‘Pride’ is Nothing to Celebrate

By Trevor Thomas, AM THINKER

In his seminal work Mere Christianity, the great Christian apologist C.S. Lewis describes “pride” as “the Great Sin,” “the essential vice,” “the utmost evil.” Lewis concludes,

Unchastity, anger, greed, drunkenness, and all that, are mere flea bites in comparison; it was through Pride that the devil became the devil; Pride leads to every other vice; it is the complete anti-God state of mind.

Thus, I suppose it is rather fitting that the “official” celebration of the evil LGBT agenda is called “Pride Month.” Few things today more encompass the wretched display of pride than what is exhibited when those under the throes of the LGBT agenda are unashamedly and boldly “out of the closet.”

Why was it — as this is typically no longer the case — that those with homosexual attractions had to come “out of the closet?” It was because to act on those attractions was often illegal, and — or at least — typically frowned upon by society at large. Why was homosexual behavior so stigmatized? Because it was once largely (and rightly) viewed as “unnatural” and immoral.

It is important to note that things are not — or should not be — immoral because they are illegal, they are — or should be — illegal because they are immoral. And this is not to say that all immoral things should be illegal. The biggest achievement of the LGBT agenda has not been the reversal of U.S. laws that deemed homosexual behavior illegal, but rather a sea-change in the views on homosexuality in the American culture at large.

As was the case with all the rotten and perverse fruit of the “sexual revolution,” this was largely accomplished by appealing to the pride of those who wanted to go their own way in the sexual realm. As C.S. Lewis noted, “pride leads to every other vice.” Homosexuality, pornography, promiscuity, and the like, are all born of the desire to ignore our Creator and write our own moral code.

It is telling that, before the LGBT agenda took root in America, pornography, promiscuity, sexually explicit displays throughout media, the “hook-up” culture, abortion (yes, abortion is a sexual issue), and so on, were being promoted and widely embraced across the U.S. Thus, no one should be surprised that once heterosexual immorality became entrenched in our culture, widespread acceptance of homosexuality would soon follow. Immorality breeds immorality.

It is also telling that, the sexual revolution that infected America flourished once those devoted to such a perverse agenda gained power. U.S. courts, politicians, academics, influential media personalities — and most tragically, even those within the church — alike all played a role in the pervasive spread of the sexual revolution. Power and pride go hand-in-hand, “For, of course, power is what Pride really enjoys,” writes Lewis. He adds,

There is nothing that makes a man feel so superior to others as being able to move them about like toy soldiers. What makes a pretty girl spread misery wherever she goes by collecting admirers? Certainly not her sexual instinct; that kind of girl is quite often sexually frigid. It is Pride. What is it that makes a political leader or a whole nation go on and on, demanding more and more? Pride again. Pride is competitive by its very nature; that is why it goes on and on.

Many were duped into believing that those promoting the LGBT agenda merely wanted to “live and let live.” However, as I’ve often noted, “live and let live” has never really been a part of the LGBT agenda. Because of their desire to use their power to not only push their agenda, but to exact revenge upon those who stood in their way, the Left’s Pride warriors have enthusiastically gone “on and on” targeting their opponents.

As Dennis Prager rightly noted earlier this year, “pride is not about tolerance — it is totalitarian.” One only has to examine those targeted in the marriage debate for evidence of this. However, the “transing” of America provides most of the recent and most egregious examples of LGBT totalitarianism.


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  1. @chocopot

    I have never been able to understand why one would be proud of being mentally ill and living a life of deviance and perversion. And then flaunting it…

    “Flaunting it” is part of the mental illness. It cannot be understood except as an aberration.

  2. My Dad, in the 40s was forced to work in an insane asylum, (CPS program) and he told me some were there, simply because they were sodomites.
    How does a nation go from locking perverts up in asylums to glorifying them and giving them more rights than the rest of us?

  3. Hi Honeybee, glad to see you are still kicking. I doubt I will be commenting here more than sporadically at best.

  4. @ Honeybee I completely agree with you heterosexuality should be celebrated! In fact the more the better!!

  5. Heterosexuality should be celebrated. It produces children and builds families. Families that build the strength of a nation. I do not believe homosexuality should be persecuted, nor should it be celebrated

  6. @Ari Dale. You don’t think sodomy is perverted?? Anal sex, that’s the big damn deal. Stop calling it gay and call it what it is, sodomy. Who would be proud of that? Heterosexuality IS something to be proud of in this sick world. Comments like yours show how far degenerate society has fallen with tolerance forced upon society by the totalitarian state. Israel, especially, is a disgrace.

  7. I do not at all agree with “chocopot”‘s characterization of gay people as perverted- but I do agree that homosexuality is no more worthy of “pride” than heterosexuality. What’s the big damn deal?

  8. I have never been able to understand why one would be proud of being mentally ill and living a life of deviance and perversion. And then flaunting it…