The Trump Formula for Victory: Guns, Black Voters and the NFL

By Wayne Allyn Root, TOWNHALL Aug 09, 2020

The Trump Formula for Victory: Guns, Black Voters and the NFL

Well, I’m sure I’ve got your attention now, with that provocative title! But I’m not kidding. I think President Donald Trump will win by an electoral landslide on Nov. 3 because of guns, black voters and the NFL. Let me explain this winning formula.First, guns. It’s hard to believe Democrats are this clueless, blind, deaf and dumb. And I stress dumb. They’ve made the 2020 election about guns. What a huge mistake in a country dominated by gun owners.

First, a Soros-funded St Louis circuit attorney made the PR mistake of a lifetime: indicting Mark and Patricia McCloskey for defending their own lives and home with their legal guns. This was a PR disaster for Democrats.

For decades, conservatives like me have argued Democrats want to take all our guns away. Democrats have said, “Of course not. That’s ridiculous.” Now it’s clear to everyone that’s exactly what they want to do, not only take our guns away but also prosecute law-abiding citizens for defending our own lives, on our own property.

If this is what you want, America, please stand up. Anyone standing? I thought not.

Then, as if to scream, “You’re right. We are coming for your guns,” New York’s radical, extreme, Trump-obsessed attorney general, Letitia James, announced a lawsuit to drive the National Rifle Association out of business. She called the NRA “a terrorist organization.” Talk about negative reinforcement. These radical Marxists aren’t hiding it anymore. They’re coming for our guns — all of them. They want us defenseless as crime, robberies, murder and rioting skyrocket across the country.

You think Americans are buying that? I guess not, because in three of the past four months, record numbers of Americans tried to buy guns.

Today’s Democrats put the “d” in dumb.” At least former President Barack Obama knew enough to hide his radical intentions. Today’s Democratic Party is out of the closet. It showcases its radical Marxist agenda. It’s scaring middle-class Americans to death.

Then we come to black voters. I believe there is a black “silent minority” that strongly supports law and order. It not only doesn’t want to disband or defund police; it wants more police on their streets.

Who makes up this black silent minority? Black business owners, black homeowners, black gun owners, black churchgoers and black families with children attending charter or religious schools. Many are Trump voters.

I also don’t believe black homeowners in the suburbs support Joe Biden’s goal of filling the suburbs with high-density, low-income housing. No one wants to buy a $500,000 home and then see its value ruined as the government builds low-income housing next door.

Anyone want to live next door to a drug den? Anyone want drug needles on the street in front of their home? This is not “racism.” It’s common sense and human nature. Black families who left dangerous, crime-ridden cities for the suburbs don’t want their home value ruined any more than you or me. Many of them will vote for Trump.

Biden’s comments on Thursday won’t help bring out the black vote either. Biden basically said he thinks the black community, with notable exceptions, has no diversity of thought. Now that’s the definition of “racism.”

The latest polls prove my gut instincts right. A new Gallop poll shows over 80 percent of black Americans do not support disbanding or defunding police. Nineteen percent want more police.

And a new Rasmussen poll finds that 83 percent of voters agree with President Trump’s decision to kill an Obama-era regulation that brings “diversity” to suburbs by building low-income housing.

I guarantee you these 80 percent and 83 percent totals include the black silent minority. You think they’ll be voting Democratic — against their own self-interest? I don’t.

If Trump merely doubles his share of the black vote from 8 percent in 2016 to 16 percent in 2020, that clinches a landslide electoral victory. Democrats will not find a path to victory if Trump gets 16 percent. A recent poll showed Trump with nearly 20 percent of the black vote.

That brings me to the NFL. The NFL just announced NFL Votes, a program to encourage NFL fans to vote. Thank you, NFL. Your players may be liberals who kneel for the national anthem, but I guarantee NFL fans are over 60 percent Trump Republicans. Your typical NFL fan is middle-aged, middle-class, macho and testosterone-driven. That’s “Trump country.” So, great job, NFL. Let’s get them out to vote!

There you have it, the Trump formula for victory: guns, black voters and the NFL.

Wayne Allyn Root is a CEO, entrepreneur, best-selling author, nationally-syndicated talk show host on USA Radio Network at 6 PM to 9 PM EST/3 PM to 6 PM PST. 

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  1. At present, the US is headed toward COVID- Armegaddon. Pelosi’s refusal to allow any sort of financial relief-subsidy bill to go through Congress unless she gets her way on all issues is likely to mean there will be no financial relief for any American victims of COVID-Armegaddon until next Janurary. And that is likely to plunge the U.S. into a deep, long-lasting depression. Even the New York Times published an article yesterday that was mildly critical of Pelosi’s “playing hardball.” The article suggested that she had overplayed her hand, and quoted a few freshman Democratic congressman to the effect that she needs to back off and allow legislation to go through on those points where the two parties are in agreement, such as the 1,200 checks for all lower-income citizens.

    With the economy likely to go into free-fall, and Democrats continuing to sponsor the rioting and looting in major cities, and using violence to disrupt the Republican election campaign, the likelihood of massive fraud at the polls, and months of disputes about who won and who lost the Presidency and Congressional seats, foreign investors will lose confidence in the United States and pull out their money in droves from U.S. banks, companies, etc. There will be a massive sell-off of U.S. government bonds. This will force a devaluation of the dollar and the the increase of consumer prices by as much as 100 per cent.

    Obviously, if Trump wants to win the election, he must run a massive advertising campaign to warn Americans of the Democrats” responsibility for this unfolding disaster, and the likelihood that it will continue and get worse if the Democrats win.

    He should also recruit and train a massive number of Republican poll-watchers. If mail-in voting is permitted, he should demand the right of Republican poll-watchers to sort through all mailed in returns to identify frauduulent returns, and that computers and computer programs be installed at every polling place to identify double voting, votes by non-citizens, and other illegal votes. Also, Federal police should be placed on duty outside every polling place to prevent intimidation of voters. They should also be called out to provide protection at campaign rallies from any attempts to disrupt them. Trump should declare mrshall laws in all of the cities where there have been persistent rioting, in order among other thinks to enable a free fair voting process to occur. The Democrats will scream bloody murder at these steps, but that will only further expose them to the voters as the dangerous extremists that they are.

  2. @ Adam Dalgliesh:

    I have been thinkinf for a long time that what is needed inth riot torn cities IS MARTIAL Law.. I don’t agree with the gloomy prognostication of th end of America’s pre eminence and the 100% increase in commodities. It will fall very short of that even the worst case scenario. Those in control of the purse string and the manufacture of our financial output will see to that.

    But Martial Law…I’m all for it.

  3. @ Sebastien Zorn:

    Don’t the governors of States have pre-eminence over mayors. If so, then they should have called out the National Guards of each affected state, and declared martial law at the same time, with the Guard doing the duty. After all, if they don’t do something like this, all they are doing is attending parades and useless (because not used) tactical manoeuvres. Maybe a big beer bash under canvas, away from the wives and families….

    I’m guessing here because I know nothing about the duties and practices of the National Gurd, except that they are called on when riots take over and the local police can’t control the situations. You, being an American, would know how much I’ve written might be accurate…I said “might be”.

    Of course I could look it up on the internet as we all can for almost every single thing we fight and dispute over here, but…why take away the “enjoyment” that some get from it…? ….Like, for instance..”de servint uv de lawd”…complete with a half-ton of toilet paper stashed away in his 100 ft. deep “miklat”. Actually, maybe a little foresight here, as the Portland antichrists (did I say antic..I mean of course, anarchists) could, after being dispersed, spread out over the countryside, like modern day Quantrill Raiders.

  4. @ Sebastien Zorn:

    I can see that during an actual war situation, with spies, gun running, slave running, and semi-anarchy taking place in much of the country, that the President can take over control and declare Martial Law,. If it was not his prerogative, (and I suppose it is) nobody would be organised enough to stop him, and as the flow of events kept coming, any potential illegality would be forgotten, only the result being counted.

    If he’s the Commander-in;Chief, he must surely have that power, especially over the armed forces, if not the National Guard.

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