Rep King to hold hearings on Muslim radicalization

Peter King on Muslim Hearings: ‘The Inside Elite Refuse to Discuss this Issue’ [VIDEO]

Long Island Congressman Peter King appeared in the friendly confines of Fox News this afternoon to defend his plan to hold hearings on the radicalization of American Muslims under his new role as chairman of the Homeland Security Committee.

“We have to break through this politically-correct nonsense which keeps us from debating and discussing what I think is one of the most vital issues in this country, that we are under siege by Muslim terrorists,” King said. “And yet there are Muslim leaders in this country who do not cooperate with law enforcement. We have the reality that Al-Qaeda is trying to recruit Muslim American and yet we have people in the Muslim community who refuse to face up to this and will not cooperate with the FBI or the police.”

The Council on American Islamic Relations has denounced King’s plan to hold hearings, but King pointed to the example of Najibullah Zazi, who planned to detonate an explosive in the New York City subway system, Times Square bomber Faisal Shahzad, and Fort Hood shooter Nidal Hasan as proof that such inquiries are necessary. He also cited the rise of radicalization among Muslims born in European countries.

“The American media, American politicians, the inside elite refuse to discuss this issue. When someone like myself says, ‘Let’s raise this issue’ I am immediately denounced as a bigot, as a McCarthyite,” he said, adding, “Liberals wanted to believe that George Bush was the cause of terrorism.”

King said that he is in close contact with Muslim leaders and said, “They are good people but they just don’t seem to appreciate the necessity of why they should be coming forward.”

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4 Comments / 4 Comments

  1. May God bless Rep. Pete King! He is saying OUT LOUD what many, many Americans know to be true. But the MSM has failed us completely! They are no longer interested in TRUTH; they are afraid for their own heads if they make Muslims angry at them. The MAIN STREAM MEDIA and all who think like them are busy hiding their precious heads in the sand without beginning to realize that the more they appease these radical Muslims, the sooner the Muslims will think they are right in attacking us, the people of America. We all need the backbone and courage of Rep. King, of Brigitte Gabriel, of the Dutch gentleman who has exposed their nefarious plans to annihilate us as a country. And make no mistake, annihilation of America is the goal of Islam.

  2. I have been a supporter of ACT! for America for about 18 months, ever since I watched a videotape presentation by Brigitte Gabriel in before a standing room only size audience in an Evangelical church in Oostburg, Wisconsin last year. Ms Gabriel’s maintains close ties with American Jews who are sufficiently concerned about security threats to our country stemming from radicalization among certain American Muslims. I am just one of a number of such American Jews who support ACT! For America. But her largest audiences are among Christians, and especially among Evangelical Christians and others who are Israel’s strongest non-Jewish supporters in the United States. In any case, her meetings are not about Christianity or Judaism, but about real threats to the people of the our country, posed by this presence of a growing and thoroughly hostile civilizational influence among us.

    All this is no small part of the reason that the incoming chairman of the Homeland Security Committee of the US House of Represenatives has scheduled hearings into this growing issue. Because Americans all around the country are beginning to feel endangered by what many of us think is a largescale set of interrelated Islamist conspiracies.

    Ms Gabriel, as hopefully many of you already know, is a daughter of a Lebanese Christian family that all but lost their lives to the Arab Moslems who have taken over their country in stages. She tells us her culture had originally taught them that Israel was their national enemy. But that in escaping from the dangers of life around Beirut amid one of their civil wars, it was the Israelis who saved her.

    I understand the Navajo Indians have a single word that describes all that those of us in the pro-Israel camp need to know:

    “Ya-atey” (It will be good.)

    Arnold Harris
    Mount Horeb WI