The GOP must be political incorrect to win

By Ted Belman

Jonathan Tobin, executive editor of the Jewish Exponent in Philadelphia, handicaps the presidential candidates in his article The GOP aims to self-destruct

He acknowledges that Hillary Clinton will be he Democratic nominee while Rudi Giuliani will carry the GOP standard.

THOUGH MOST Jews will back the Democrats no matter what and care more about domestic issues than Israel, Giuliani does give the GOP a chance to win over more of the minority of Jews (in key strategic states) whose votes will be influenced by the Middle East.

But warns

But the possible triumph of Republican centrism and the hope of victory in 2008 isn’t being greeted with acclamation among the GOP faithful. Though he may be their best – and perhaps, only – chance to win next year, the truth is that some Republicans would rather see Hillary triumph than allow a pro-choice Republican to sit in the White House.

To my mind if the GOP would adopt a politically incorrect posture and campaign on ending the Islamic threat not only to our lives but to our culture, it would be a winning ticket.

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6 Comments / 6 Comments

  1. Shalom Felix,

    You are very perceptive.

    I wrote that way on purpose. Who’s running for President? Who knew his bodyguard and Chief of Police worked in Saudi Arabia? Who was briefed on the Saudi scandals ?

    Call yourself a socialist revolutionary or a Trotskite. I deem you a rightous gentile in the mold of Bob McGuire of Alaska Airlines and later, Near East Airlines. He was Chief Pilot bringing 40,000 Jews from Yemen to Israel (“Operation Magic Carpet”).

    I know about Nazi recruitment. Last week, in 1957, Ed Sullivan opened his television show with:

    “I’d like to congratulate the Russians on launching Sputnik into outer space but I don’t speak German.”

    The Americans brought their Nazi scientists to Ft Monmouth, New Jersey, the Signal Corps base.

    Kol tuv,

  2. Boker tov Felix,

    You are very perceptive.

    I wrote that on purpose.

    Who’s running for President? Who knew his bodyguard and Chief of Police worked in Saudi Arabia? Who knew about various Saudi scandals?

    Call yourself a socialist revolutionary or a Trotskite. I deem you another rightous gentile in the mold of Robert Mcguire, chief pilot of Operation Magic Carpet bringing 40 thousand Yemenites to Israel. Bob Mcguire originally worked for Alaska Airlines and later established Near East Airlines in Israel.

    I know a little about Nazi recruitment. Last week in 1957, Ed Sullivan opened his television show with the announcement:

    “I’d like to congratulate the Russians on launching Sputnik into outer space, but I don’t speak German.”

    The Americans brought the recruited Nazi scientists to Fort Monmouth, New Jersey.

    Kol tuv,

  3. To gauge American intentions, there is only one question which must be answered: can Israel survive under the terms and conditions currently being coerced by Rice and Bush, i.e., the division of Jerusalem, a giveaway of 90%+ of J&S including the Jordan Valley, contiguity between Hamastan and Fatahstan? The answer is clearly “no”. Even Barak who offered essentially the same to Arafat is now saying that Israel will need to develop a failsafe short-range missile defense system before handing over the territories.

    The strategy of Olmert, Livni, and Barak may simply be to acquiesce to American pressure today with the expectation that any settlement will require years to implement.

    The problem is that Israeli concessions become the starting point for the next round of negotiations just as Olmert has returned to Barak’s offer despite seven years of Arab terrorism.

    That the US is actively engaged in an attempt to remake the Middle East in other respects such as threatening Syria or preparing to go to war against Iran is certainly true but its strategic plans do not necessarily include a viable Israel.

  4. South

    Please do not do this to me. I am engrossed in your perceptive outline above but at the end you leave me with a mental poser. The last sentence, does “his” refer to Guiliani or Kerik. Is the gist that these two are hiding something. I cannot follow precisely what you mean by the Saudi matter.

    I am beginning to see the bind that Israel is in more clearly.

    It is an old problem. The world hates Jews. Antisemitism in all its forms is the problem.

    The Arabs and Islamofascists follow a long course, they are patient, their strategy is to continually weaken by every means Israel. But this patience can erupt forcefully.

    The US has its own concerns. Immediately following the War the US recruited vast numbers of Gestapo personnel, set them up in strategic positions including in Germany, and they became the forward planners and operators on a world scale, all at the behest of the US Intelligence, ie the CIA.

    (This has just not really been taken aboard by the Jewish people.)

    Here is the inability of Jewish American organizations to lead. All they do is attend dinner parties of the US establishment. Much safer for Israel if they went on hikes down the Colorado.

    That Nazi attitude has coloured everything that the US did and does.

    Let me take a couple of examples.

    The war against communism.

    Now South I am a socialist revolutionary. I stand in the tradition of Leon Trotsky. What you had in Joseph Stalin and his clique which came to dominate Russian politics was the opposite, people who worked to block the socialist revolutions world wide, eg Spain 1936, because it would endanger their “socialism in one country”.

    But the US policy is programmed by that Nazi element. I mean it must be, otherwise why recruit the Nazi bastards in the first place. Much evidence for this recruitment exists, if you are unfamiliar let me know.

    Now this brings me to the heart of the matter which I have continually spouted here on Israpundit.

    The US (Nazi) element in the State Dept flowing over into many other areas of Govt, ie it is wrong to just isolate that State Dept, that seems to me a cop out, can look very tolerantly indeed at the Islamofascist factions in the world.

    Islam has many features which would appeal to that Nazi component in US Govt.

    (Teds analysis above bears all this out, the way the US is intervening in Lebanon under cover of “democracy” but thereupon building a vast air complex)

    Let me give you one…They are very damned good at putting down revolutionary instincts, say among the youth.

    You could say that Islam is a designer item created for just that. It makes the men into men who do not relate to women very successfully! And it dolls the ladies up in a garb which denies them all sexual initiative.

    I am being a bit flippant on purpose but you get the idea. Islam is a very reactionary set of proposals indeed.

    I keep thinking it was no accident the Mufti was at the centre of affairs in Nazi Germany. of course they found each other.

    So to the essence of what you South write in your ever so perceptive manner.

    Which is essentially that the US Government and the US Capitalist or Imperialist machinery does not have friends abroad, that this means Israel is not now and never was a friend.

    The US Govt has got interests.

    But Jesus a Jewish man met John the Baptist another Jewish man on the banks of the Jordan and John performed some rites. This is important, really important to the American Christian religious folk who really do take the Bible most seriously.

    And you are right that, in American society, may be a big factor in the saving of Israel.

  5. Just the other day I had a discussion with Jerry Gordon and I complained I didn’t understand where US policy was going in the ME. On the one hand the US was forcing Israel to capitulate making it weaker. On the other hand it is building a military airport in Lebanon just next to Syria. I suggested we should ask the Saudis for the answer. Whatever the US is doing it is at the behest or at least the agreement of Saudi Arabia.

    We think that Iran will be attacked, perhaps within 6 months. If the US does attack, it’s intentions will be clearer. Related to this is what kind of presence the US will leave behind when it “gets out”.

    By the way, I was speaking to a trusted Israeli diplomat just yesterday about the attack on Syria which is all the buzz now and she said there is no way Israel would have attacked without the US go-ahead. That suggested a symbiotic relationship. Israel has been reduced to being a proxy for the US.

  6. Boker tov Ted,

    I don’t think it’s a Dem versus GOP vis a vis issue re Israel. Of course, Hillary will make Israel into a third partition of Poland-an abandonment of Israel. Not as clearly as a Hillary Clinton administration, I think the GOP will also.

    There’s been a sea change in American society. The era of the Senators Jake Javits and Ken Keating is gone. Jews are no longer America’s richest minority. Overseas-Chinese citizens are. Blacks are no longer America’s largest minority. Mexican-Americans are. Thus, the 2 swing states, Texas and Florida, might now be more attuned to Spanish speaking voters.

    I trace our Israel support to circa 1967. Israel gave substantial military assistance re Soviet SAM technology to the US. This allowed the US to prepare countermeasures during the IndoChina War. The US continued to fund Israel’s economic and military development.

    All is super – until – the American Jewish leadership entered the picture.

    “If there was one thing that threatened Lyndon Johnson’s amicable relations with American Jews – and,by extension, Israel – it was the vocal opposition of Jewish liberals to the war in Vietnam. Johnson felt that Jews, of all people, should have understood that South Vietnam, like Israel, was a small nation in constant peril. He complained repeatedly that Jews ‘want me to protect Israel, but they don’t want me to do anything in Vietnam.’
    At one point during an otherwise friendly discussion with Abba Eban toward the end of his presidency, he turned momentarily bitter. ‘A bunch of rabbis’ said Johnson, ‘came here one day in 1967 to tell me that I ought not to send a single screwdriver to Vietnam – but on the other hand should push all our aircraft carriers through the Strait of Tiran to help Israel.”


    Now, with warfare changed, the US does not need to fund Israel’s 17 divisions with the world’s fastest mobilization of 72 hours.

    America’s existential threat is not the Arab barbarians. Only a couple of weeks ago, the US announced its new Gulf of Guinea, Africa Command. It’s anticipated that a fourth of America’s imported oil will come from this area. The US is slowly leaving the Middle East.

    Again, we have a substantial change in US society and its politics. To maintain Israel as a US presence in a troubled area – like Singapore’s role – can probably only be accomplished with the support of the new US power bloc, the Christian Zionists.

    Mayor Guiliani is part of the problem. He endorsed the first nominee for the new Department of Homeland Security, Bernard Kerik. All politicos have scandal baggage. Our concern should focus to his Saudi Arabia work. This Saudi matter was brought to my attention by pro-Israel Christians who resent the “American Jewish leadership”.

    Kol tuv,

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