Pres Trump is not the story

By Ted Belman

I spent the morning defending myself from an irate leftist, who considers herself morally superior, and who was attacking me for defending Trump’s failure to call out the KKK etc by name and for not wanting to destroy the KKK and the Nazis. In short she thought that I was despicable. Then she cut off the conversation in disgust. I said you can’t accuse me of being despicable and deny me the right to defend myself, so, I tried to keep the conversation going but got no reply. She must have retreated to a safe space.

During our exchange, I pointed out that the Courts had granted the Right to hold the rally against the protestations of the Democratic mayor. The Right had the right to be there, Then I pointed out that the Antifa and BLM came to the rally with offensive weapons intending to end the rally with violence. My interlocutor condoned this as she felt the extreme Right had to be stopped from exercising their first Amendment right and that they shouldn’t have such a right. So I said if you want to censure free speech by amending the law, we can talk about that. But we never did.

I found time to listen to three Rebel Media videos and posted them. Don’t miss any of them.

Then I tuned into the videos from Fox News, one was a panel discussion by the Specialists and another was Special Report panel hosted by Bill Hemmer. Of the seven panelist including Bill Hayes of the Western Standard and Krauthammer, only Molly Hemingway saw things my way and the others condemned Trump in no uncertain language for saying too little too late.

Nevertheless I agreed with Molly.

Then I listened to Mark Levin and he made a great point. He said he often tells his audience that he is getting hateful threats from followers of Der Sturmer and the MSM does nothing, says nothing exibiting that they couldn’t care less. But now when, the same Nazis hold a rally, the entire focus was on how trump reacted. They made Trump’s reaction, the story rather then focus on the perpetrators of the violence. The media was ready to drop the Russian collusion club as it was now wilted and instead pick up the Trump supports the KKK and White supremacist groups club so they could continue the assault. Obviously they consider Trump to be the enemy rather than these odious groups.

Then he shifted focus to the Antifada and aggressively unmasked them and their supporters. But still the MSM and many politicians on both sides continued beating Trump with the new club.

Fortunately AG Session has launched an investigation into the violence.

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