Reform Rabbi Enraged Liberals with this booming speech

by Phil Schneider 

Some time over the last two decades, it has become fashionable to bash Israel. This Reform Rabbi’s speech will most definitely get under the skin of anyone who’s idea of being Jewish is to side with those who are working every day to destroy the State of Israel.

What has led to this absurd situation? Are there any Ukrainian-born Americans who bash Ukraine for being invaded by Russia? That would be completely illogical. Yet somehow, there are many Jewish people who feel that they are being more humanitarian by siding with Israel’s foes. Why? Because they have bought into the great lie.

They have accepted what Jimmy Carter coined as the justified humanitarian cause of the “Palestinian people.” Is he wrong? Yes. Jimmy Carter was probably the #1 President who obfuscated when it came to everything relating to the State of Israel.

There indeed are people with a deep connection to the location that has historically been called Palestine. They are the Jewish people. For many centuries, whenever Jews returned to their homeland via trickles from Europe, Arab countries, or Russia, the term used for the Holy Land was often Palestine. It was always the JEWISH homeland that was called Palestine.

Arabs lived in what is today Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Syria, Turkey, Iraq, and other areas in the Middle East. A very small number – less than 100,000 lived in what is today called the State of Israel. There was never a distinct Arab nationality for these Arabs. They were simply called – Arabs. If anyone used the term, “Palestinians,” it was in reference to Jews.

What has happened is that the anti-Israel Arab movement hijacked a not-often used term called “Palestinians” and created a new entity and fake nationality of Arabs. If there ever were such a thing as Palestinians, then they were Jews, not Arabs. This lie is less than 50 years old. It is time the lie is opposed – once and for all/ It must be labeled for what it is – a big fat lie.

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  1. *** I apologize for repeating the Link about the ‘Flag of Palestine’ from 1939 – at points A and B.
    I made the mistake because of the “speed in the last hour” before Shabbat…
    – So, Shabbat Shalom to everyone!

  2. I believe that the following basic information should be presented to those people who do NOT know the Historical TRUTH:

    1 – First of all, here is what Palestinian historian Abd Al-Ghani says:

    “Before the Balfour Promise (i.e., Declaration) when the Ottoman rule ended (1517 – 1917), Palestine’s political borders as we know them today did NOT EXIST, and there was Nothing called a Palestinian People with a political identity as we know Today…”

    2 – Secondly, below are ONLY a few undeniable proofs about the REAL situation from the ‘Palestinian Region’, of course, this before 1948…!

    – A – Year 1939 in the Larousse dictionary: ‘Flag of Palestine’
    [On the right-hand page, near Panama]

    – B – Year 1939 in the Larousse dictionary: ‘Flag of Palestine’
    [On the right-hand page, near Panama]

    – C – And about Football in “The 1938-39 Palestine League”:–39_Palestine_League

    – D – The Creation of the “Palestine Symphony Orchestra
    [“…As anti-Semitism cast a dark shadow over Europe in the 1930s, a Polish Jew named Bronislaw Huberman chose to fight it with the only weapon he had—his music…”etc. etc…]

    Of course, everyone can understand what he wants…!

  3. Frank Adam-

    Sorry Frank but you are totally wrong. The P’lishtim were from the Aegean area, but the “Palestinians” are from Bosnia, Albania, Egypt ,Syria, other parts of the Ottoman Empire, and ARAB countries, at least Islamic ones. They include some Eastern Desert Bedouin nomads.

    This was proven long ago; the Philistines became extinct thousands of years ago. and there is NO DNA connection. Just like their also claimed ancestors the “Canaanites”.
    The Romans bestowed the name “Paelestina” on the Judahite area in derision, after the Bar Kocheba War, as the Torah had described the many wars between their deadly enemy and the Phillstines.
    You recall the story of Shimshon I’m sure. Although, there is evidence that it is metaphorical.

  4. The Reform Jews brought their European heritage with them from
    the Ghettos & Shtetls! In Europe they were constantly abused for being Jews.When the local churches told them they were worthless trash uit was bad enough,but what was worse they themselves believed it!
    The Reformed Jews are essentially beaten people looking to hook up with a winning team.When they arrived in America their great ambition was to ‘Make it in America’.They would prosper & become Jewish Episcopalians,years later they are still trying to be fashionable blue blood Jewish Episcopalians(In their minds).
    They don’t want to be connected to those unfashionable Jews in Israel! Soon they will no longer worry about being Jews as their Children marry out & become full Episcopalians unconnected to
    the unfashionable Jews!

  5. The biggest irony in this is that Palestin(ians) were originally proto Greeks “Sea Peoples” migrating to the Levant and North Egyptian coasts and Sardinia etc. In the Bible they are the PLiSHtim from the verb Le FaLeSH (Pay/Fay) shoresh/root: to intrude, trespass and invade etc.
    So you have a bunch of historic stragglers and economic migrants to Zionist investment calling themselves “The Invaders” or “Trespassers” while accusing the Jewish historic creators of the significance of the Land of Israel “foreign interlopers” and “European colonialists” ignoring that half of Israel’s Jewish population fled the Arab World. Arafat’s Arabic was EGyptian all his life.