it snaps the front and back photo and it’s automatic. Those records are kept for six years—for investigational work like we do.

As soon as Runbeck ordered, the machines our United States Post Office stopped its mail cover program—on April 1. It undid it from six years and changed it to 30 days. Let the election run, let Biden get installed, and then turned it back on. We do not have the physical evidence trial. That’s what I was telling you. This is the highest levels of the government. This is how far it goes.”

This article covers a fraction of Pulitzer’s findings. It is well worth the time to watch the entire presentation. Pulitzer implored the citizens attending the event to understand that while the election was shockingly fraudulent, “it is the greatest gift” we could have hoped for. Now that our eyes are open, we can no longer look to others to fix the problem.

“Now that we know every possible way this is done, we can shut it down, he added.“We created this problem because we trust. We don’t operate crookedly. We’re running our lives. We just want to live and be free. But we did this to ourselves. If we let it go, we don’t address it. Nothing is going to stop it. Nobody’s coming to save you except you.” 

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  1. MUST WATCH Jovan Pulitzer interview to answer and explain his presentation before the AZ Senate discussed in the article above. This interview is very helpful. He answers many questions relating to his findings, but also goes further than that. Among other explanations that he offers, he explains that the predetermined ballot as discussed in his report to the Senate is completely separate from the 2000 Mules fraud, etc, as it is a machine cast vote, ie a vote created from nothing for which a ballot is later provided. He discusses more than his findings, though. He goes into the broader picture of the election fraud, explaining it has gone back for many year, that it includes multiple players, individuals even, many who are completely unrelated. He additionally states as a matter of fact that the VA governor’s race was the system throwing the people “a bone”, continuing on to indicate that the fraud is alive and well and functioning as is seen so clearly in the state of GA. He advocates for people to engage via email and litigation with their public servants and to do so soon after the election. He states that the Red Wave is actually a Red Tsunami but that the system will not allow this to be realized. As I said, this is a must watch video.

    On a side note, he gave the interview with a group led by Patel Patriot who have put forward the Devolution theory on Trump leaving the White House. For those unfamiliar, Devolution is based around the idea that Trump has left the White House under a series of EOs and PEADs, for which the contents of the latter can not be revealed without breaching National Security. Basically, anyone who might be aware of the contents of the PEADs would have to lie about that knowledge to prevent breaching national security. The theory is well explained in a number of videos that this group, led by John, aka Patel Patriot, have produced, and which they discuss on live weekly (I think) chats. There is evidence to support their Devolution Theory, but no one can possibly know because, well, that would be a very serious crime. The theory itself claims that the govt is being run by a non-presidential authority due to the ongoing dispute over the 2020 election and Trump’s refusal to concede the election. Personally, I find this theory to be supportive of the ‘Trust the Plan’ concept that keeps people complacent, uninvolved and allows the consequences of the stolen election to proceed unopposed. In a very brief few words, this explains the fellows Jovan is speaking with.

    Here is the link (start at 35:42).

    A predetermined ballot is a ballot not cast by a human, ie it is cast by a machine, so these do not include ballots collected during ballot harvesting etc.

    look at the data that goes into the machines and exactly what comes out and what the physical paper trail leaves

  2. “Now that we know every possible way this is done, we can shut it down, he added.“We created this problem because we trust. We don’t operate crookedly. We’re running our lives. We just want to live and be free. But we did this to ourselves. If we let it go, we don’t address it. Nothing is going to stop it. Nobody’s coming to save you except you.”