Report: Israel and Hamas close to agreeing on prisoner swap if it includes a 5 day ceasefire.

T. Belman. This deal is good for Israel. The release of 70 women and children is not to be sneezed at. I have no problem releasing 120 convicted female and minor terrorists but I do have trouble agreeing to a 5 day ceasefire.  Hamas desperately wants the ceasefire. That’s why this deal is on the table.  To get it or or even for a few days less, it should be required to release all 100 women and children. I have my doubts that this deal will happen.

Swap would see temporary ceasefire, and the release of some – but not all – hostages held by terrorists in Gaza.

  Nov 14, 2023, 8:27 AM (GMT+2)

Messages with photos of the hostages, in Tel AvivMiriam Alster/Flash 90

Israel and the Hamas terror group are close to closing a deal to free some of the civilians held by the Hamas terror group, alongside female and minor convicted terrorists, according to a report by David Ignatius on the Washington Post

The Post article follows a Saturday report by Al Arabiya that Israel and Hamas have agreed to a “humanitarian” prisoner swap under which Hamas would release 100 Israeli hostages, in exchange for Israel releasing female and minor terrorists.

In his article, Ignatius quoted “a high-ranking Israeli official,” who spoke on condition of anonymity, as saying that a deal could be announced “within days if final details are resolved.”

The deal would see the hostages released in groups, parallel to the release of the convicted terrorists.

Ignatius noted that although Israel would like the release of all 100 women and children, Hamas has indicated – in a Telegram statement quoted by Reuters – that it is willing to release just 70 women and children. The number of female and minor convicted terrorists who may be released is believed to be at least 120, according to an Arab official who spoke to Ignatius.

In addition to the release of convicted terrorists, the deal would see Israel agree to a temporary ceasefire, possibly five days long, allegedly to allow “safe travel” for the Israeli hostages and allow additional aid to reach Gazans.

Among the details holding the agreement up is Israel’s demand for confirmation that the hostages, identified by name, are being released as the convicted terrorists are released.

IDF spokesman Daniel Hagari has said that there are 239 hostages held in Gaza. Most of these are Israeli citizens – some dual nationals – but a few dozen are non-Israelis, most of them Thai workers.

According to the unnamed official who spoke to Ignatius, approximately 90 male civilians are being held in Gaza, together with a smaller group of IDF soldiers. Hamas has the power to negotiate for the release of all hostages, including those who are not being held directly by the terror group.

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  1. @stevenl Bibi is juggling. Israel has let itself become dependent on the U.S. for resupply. After the war, this must change, and not incrementally, as before.

    As the U.S. has let itself become dependent on China.

    “Is there a doctor in the House?

    “I’m a doctor.”

    “Hi, President Trump. How ‘re you enjoyin’ the show.”

  2. All hostages or nothing.
    At the end Israeli hostages will be left alone and the world will still accuse Israel of committing crimes.
    FIVE days for what?
    The West has tolerated 50+ years of Islamic terrorism against Israel (hundred years if back to early XXst century). Only Trump confronted these bastards who have been supported by Obama/Soros and many prior administrations.

  3. @dreuveni

    Can we get more solid information?

    Not yet. OSINTdefender has been contacted for his sources, but he is signed off as of now.

    Two hours before he made this report, Gaza Reports stated that [CAUTION: GRAPHIC PHOTO AT THE LINK]

    Hamas releases a video of a 19 year old Israeli captive girl and displays images of her dead body subsequently.

    The Qassam claims she was killed in airstrikes although many Gazans discuss that the captors struck her in the head to execute her in order to pressure the Israelis.

    If I find more details, I will of course share them.

  4. One day is enough to exchange the prisoners.
    Also, it is highly suspicious that Hamas does not want to release all women.
    Some of them may be dead, others may tell something Hamas does not want them to tell.

  5. The Israel Defense Force has Confirmed that 19 y/o Noa Marciano, an IDF Soldier who was taken Hostage by Hamas during the Surprise Attack against Southern Israel on October 7th has Died and that her Family has been Notified; the “Al-Qassam Brigades” of Hamas released a Video today which showed the Body of Noa and claimed that she was Killed by an Israeli Airstrike against Gaza on November 9th, however some Palestinian Sources are stating that she was actually Killed by several Strikes to the Head by her Hamas Captors.