Should Arabs be given citizenship if Israel annexes J & S

By Ted Belman

In my article The Way Forward, I recommended the annexation of Judea and Samaria and that

    The Palestinians should be entitled to citizenship after the elapse of 15 years (to enable their detoxification) providing they speak Hebrew, pledge allegiance and sign a loyalty oath. They should also be given financial incentives to emigrate if they so wish. National service, military or otherwise, should be a prerequisite to certain state benefits.

A number of people took issue with the idea of giving them citizenship as I have suggested including Felix Quigley who told me to drop the citizenship schema and wrote,

You will note that there is much in Ted´s analysis that you will agree with. Yet it just does not hang together does it.

A giveaway is when he says that if the Arabs behave themselves then they will get citizenship and there is much else of this nature. Some of it is a kind of a schema…after 20 years etc.

But actually the more I perused the above the more I noticed that there was something negative about it all.

Ted in the above is reacting all the time to these Fascist antisemites, whether in the capitalist governments in the West, in the Israeli traitorous elites, or in the Arab League

I want to rethink the issue and turn everything in the above on its head.

I am stating a positive. I want the Jewish Homeland to be free from antisemitism. Everything flows from this positive.

So here goes:

Israel is the land of the Jews. Following the Holocaust, at least the Holocaust, without ambiguity because of the Holocaust, the land of the Jews must be a respite from antisemitism.

There now how difficult is that to say! It was said by Leon Trotsky in stirring words in the 1930s before the Holocaust. That is the Leon Trotsky totally but deliberately ignored by my colleague in this enterprise Francisco Gil White in his “analysis” of how Hitler took power in 1933.

Not so difficult at all. But certain things flow from it.

    1. Explain to the world that the Israeli state must be viable. It must include the area noted by , that is present day Israel, Judea and Samaria, the Golan, and tell the Arabs we are not that happy about the area east of the Jordan, still Palestine in our books, or the Sinai, that is either being made Judenfrei. As the English might say “Not cricket old chap”. State for the world to hear, I certainly will, we do not like Judenfrei.

    2. We need a respite from antisemitism. Since we do not tolerate antisemitism in this Jewish national Home we must expel anybody who promotes antisemitism, no matter what nationality they may be

    3. Because the National Home is a respite then only Jews have the power. Will other races be welcome. Of course they will. But following the Holocaust it should not be too difficult to grasp why the Jews have complete power in their Jewish land. Give the ordinary people of these races and various politico/religio mixes a good chance to understand, and finally if they cannot grasp what is a very simple concept, expel them. I will add to make this crystal clear, if a person cannot understand why the Jews following the Holocaust must have total power in thir Homeland, then that person is an antisemite.

Please Ted Belman drop your citizenship schema. They really are an evasion of the need for Israel to be free of antisemitism.

Why should citizenship be given to any non Jew. Jews must have total power in their state, their respite from antisemitism. Not one Jew ever created a gram of antisemitism. So total power. At some time way way in the future when there is no antisemitism in the world that can happen but we will not live to see that.

The above set of proposals I have put forward is indeed a wonderful thing because it is based on truth and it has the virtue of extreme simplicity. Like Lenin’s Peace Land and Bread it can be so easily understood and cannot be twisted by our enemies.

Oh and I forgot to say to our enemies. Jews did not create and are not the cause of antisemitism. That is the beginning and end of all knowledge on this issue.

Ted Belman what you put at the top of your website matters hardly at all except to wordy dogmatists. But what you do is what counts.

I hope in the future to go on to show that the issue of practical organization is the key to this. We must build a revolutionary party which will not be swayed from the above concepts/demands. That is the main thing. Waiting for a leader to emerge is like waiting for Godot, it just ain’t gonna happen!

This concept of a revolutionary organization promoting these demands, which are simple but not simplistic, will be tied in with a great United Front of all those who wish to save the Jews from a new Holocaust

In the meantime write to any leader or people in influence who may agree with the above in the expectation of a reply. Nothing to lose there. I would like to see a great United Front formed on just these demands and only these demands. I certainly will be moving on those lines.

I really appreciate Felix’s passionate defense of Jews. If I had my druthers I certainly would want less Arabs rather than more. I believe that we can provide enough incentive for them to leave voluntarily. If it is going to cost us $50 billion to uproot Jews, this money should go to compensate Arabs to leave instead. Then the land in Judea and Samaria could be rented out or sold to to raise the money expended. There is much more to say on this particularly how Israel would deal with world condemnation if the emigration were not voluntary. Felix continues with the following,

More on parties, leadership, even anarchism (which I naturally oppose)

My differences with Alex and with Gil White centre on leadership. I am a Leninist and I believe that parties have to be built in conflict with the prevailing ruling class ideology. I see that Alex is aware of the problem of how the ruling class or elite control the information feed. So hopefully we will come together eventually. In any case the individual can do little except shout.

I noticed on the other thread that Yamit invites insularity, which in turn invites or causes despair, and this may often take the serious turn into adventurism. Not in his case obviously but in Ireland I noticed that the insularity of Sinn Fein (we ourselves) led to individual terror tactics.

The force which is decisive is the mass movement which is not just in Israel but is internationally as well. Alex has talked about Christians and that there are many different trends among Christians at the present time, that is very perceptive. It applies also to the mass movement in general.

One thing above all there has to be agreement on. The mass movement can only express itself through a leadership. Also the mass movement is a living sentient entity. In the war against Hizbullah mid 2006 if you cast your mind back in the initial days there was 100 per cent support from the Israeli masses, they spoke as one, the Pappes et al were silent and dumbfounded. But the Israeli ruling class in the form of political traitors like Olmert and Livni set out to betray, and this was very soon picked up by the mass movement. Division and delusion is always the result of the lack of a clear, bold leadership.

My great criticism of Yamit, Alex, Francisco, Jared and others such as Peter and Nathan is that they through their practice minimise the need for a leadership to be built.It is the same issue that Marx fought Bakunin over so long ago. It still exists.

Israel is not in charge of the events which are swirling around it. For that to happen there needs to be a conscious leadership.

I feel that this leadership will come from the revolutionary socialist perspective. Almost every problem as explained so well by David Nagger stems from the crisis in capitalism, especially over oil.

The one link in the chain which means that it will come from there is in the content of the struggles of Leon Trotsky, his struggle against Stalinism, his political analysis of Fascism and Nazism, and his principled position on Jewish nationhood. He also enunciated the danger from a capitalist state system rent by crisis and from what he termed the “Reactionary Mohamedans”. And not for nothing has this material been carefully hidden until I have recently tried to bring it forward.

Alex is very perceptive. He has written this:

    My answer: in order for Israel to annex Gaza and the West Bank there needs to be an important change in the Israeli leadership. Israeli leaders should stop making their country a puppet of Western powers. If this miracle gets to be demanded by the population (which is unlikely due to disinformation), then Israel could create facts that could only be reversed (now yes) by all-out war launched by Islamic countries. But, again, all of this is very unlikely and the most probable outcome of Oslo is the destruction of Israel. None of this should prevent us from trying though. In fact a massive information campaign must be launched in the US, so ordinary Americans could press their government to come down to its senses.

Alex is also very brave. He knows he does not see the way because Gil White has not taught him that the way is through the revolutionary socialist party, in fact Gil White has only deepened the general Jesuitical ignorance on this score.

So in the above paragraph he lapses into despair. He refers to the miracle getting demanded by the populace.

When you start talking about miracles it is a serious matter. Alex does not understand the role of the revolutionary party. But yet despite these handicaps he does not give up and calls for intervention in the Israeli mass movement and in the American mass movement. But how? concretely? He is brave but handicapped.

It is a rerun really of Yugoslavia. In Yugoslavia Milosevic was a fighter, but he was not a revolutionary, and there was no revolutionary party there. Milosevic did the best he could within his limited understanding and method, he fought legally against the Hague Court. But he was isolated and in the end he was poisoned.

I may talk later about this. I am very disturbed by the tactics of Jared and Francisco in that whole experience, while I am the first to praise their great work.

A revolutionary party must be created in Israel. Even created by 2 people at first. It must begin with its analysis of the situation (We are very close together on big aspects of this)

Furthermore there are many forces in Israel very perturbed who wish to fight. That is the purpose of the United Front. It bonds together all of those who wish to find the way forward. It really is a kind of discussion mechanism where the discussion is defended from Israeli state and international attack.

So far in the past 10 days or so I have written 2 letters to the Irish Times, not published. We will see but I suspect the ruling class will block the kind of discussion I propose. Hence the need for the United Front. It is a mechanism of free discussion to find the way forward.

The Arabs, the Americans, the EU, Russia and China are in a war against us. We are at war. Livni is engaging in an act of war against us when she decides not to publish the pictures of Shin Bet exposing the Egyptians state working with Hamas and arming Hamas. The Peace Process is a fraud. Negotiations which hold forth the possibility of peace are a fraud. They are also debilitating to us. While we talk the enemy makes war.

I go back to the basic questions.

Israel is a respite against antisemitism. Antisemitism inside Israel is a contradiction to the concept of respite. Israel must move not to allow antisemitism in any shape or form in Israel.

Are Arabs and others like Irish welcome in Israel? Of course they are. But they must accept the above, that Israel is a respite against antisemitism.

Fascists must be killed, full stop. If not then expelled. This must be explained patiently.

Immediately Fatah and Hamas and any Al-Qaida present must be killed or expelled, not ever imprisoned, because antisemitism is not the responsibility of the Jews.

To all it must be explained patiently what are the realities of a respite from antisemitism. The best will surely understand. Those who do not and who remain antisemitic must be expelled.

These concepts are simple. They can be understood by all fair people everywhere, whether in Ireland, America or Australia.

But who will do the explaining. This is where we need organizations in every country. I believe that they will be Trotskyist inspired organizations, but I will work with everybody on the above concepts.

My slogan is and will always be…we owe it to the 6 million to make retribution in this way. We have in our hands here a great mobilizing set of concepts. They get to the essence of the issue in a way others do not. Everything flows and can flow from these concepts.

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