Shaked: Right must not abandon Justice Ministry

MK Ayelet Shaked told ‘Meet the Press’ that the New Right party has been left out of coalition negotiations.

Arutz Sheva Staff11/04/20

Ayelet Shaked

MK Ayelet Shaked on Saturday night told “Meet the Press” that the New Right part has been left out of coalition negotiations.

“Negotiation are being held without us –only with Blue and White,” she said. “We are aware of the existing differences and unequivocally believe that the Justice Ministry and Judiciary Committee should by no means be abandoned.”

“I chaired the committee over the past four years. During that time, I created a right-wing majority and established a conservative approach in these committees, and we are currently 334 judges strong,” she continued.

“In a unity government, we realized that we would have to [take a step back] in the legal department. It was clear to us that the Override Clause (that would allow a certain Knesset majority to overrule a ruling by the Supreme Court – ed.) would not come to fruition, but there is a difference between giving up on that and completely giving up the judicial selection committee.”

Shaked did not rule out a stint in the opposition. “Opposition is also an option, but we have principles. Based on these principles, we partnered with the Prime Minister as a right-wing bloc. I do not think that [Yamina Chairman MK] Naftali Bennett and I are a barrier to the unity government. We stand for ideological principles that should also be important to the Likud.”

Regarding the coronavirus crisis, Shaked said she believes the economy must gradually return to normal following the Passover holiday. “It’s clear to everyone that next week they will have to gradually release the restrictions on the economy. I think it’s a must,” she said.

“A quarter of our viewers are currently unemployed. We should allow the entire not-at-risk population back to work, while keeping individuals ages 65 and above and those with previous health history or in high-risk areas in quarantine, and gradually return to normal.”

Shaked said she believed the government had done a good job handling the crisis well and praised the conduct of the Defense Minister, Prime Minister and Health Minister.

“I think the government has managed the crisis well. The Prime Minister has made the right decisions in a timely fashion and we are in good shape relative to other countries worldwide,” she said. “I think the Health minister made the correct decisions at the outset of the crisis. They set a precedent for the rest of the world and proved to be right.”


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