RUMORS SWIRLING: President Trump’s Recent Actions Indicate Something HUGE Is About to Drop

By Joe Hoft, GATEWAY PUNDIT Published August 8, 2020 at 9:21pm

President Trump’s recent actions indicate the time may be very close where the Deep State and the Obama gang might finally have to face the music.

On Friday we reported that President Trump spoke to workers at a Whirlpool factory in Clyde, Ohio, to tout his efforts to restore America’s manufacturing base.  During the speech Trump also spoke about his work to reform prescription drug pricing by the pharmaceutical industry.

While speaking about reducing drug prices by cutting out the middlemen, Trump dropped this line saying,  “So, I have a lot of enemies out there.  This might be the last time you’ll see me for awhile.”

This was a very unusual and purposeful statement that he made.

TRENDING: RUMORS SWIRLING: President Trump’s Recent Actions Indicate Something HUGE Is About to Drop

Here is a video of President Trump’s comments:

This might only be the beginning.

According to Brian Cates there is much more.

Before the President departed on his trip to Ohio, then to travel to his Bedminster, NJ, resort, this weekend —  The White House staff lined up to wish him well.  When has this ever happened?

There is even a picture of the White House staff outside wishing him well.

There are numerous reasons why the Deep State and the Obama gang should be worried:

Of course, Uranium One involved numerous crimes by Obama and Hillary.  This was when they sold American uranium to Russia.  The billions in aid gifted to other countries is also a major scandal from the Obama years.  Not much has been shared about this to date but the Ukraine was involved.  Is this why the Ukraine related impeachment was created?

We shared years ago that the Weiner laptop may be the key.

The Obama gang did all they could to cover up and discard the information on the laptop.  We were never provided the information on it or its current whereabouts.

Yes, clearly something is about to happen.  We’ve certainly waited a long time for it.

Of course the Ukraine is involved in massive corruption related to the Democrats.  We already know Joe Biden was involved there.

Cates suggests that the President stood in front of washing machines symbolizing money laundering:

The assets for Ukrainian related Optima are now to be seized:

This may all finally be happening:

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4 Comments / 4 Comments

  1. @ vivarto:

    Well it seems that all the major scandals perpetrated by the Obama Administration and officials, which were assumed by most pundlts to have been allowed to just be “forgotten”, have, all the time been worked upon by dependable DOJ Officials and are about to be brought into the open by many indictments against the Obama officials involved.

    Also that Pres.Trump, is expecting much heckling and interference with his rallies and is taking steps to minimise or nullify them. He may be going to a prepared site where he will be safe, and address his re election speeches through TV sets, instead f public rallies…. Just a speculation.

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