Report: Jared Kushner, Rex Tillerson Feud Deepens over Middle East Policy

T. Belman. Trump doesn’t have to be bribed to fight Iran or to let Saudi Arabia do it. That’s what he wants.


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White House Senior Adviser Jared Kushner is stoking a widely reported feud with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson by pursuing his hopes that a relationship with Saudi Arabia’s crown prince will lead to a peace deal in the Middle East.

Kushner was given the task of creating peace in the Middle East as part of his broad portfolio when Trump took office in January. Now, CNN reports that Tillerson is upset by what he believes to be a dangerous strategy by Kushner that involves pushing an agreement with Saudi Arabia which would create a Palestinian state and “normalization between Israel and its Arab neighbors.”

In return, Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman would get “U.S. acquiescence” for his plans to reform his country and push back against Iran.

CNN reports that Kushner believes that the crown prince can get the Palestinians to accept the proposal and prevent a Sunni revolt, and this is angering Tillerson, who thinks Kushner is naive.

“He doesn’t believe that Jared understands the tinder box that is the Middle East,” an aide told the outlet. “These are people who have been waiting around for a weak link to manipulate.”

“It’s a gamble and it’s not going to be pretty,” a senior administration official said.

While some officials told CNN that Kushner has been “tight-lipped” about the strategy, others disagreed and said that Kushner had been transparent.

The reported disagreement comes after the Washington Examiner reported last week that Tillerson’s decision not to send a senior State Department delegation for Ivanka Trump’s widely touted trip to the annual Global Entrepreneurship Summit in India was “the last straw” for Kushner, who has since called for Tillerson to be fired.

Reports surfaced last week that Tillerson is to be replaced by CIA Director Mike Pompeo, although President Trump later denied those reports on Twitter.

Kushner has been undergoing his own media scrutiny, as he is increasingly in the spotlight of FBI Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into alleged Russian interference. Both the Washington Post and the New York Times ran in-depth pieces last month on how Kushner’s influence was “shrinking” in the Trump White House.

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  1. And yet, if you scroll down and go from link to link, even the Examiner quotes the Times! One of the articles within articles, I forget which, actually, not only cited an anonymous source but said that the report was authoritative because it was based on the anonymous source’s being familiar with Tillerson’s thinking!

    Now, think about it. Even on Israpundit, how often do you see commenters talking to each other and even trying to put the other’s thoughts into their own words to make sure that they have it right, and they still can’t communicate. And, that’s when we can actually read what they are saying to each other. This is not news. It’s just idle gossip interspersed with deliberate disinformation.

  2. “I won’t believe you have a baby brother until I hold him in my arms!” – Arabic proverb quoted by Mudar Zahran

    Disappointing article. I don’t read Breitbart to get recycled anonymous reports from fake news sites. The only site in there that seems legitimate is the Washington Examiner which, ironically, has the following article dated today.

    “If you tried to keep abreast of the news this weekend by reading the New York Times, watching ABC News, or following well-regarded veteran reporters on Twitter, you would have been led astray as badly as if you had followed a couple of guys working out of a coffee shop in Moldova…”

    “Being chiefly responsible for one bogus narrative in a day is bad enough for a professional newsroom. Being responsible for two fabrications in the same morning is inexcusable.”
    from the main article above:

    “CNN reports that … CNN reports that [which links to a CNN article that cites: “US officials have said…Bloomberg reports that [ which links to a Bloomberg article that cites: A White House official said …]

    It’s all like this. When they lie all over the place about the things we can check, how much chutzpah does it take to expect me to take their word for anything using anonymous sources?