Sarah Palin’s Resume

Sarah palin’s resume — Presentation Transcript

1. SARAH PALIN’S RESUME This is the short version.

So you think you know Sarah?

2. Photo H/T Joe Silva1992-1996 Wasilla City Council

3. Early Leadership• Councilwoman Palin focused on reducing property taxes and redefining the city government’s role• Supported 2% sales tax with a corresponding reduction in property taxes. The sales tax was fairer and more optional, and kept reduced government control over what Wasilla residents owned• Opposed master-planned community type zoning regulations and favored retaining a do-it-yourself approach• Opposed development plan that would have required residents of new sub-divisions to pay for weekly garbage removal – by a company owned by city council member Nick Carney• Voted against mayoral pay raise• Personally read and reviewed every line item in city budgets as well as proposed regulations, and ordinances.• Councilwoman Palin took constituent calls to her home at all hours of the night, including holidays and weekends

4. 1996 AP Mat/Su Frontier photo of mayor Palin

5. Actions as Mayor Fiscally Responsible• Cut taxes• Eliminated small-business inventory taxes• Eliminated property taxes• Eliminated business license renewal fees• Cut the real estate property tax mil levy during each year in office• Did not support proposed city-wide smoking ban Business Friendly• Built and paved roads• Extended water and sewer lines• Paved runway at Wasilla Municipal Airport• City bond financed by half-cent sales tax to build Curtis Menard Jr. Multi-Use Sports Center• Wasilla became a major commercial center under Mayor Palin. Established small businesses grew, and major national chains opened their doors in Wasilla. Tough• Cut her own pay• Says one of her favorite quotes comes from author and former football coach Lou Holtz, on how to build your team: “Motivation is simple. You eliminate those who are not motivated.”• Fired police chief who refused cut department budget and who attempted to undermine the Mayor’s authority.•

Requested letters of resignation from all department heads to keep on file. Only two complied. A Leader Among Leaders• Led dozens of other mayors in dealing with statewide issues, such as municipal revenue sharing, and advocating for local government control.

6. Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission Chairman 2003-2004

7. Going Rogue While on the commission she discovered one of herfellow Republicans on the commission waspersonally profiting from his position. She first triedto deal with it directly as she was bound by therules not to disclose information she learned aschairman while part of the commission. When talkfailed she resigned the prestigious and high payingposition in order to legally be able to go public.Going against her party and against advice she wentpublic with her accusations resulting incommissioner Randy Reudrich being found guiltyand fined the biggest civil fine in Alaskan history

8. 2006, First Woman and Youngest Governor in Alaskan History

9. A Run To Remember• Ran and won a primary against the setting Governor of her own party and against the advice of the Alaskan Republican Party• Won a series of three way debates handily• Won the Governorship 48.33 % of the vote in a three way race and took control of the second most powerful Governorship in the country• Decides to live in her own home and drive the 45 miles to work rather then force the people of Alaska to pay for a chef and servants for her and her family

10. House Cleaning 101• Put previous governor’s jet on EBay (eventually sold by a broker when bids did not go high enough)• First bill, a bipartisan ethics bill meant to clean up the legislature• Vetoed 268 million in pork projects first year• Put whole budget process on line

11. A Divisive Political Figure or a Victim of Salacious Political Attacks• Sarah has had the highest favorability rating in the country and likely of any governor in history with 93% approval rating in 2007 and still was at 86% after two years in office• A full 75% of all Democrats approved of her after two years• She drove through much of her legislative agenda with bipartisan support

12. Busy Busy• Worked with legislature and signed a ethics reform law that put real penalties for those breaking ethics rules• Pushed through the AGIA (Alaskan Gas Inducement Act) that laid the foundation for a natural gas pipeline across Alaska and opened up competition to all bidders.• Creates ACES (Alaskan Clear and Equitable Share act) and gets it passed. The act replaced an old system, it gave the state auditing powers and gave the Alaskan royalty collection and distribution much more transparent• Tells oil Exxon Oil to drill on an unexploited lease or lose lease• Cut Spending and froze hiring and reduced budget by nearly 10%• Went line by line on bills and vetoed things seen as pork or wasteful (angering legislators but endearing herself to the public)• Set up the Petroleum Oversight Board to keep honest people honest• Chaired Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission (IOGCC) 2007- 2008

13. International Experience While Governor A question that came up often during campaign, funny the press never asked about Obama’sexperience. Maybe it was because he didn’t have any! Palin trumped Obama in her economic, energy , executive and international experience• Worked with the government of Yukon to renew the Alaska-Yukon Intergovernmental Relations Accord to address joint concerns on the environment, tourism and trade among other things (Met with President of Iceland and made quite an impression on him)• Hosted, spoke at and worked with many world leaders at the Arctic Energy Summit, part of the discussions included a proposed Bering strait rail tunnel she supported• Met trade delegates and diplomats from around the world. (more on that from the U.S. Global Leadership Coalition can be had here)• Dealt with cross border issues with Canada

14. Vice Presidential Nominee

15. Game Change• Recognized as one of the premier experts on the oil and gas industry she was an unofficial advisor to McCain before becoming his VP pick• The only person with executive experience on either ticket• More experience across the board then the Democratic presidential nominee• Republican grassroots support rivaling Ronald Reagan’s and eclipsed the presidential candidate in excitement (name one time in history this has happened?)• Brings record crowds where ever she speaks

16. 2009 Sarah Goes Rogue Again. Tired of Seeing Her Children, Her Family, HerFriends and Her State Under Constant Attack the Mama Grizzly Takes the Fight to the Enemy

17. From Sea to Sea (and beyond) Sarah Palin Goes on the War Path• 2009 Going Rogue published, goes on the road.• 2010 Sarah hopscotches across the United States attending tea party rallies and giving speeches meant to build toward political victory. True to her rogue character vows to work to elect constitutional conservatives regardless of party affiliation or if they are endorsed by the party establishment (she did endorse a Democrat against a Republican once in Alaska)• 2010 Endorses forty three people running for house seats in congress and twelve people running for Senate. Many running primaries against established good-ole-boy candidates. Thirty of those running for House of Representative seats won and Seven of Twelve Senate candidates won.• 2010 She is also credited with pushing governors like Nikki Haley of South Carolina over the top.• 2011 Documentary, The Undefeated, premieres, is later shown in direct competition to HBO movie of Palin. Documentary squashes HBO in ratings.• 2011 Takes message on the road with a bus tour (refuses to give press the itinerary to keep from being having her events interfered with)• 2011 Is a headline speaker at various conferences across the globe• 2011 brings down the house at CPAC• 2012 Endorses candidates and continues the fight by speaking across the U.S.

18. Now Ask Yourself These Questions?Is this the resume of a dumb woman?Is the resume of weak woman?Is this the resume of an incompetent woman?Is the resume of a quitter?Is this the resume of a follower or a leader?Do you really know Sarah Palin?

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  1. Sarah Palin? Can it not be possible that they are wrong about Israel and right about Palin?

    No, they are not right about Palin or anything. Did this resume convince you at all of Sarah’s intelligence, character and competence? Or did you not bother to read it because you already have your mind made up about her?

  2. James B – Montreal Said:

    The following article has convinced me

    james could you please post the article you have quoted from?
    since it is in his neighbourhood…maybe yamit could scrawl a ‘yankee go home!’ graffitti?

  3. @ Arnold Harris: And yes, I want Israel to be allied with Russia and China if that is feasible. Because I know winners and I know losers. I agree 1,000 %.

    This America- Israel special relationship is not helping Israel nor America at this time. US journalists, xcept Krauthammer, US Academics and US leftists all despise Israel. US economy is immoral and awash in massive debts, decaying cities and slowly becoming very very Islamic friendly. US politicians are corrupt beyond belief.

    Time for Israel to turn to the BRICs for deep commerical, cultural and technological relationships.

    US Jews, especially those with German names, should agree. They are Israel`s biggest problem.

    If the USA wants a 24 hr presence in the Med, negotiate with Egypt and Libya. If not feasible, how much will the presence of aircraft carriers circulating the Med cost.

    The following article has convinced me. Maybe the USA will tell Israel if it is under attack, even though the knowledge of this is based in Israel. Americans are devils.

    The Dimona Radar Facility is a facility under construction near Dimona, Israel consisting of two 400 meter (1,300 feet) tall radar towers, designed to track ballistic missiles through space and provide ground-based missiles with the targeting data needed to intercept them.[1] Using AN/TPY-2 X-band radar, it can detect missiles up to 1,500 miles / 2,400 kilometers away.[2] The towers will be owned and operated by the US military, which will provide only second hand intelligence to Israel.

  4. But it is true she hurt herself with the Couric interview. But she went on to success after success.
    Now I read “The talk of a brokered convention never seems to die down and one interesting finding on this poll was that Sarah Palin is far more popular than any of the actual Republican candidates in the race. Her net favorability is +48, with 68% of voters rating her favorably to only 20% with a negative opinion. That compares favorably to +29 for Santorum, +19 for Romney, and -26 for Paul.”
    Also she is the most popular pundit by a mile. So what if CNN took a shot at her.

  5. @ Ted Belman:

    McCain was losing badly in the polls until he picked Palin as a running mate. He immediately shot up in the polls to a commanding lead and only lost it by making poor choices when the crises hit

    An NBC/Wall Street Journal poll found that in early September, when Palin was just starting out as a candidate, 47 percent of voters had a positive opinion of her, compared to 27 percent who felt negatively.

    Now 47 percent have negative feelings, compared with 38 percent who feel positively.

    And the new poll found that concern about Palin’s qualifications is voters’ top concern about McCain, ahead of every other issue in the election.

    Voting day is less than two weeks away and most polls suggest that Barack Obama is headed for victory. The surprise is that Palin went from being McCain’s best asset to his biggest problem.

  6. @ Ted Belman:

    You don’t have to be an intellectual to be intelligent. There are many different facets to intelligence. Check out this report from Elaine Lafferty at the Daily Beast from the campaign trail:

    Sarah Palin’s A Brainiac

    Now by “smart,” I don’t refer to a person who is wily or calculating or nimble in the way of certain talented athletes who we admire but suspect don’t really have serious brains in their skulls. I mean, instead, a mind that is thoughtful, curious, with a discernable pattern of associative thinking and insight. Palin asks questions, and probes linkages and logic that bring to mind a quirky law professor I once had. Palin is more than a “quick study”; I’d heard rumors around the campaign of her photographic memory and, frankly, I watched it in action. She sees. She processes. She questions, and only then, she acts. What is often called her “confidence” is actually a rarity in national politics: I saw a woman who knows exactly who she is.

  7. I don’t claim that Palin is an intellectual giant. I do claim that she is a strong leader and motivator and that she has been very successful in all her endeavors. I also claim that she is ethical and principled. She has a servant’s heart and works for the public good all the time. She has much more going for her to recommend her as President than Obama and Bush ever had.

  8. @ 4infidels:
    McCain was losing badly in the polls until he picked Palin as a running mate. He immediately shot up in the polls to a commanding lead and only lost it by making poor choices when the crises hit.4infidels Said:

    I can’t see much in Palin’s record, character or intelligence to recommend her for anything beyond small town mayor or reality tv celebrity.

    Mind boggling.
    I have no trouble respecting an adverse opinion of Palin’s capacity or fitness to function as president so long as it is based on the facts. It is usually based on smears and distortions and lies.
    From my point of view her record as above set out, her tens of thousands of emails which disclosed nothing adverse, quite the contrary, and her victory in the twenty some odd ethics charges maliciously brought against her, speak volumes.
    Now what have you got against her that amount to more than a row of beans.@ yamit82:

  9. @ yamit82:
    Yamit, I am certain you have read every word of every comment I have written here on Israpundit over the past couple of years.

    Therefore you must be aware that I regard Stalin as the greatest of the allied leaders of World War II solely because he organized the vast Soviet power which carried the greatest burden in beating the life out of Adolf Hitler’s murderous Nazi state. Millions of Russians died in the struggle to bring the Red Army into the heart of Berlin in April 1945 and ended the greatest and most terrible war in history. Had Stalin been a lesser man, he would have quit and run, like the lowly French, Italians, Belgians, Dutch, etc. And Hitler’s armies would then have rolled into the Middle East, finished off the Jews of the Yishuv, and there would not have come into being the State of Israel in which you live this very day.

    I don’t think you know very much about what happened in World War II, Yamit. My own father. who was born in 1892, served in World War I. But my younger uncles and older cousins fought in World War II, in all the theaters of war. And my wife’s parents, who lived in Croatia, suffered the consequences of Nazi conquest, German and Italian military occupation, and a terrible civil war fought by the fascists of both Croatia and Serbia on one side and the communists of Josip Broz Tito on the other side. About 10 percent of the population of Jugoslavija died in that war or were run out of the country. But all of us were aware that the Soviet power was the key to destroying the Nazi armies and making it possible for Eisenhower’s forces to land in Western Europe in World War II.

    Yes indeed, Stalin was one of the cruelest, craftiest rulers in history. But the result of his rule kept great Russia united and crushed enough of the Nazi armies so that Victory in Europe day could become the reality that hundreds of millions of us celebrated in early May 1945. Stalin’s rule was bloody and sonetimes terrifying. But he built the military and industrial power base that played the greatest role in defeating Hitler. Without which, the Jewish death totals at the hands of the Nazis would have been not 5.5 or 6 million but about 10.5 million.

    So I don’t really give a damn how cruel and nasty was Stalin’s rule of Eastern Europe. All I really care about was that he represented the unbeatable force that Hitler made the supreme mistake of attacking. And I think no small number of the Jews who survived that terrible war in Europe and who are still alive today would agree with me.

    Moreover, I truly wish Israel had such leaders as the tough-minded men who presided over the destinies of great Russia in that war. The time is coming when the Jewish nation could desperately need such a leadership — cold-blooded, implacable, and totally focused on the national survival and expansion of the power of the Jewish nation. Achieve all that first, then lecture me about the niceties of civil liberties.

    And yes, I am proud to say that I am descended of Russian Jews, the toughest Jews of all. When Stefi and I lived and studied in Israel, we felt right at home with the Slavic Jews.

    And yes, I want Israel to be allied with Russia and China if that is feasible. Because I know winners and I know losers.

    Arnold Harris
    Mount Horeb WI

  10. Ted,

    I have great admiration for the work you do in support of Israel, but I have to agree with Yamit on this one. Even though I have nothing good to say about Palin’s liberal-left critics, I can’t see much in Palin’s record, character or intelligence to recommend her for anything beyond small town mayor or reality tv celebrity.

    McCain was a weak candidate and his subsequent support for the “Arab Spring” has been nauseating (as has his support for the endless waste of American money and lives in hopeless nation-building efforts in Afghanistan and Iraq), particularly his calling the al-Qaeda/Muslim Brotherhood Libyan rebels his “heroes.” Still, it was McCain’s choice of Palin that cost him moderate Democrats who were leaning toward voting for him due to Obama’s radical associations. They simply could not see her as qualified to be President (I tried to argue that Obama was also unqualified and at least she didn’t hate the country). There are certainly independent-minded, pro-Israel conservatives (Debbie Schlussel, Michael Savage) who have made the case against Palin as a conservative messiah.

  11. @ Dr. Fay:

    Clinton had a surplus because he had a Republican Congress led by Newt Gingrich, who successfully balanced the budget for Clinton. That is one thing that Gingrich did right.

    There is a lot of partisan hype in your statement. True The Republican had control of congress but Clinton reduced their power thru veto threats and in his second term actually vetoing bills 146 times forcing the Republicans to compromise. The Republicans only managed to override a Clinton veto once. So the threat of veto was taken seriously and forced the combined houses to compromise with Clinton on most of the bills

    In his first term Clinton did not issue a single veto.

    Divided government following the elections of 1994 fundamentally transformed Clinton’s legislative strategy. The president did not “steal” the Republican agenda as much as he moderated it, preempted it, and re-tooled it through veto leverage. Clinton was more successful in his manipulation of institutional and electoral politics under divided government than he was in pushing forth an expansive agenda two years earlier when Democrats controlled Congress.-

    It is to Clinton credit that he managed to govern as successfully as he did while having a very partisan opposition in both houses for most of his two terms. I am only referring to his domestic agenda not his foreign policy failures.

  12. @ yamit82:

    Seriously? You claim not to be a “liberal leftist” but you use Palingates for your source of information on Sarah Palin?

    Palingates is a bunch of filthy European liberals first based in France, now Germany. Their entire website is nothing but a smear machine. The truth and the Palingates trash has never been in the same room together.

    You’re either willfully stupid, are part of the problem.

  13. @ yamit82:

    Clinton had a surplus because he had a Republican Congress led by Newt Gingrich, who successfully balanced the budget for Clinton. That is one thing that Gingrich did right.

  14. @ yamit82:

    I suggest you watch ‘The Undefeated’ movie, which includes actual footage of Sarah as governor, and read Sarah’s e-mails to get a more accurate picture of the governor. It seems like you’re listening to some pretty poisonous folks – like Palingates, for example.

    Here’s info about ‘The Undefeated’, with links to sources where you can get a copy at a very reasonable price: .

    Here is a collection of links to information about Sarah’s e-mails while governor: .

    And for good measure, here is info about the faux movie ‘Game Change’ which tried to paint Sarah as unstable and unprepared. You will see that those who knew her best came to her defense.

  15. @ Arnold Harris:

    You talk about truth and pro and anti Zionists at the same time lauding Stalin as your hero? 🙂

    What does the left being anti Israel have anything to do with the truth re: Sarah Palin? Can it not be possible that they are wrong about Israel and right about Palin? I really really hated Clinton but he left a budget surplus of 4 trillion dollars. Bush squandered that surplus and added 8 more trillion to the deficit. Should not Clinton be then praised and Bush be Bashed? I see almost no Bush Bashing on this site or from republicans in general.

    You are intellectually dishonest and totally partisan in your political and world views. I would also question your moral compass.

  16. @ Ted Belman:

    You are right there is a lot almost without end and as much as there are negative items to be sourced their are those like yours who ignore every negative and choose to believe the pro Palin hype. I never said I believed either the negatives or your continuous pro Palin partisan fluff pieces. The truth is probably somewhere in between but who knows? I don’t, but there is no balance in your support or room for either criticism or even entertaining the notion that you could be wrong. That puts you in the column of True Believer.

  17. @ Ted Belman:
    And most of the smearing is generated by the American leftist liberal circles that now regards Israel, Zionism and the loyal Jewish nation as enemies. That any of us commenting on Israpundit should join that gang for any purpose serves neither truth nor the cause of Israel.

    Arnold Harris
    Mount Horeb WI

  18. @ Dr. Fay:

    I don’t know what or who to believe but for sure not Palin. Pls. do not call me a liberal leftist anti American. I am neither a democrat or Republican who has voted in the past for both party nominees and Unlike 99% of all those who comment here I paid my American dues.

    I never accept partisan hype either from the supporters or detractors without a great deal of healthy skepticism.

    Frank Baily maintains that he never saw Plain read from her bible nor quote from it in all the years they were close associates. So what Palin says as an ambitious politician/media idol, should always be taken with a big grain of rock salt, just like every other politician especially the populist type of politician.

    I never discounted leftist criticism of Palin nor accepted it because of the source only the credibility of the criticism or in the case of right wing supporters the credibility of their hype.

    Sarah Palin’s political record will be vetted by the tabloids

    “Politicians tend to protect their children from media intrusion. Sarah Palin sounds like she would like to do the same. But… who put her children out there? Who took them out of school to campaign around the country? Who did it again to sell books? Who invited the cameras into their lives to record an abysmal “reality” show?

    Sarah Palin has a hotline to TMZ and People magazine. Were Sarah Palin’s daughters dragged into this shoot kicking and screaming?”
    Sarah Palin made her children part of her record. She made them into state officials to justify free travel around the great state of Alaska.

  19. @ yamit82:

    The video itself is nutbaggery, and I won’t comment on those who would believe such nonsense. We know there are those motivated by politics and/or money who have tried to trash Governor Palin ever since she was announced as McCain’s running mate, even before her RNC Convention speech. I remember that well because I was amazed at how someone against whom such cruel attacks had been made could come onstage with such confidence and give such a powerful speech. But as Governor Palin has told us more than once, she relies on God and prayer for her strength.

  20. WOW! How come this resume was not widely circulated earlier?
    Had John McCain been elected Sara would then be poised to eventually become president. What a terrible loss especially when the American people foolishly elected Obama.
    If Romney is elected and fails to use Sarah in some capacity then he will show he is unfit to be president.

  21. Truly, Governor Sara Palin is one of the most refreshingly remarkable personalities on the national political scene of the USA during the past four years, and even earlier during her tenure as mayor of her small home city and as governor of Alaska. Palin stands out as the key personality that helped put the conservative Tea Party movement in a position not only of influence but of power in the US Congress and in state governments all across the country.

    But now, late in the 2012 election season, it is not certain whether or not she is one of people being considered by the all but certain Republican candidate, Governor Romney, for another run as Vice President of the United States.

    Nor is it certain that she would want to play such a role if selected and nominated.

    And nor is it certain that Romney can beat Obama for the winner-takes-all vote of the US Electoral College, in which Obama now leads his Republican opponent 221-170. Unless Romney can get enough swing states to back him so that he gets a majority of electoral college votes, then Obama shall be re-elected to a second term irrespective of the popular vote.

    All of the above is a major part of the reality check of 2012, and its simply buries all other political considerations.

    Arnold Harris
    Mount Horeb WI