Ramifications of dissolving the Palestinian Authority

None of the opinions below argue that Israel would come out a winner which is my position. Ted Belman


Simply not an option – Ghassan Khatib
How do we prevent the consolidation of the status quo and develop the Palestinian Authority into a state?

Gaza first – Yossi Alpher
Internationally and regionally, Palestinian timing would have to be judged as inauspicious.

Dissolving the Palestinian National Authority or considering a new strategic direction – Sameer Abu Eisheh
The overall path since the establishment of the PNA should be reviewed.

Both sides would suffer – Yossi Beilin
The argument is that this is the only real punishment the Palestinians can inflict on Israel.

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3 Comments / 3 Comments

  1. “Gaza First” seems to be the most instructive model. The IDF completely evacuated Gaza, expelling all Jews in the process, creating the first de facto installment of the “Palestinian State”. The result is that the “Palestinians”, who prior to this had been occupied with daily bombarding the Jews living among them with rockets, simply re-directed their rockets to attack Israeli cities. With improved missles they have gotten from Libya and Iran, they can now strike Ashkelon with ease. If they controlled Judea and Samaria as well, it takes a real idiot to not realize that they would daily bomb Tel Aviv and all the rest of Israel.

    I suggest that other countries try this model:

    The UK: Derry First
    Spain: The Basques First
    Turkey: Cyprus First
    Iran: Baluchistan First
    Pakistan: Sindh First
    China: Tibet First
    Vietnam: Montagnards First
    South Africa: Pretoria First
    Indonesia: The Lesser Sundas First
    Myanmar: Karens First
    Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur First
    India: Nagaland First
    Croatia: Kraina First
    Italy: South Tirol First
    Russia: Chechnya First
    The US: District of Columbia First
    Canada: Quebec First
    Morocco: Atlas Mountain Berbers First
    France: Bretagne First

    There are so many experiments that can be performed, all across the globe, to find a perfect solution for Israel’s minority problems. I can’t wait to see all those peace-loving countries pitch in and do their part!

  2. PA is a euphemism for PLO–and the Islamist murderers have no intention of dissolving it–even if they did so in name only, which is what they did when they renamed the PLO the PA!