Sarah Palin is the Most Powerful Female Politician in the World

By Mark Whittington| Yahoo!

If one doubted Sarah Palin wields great power by virtue of her charisma and persona, that notion was laid to rest during her speech at the CPAC convention when she had the overflow audience on their feet numerous times.

None of the presidential candidates, least of all front-runner Mitt Romney, got anywhere near that warm of reception. Newt Gingrich, who delivered a classic speech filled with ideas, came closest. But Gingrich has faltered somewhat in his presidential run. Romney still won the CPAC straw poll, likely because he filled the venue with enough of his supporters to pull off a plurality win.

Speaking of Romney, according to Politico, Palin had a warning. Palin and hence conservatives in general are not convinced of his authentic right wing credentials. The Romney campaign is doubtless taking note. It has to try harder to close the deal, to prove the Romney of Massachusetts is in the past and Romney the candidate has grown and evolved rightward. If he cannot do this, he will not be president.

Palin has proven herself the most powerful female politician in the world. Angela Merkel runs a country and has a little influence in Europe. Hillary Clinton’s name used to be on the lips of people in the same sentence as “president of the United States.” But no one else can speak and shake the corridors of power to the foundation as can Palin

From inveighing against “death panels” in Obamacare to crony capitalism in Washington, Palin has shaped the political agenda is more profound ways that one would imagine a private citizen who has the bottom half of a failed presidential campaign who was hounded out of office could achieve.

And, like Ronald Reagan before her, Palin has the power to drive a certain type of person insane. Bill Maher, who infests HBO with his unfunny show “Real Time,” is a prime example. According to Victor Davis Hanson, Maher opined a President Palin would not care much if the terrorists attacked America again so long as they hit a target in a blue state. Maher has said other things about Palin as well, things that should be unspeakable.

Maher let slip something that he might have wished he hadn’t. He imagined Palin could be president. That is a tribute that he might want to take back, but should be readily accepted.

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11 Comments / 11 Comments

  1. Sarah has more balls than all the candidates put together. I would feel much more secure with her confronting our adversaries than any one else on the scene. She exudes a genuine and inherent strength that is not out there. The current regime doesn’t seem to be drawing respect, quite the contrary. Very dangerous in the current milieu.

  2. “Why isn’t she running for president? I’d vote for her!”

    So would lotsa folks.

    But she doesn’t want BHO’s job.

    She wants Harry Reid’s job (IMABHO)

    — Senate Majority Leader.

    POTUS is a full-time job, Jeffrey.

    Palin has a full-time job

    — mother of a Downs Syndrome child.

    Of course, Senate Majority Leader is hardly what one could characterize as “part time”

    — but “taking that phone call at 3 am” isn’t in a Senator’s job description the way it is in POTUS’s.

    (A US President is never really “on-vacation”

    — the Secret Service guys

    and the “football” —

    go with him at all times & in all places.)

    Anyway, this is admittedly just speculation.

    Here, however, are a couple of salient, fully documented, readily verified FACTS — not speculation:

    1. Come April, it will have been one full year since Tod & Sarah Palin bought themselves a nice, comfortable house on the outskirts of Scottsdale. . . . Arizona.

    2. A couple months prior to that, the Republican Senator from the great state of Arizona — Jon Kyl (pro-Israel, pro-life, Senate Minority Whip) — announced [Feb 11, 2011] that he would not be seeking a 4th term when his present one expires.

    Does that help?

  3. “Can we defeat Barack Obama in 2012 – rhetorically shouts Ms. Palin…

    In 2012?!! Ms. Palin is a shameless hypocrite !

    She ought to defeat Obama/Soetoro in 2008! She ought to know her civics then, who is US natural born citizen. Ms. Palin ought to know at least that her running mate McShame was vetted to be US natural born citizen (Sen. Res 511, 2008) and it meant to have both parents American citizens at birth. Her running mate was vetted, but her opponent (!) was not – and Ms. Palin had nothing to say. Ms. Palin has nothing to say even now, when besides the Constitutional perjury, it is uncovered that the impostor Obama/Soetoro is a forger and identity thief!

    You are an accomplice and traitor Ms. Palin, just as that entire CPAC. Go to hell you all!

    What kind of ignorance it takes from the author to name Palin the Most Powerful Female Politician in the World?

    He should better write about really the most spiritually powerful and heroic female politician in the world, which is Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq, who fights for exposure of the greatest sham ever perpetrated by the Obama handlers (the one-socialist-world crowd).

  4. Sarah Palin is an American Patriot with toughness and a possesses a
    clear vision of America’s future. She may be around at Convention time.

  5. I beg your pardon. Hillary Clinton is the most powerful political woman in the world. She can influence an attack, either starting it or stopping it.

  6. No telepromters. Strikes right through the middle of the plate.
    I affectionaly call Mrs. Palin, A WHITE FOX, intelligent,, dedicated, cunning and all AMERICAN.
    The Convention is still far away… She is the best AMERICA has.

  7. “Palin has shaped the political agenda in more profound ways that one would imagine a private citizen who was the bottom half of a failed presidential campaign who was hounded out of office could achieve.”

    Quite so.

    — Except that she WASN’T “hounded out of office.”

    That was the MSM’s spin on it.

    The truth is that she made an extraordinarily shrewd decision in resigning the Alaska governorship when she did

    — and making the move from the regional to the national stage at just the right moment.

    Despite the media’s herculean efforts to portray her as an attractive airhead, the fact is that this is one smart broad.

    There is a tide in the affairs of men.
    Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune;
    Omitted, all the voyage of their life
    Is bound in shallows and in miseries.
    On such a full sea are we now afloat,
    And we must take the current when it serves,
    Or lose our ventures.

    [Brutus to Cassius, Julius Caesar IV-3 (218–224)]

    Or, in the equally immortal, if less elegant, phraseology of a certain Boss Tweed

    — “I seen my opportunities and I took ’em.”