Report: France, Germany Pressure Bulgaria into NOT Naming Hezbollah as Behind Bus Bombing


Unbelievable! Oh, wait. Did I say unbelievable? I meant, very believable. As in — exactly what we’ve learned to expect from Old Europe:

    The Commentator has learned that both the German and French governments have both piled pressure on the Bulgarians to “use nuanced language” in the report, for fear that Bulgaria may be the focus of future attacks if Hezbollah is openly named.

    The Bulgarian government, it has been stated by leading sources, has been informed through ‘back channels’ that there will be serious repercussions from Hezbollah if it is to publically and overtly name the group. This information comes despite strong pressure from the US government to make clear that the bombing was indeed the work of the Lebanese terrorist outfit.

So, if this info is right then Germany and France don’t want Bulgaria to call out Hezbollah by name as behind the bus bombing for fear that … Hezbollah will attack again?

Hezbollah: call them terrorists and they will keel you!

Isn’t the clear implication here that terrorism does work? That at least some countries in Europe can be scared into policy decisions favored by the terrorists for fear of violence.

I think it does.

Of course, there is another explanation here. Namely, that France and Germany don’t consider blowing up a bus full of Jews as “terrorism”.

Nah, that could never happen.

Omri Ceren comments:

    France and Germany don’t want to blacklist Hezbollah because France is
    afraid of retaliation against their UNIFIL troops and Germany is afraid
    of the 900 Hezbollah agents inside their borders. But Hezbollah is a
    terrorist group: mass terrorism campaigns historically and this summer,
    specific capture and torture of US officials, Iraq terrorism, Syria
    assistance, etc. The EU is undermining American, Israeli, and European
    security by refusing to recognize that. These are the stakes of the
    Bulgarian report: whether the France and Germany can continue blocking
    the EU from blacklisting. There is *already incorrect coverage* of this
    spreading around: the WSJ article linked above, which is done by
    legitimate journalists and not hacks, says that the campaign to
    designate Hezbollah is an “Israeli” campaign. Bullshit – the US has been
    explicitly pushing the EU to designate Hezbollah for at least a year.
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5 Comments / 5 Comments

  1. Seems to me that the real problem here is Sarkozy and not his underlings
    He really has been of his rocker the last few weeks about Israel
    I wonder what Bibi did to him?!!
    Sarkozy is not a nice man!

  2. This just adds to my alreadly deeply contemptuous feelings towards Europe.

    Of course, there is another explanation here. Namely, that France and Germany don’t consider blowing up a bus full of Jews as “terrorism”.

    This is likely the real reason. By its bombing of Mali, France is already putting itself in the crosshairs of jihadists. Publicly naming hezbollah as the perpetrators of the Bulgaria terrorist attack hardly makes a difference. Europe will not even officially name hezbollah as a terrorist group. That is because hezbollah only targets Jews for now.

  3. Bulgaria called spades a spade.

    But the same Europeans gung-ho over France’s campaign against Islamic terrorists in Mali are expected to drag their feet and do nothing about Hezbollah.

    Which after all, does run a country.

  4. Ted, do you have emails of Bulgarian officials who supposedly are very Pro-Israel? Maybe we can start an email campaign to them to call a spade a spade and do justice for the victims and their families.