Sir Winston Churchill in memorium

On October 4/07 G.R. Randy Barber, President of the International Churchill Society, Canada Chapter, delivered an address to the Empire Club of Canada honouring the life and extraordinary accomplishments of Sir Winston Churchill.

Whether you knew him well or want to, I highly recommend this video.

Fill out what has to be filled out.

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  1. to 8,

    Hi Ted,

    what you are writing proves only the following :


  2. Sir Martin Gilbert was a Jew and a famed historian. He wrote the definitive biography of Chrchil and Churchill and the Jews.

    CHURCHILL AND THE JEWS covers the whole life of this greatest of Britons — from his youth, when he was shocked by the anti-Semitism displayed during the Dreyfus Affair, to his last meeting with David Ben-Gurion in 1960, when he gave Ben-Gurion an article he had written about Moses. In the intervening years, during which Churchill cemented his place in history, his affinity with the Jews remained undimmed, even though his championing of Zionist issues and interests was often like a red rag to the bull of the British Establishment. One of those closest to Churchill once confided to the author that “Winston had one fault — he was too fond of Jews.” What does this mean? How did this fondness manifest itself? Exploring all aspects of his life and career, CHURCHILL AND THE JEWS sheds new light on a key figure of the twentieth century and how his attitudes affected not just the prosecution of the Second World War but the establishment of a Jewish state that followed it.

  3. RandyTexas,

    Churchill gave 75% of our land to the islamofscist arabs.

    This shows that you cannot count on your christian friends. You only can count on the G-d of Israel. And He tells us very clearly and at various occasions that we do not need the help of those who fight for values which are opposed to truth and moral. This includes the christians. If we count on us and our G-d then we win, otherwise we are lost, G-d fobid.

  4. If you truly wish to know Chruchill’s view of the Jewish people then read what he wrote, or at least what he believed when in 1920 when he wrote A STRUGGLE FOR THE SOUL OF THE JEWISH PEOPLE which was published in the Sunday Herald on February 8th.

    According to his writings, he judged the Jews by the ideology they embraced rather than by race: Assimilated Jews, good; Internationalist Jews (communists), bad; Zionist Jews, good.

  5. Hi Ted,

    you wrote in your very charming and well educated manner:

    Tov, you shoot off your mouth too quickly.

    Yeah, yeah, but: do you remember, Chruchill became Secretary of State for the Colonies in 1921. Wow ! This is the year of the betrayal of the Jews, isn’t it, Ted?!

    Certainly you forgot this:

    In 1922, the British government altered the terms of the Mandate by detaching all of Palestine east of the Jordan River, to create the Emirate of Trans-Jordan for its protege Abdullah, a new arrival from the Hejaz in Arabia. This area was 76 percent of Mandate Palestine, sliced away from the Jewish National Home.

    David Lincoln, Rabbi of The Park Avenue Synagogue in New York, draws on British historical documents for an explanation of this event, published in

    The Jewish Sentinel, October 1993:

    [. . . ] The Balfour Declaration had, of course, considered Trans-Jordan (today’s Jordan) to be part of Palestine and thus to be included in any future Jewish State. In 1921, Churchill was appointed colonial secretary with responsibility for the Middle East. . . . . A little later he visited Palestine at the very time when the Emir (later King) Abdullah and his Bedouin Army were trying to enter Trans-Jordan from the south . . .

    Unwilling to reinforce the garrison [. . .] Churchill made a deal. Abdullah could settle down where he was The area was to be excluded from the Jewish National Home, and Abdullah was to agree not to oppose the rest of Palestine being Jewish! [. . . .] No one and no government ever thought or suggested that the “West Bank” should not be part of a future Israel . . . .

    However, the British government thereafter violated both the Balfour Declaration and the Mandate by restricting or in places banning Jewish settlement even west of the Jordan. It also restricted or virtually cut off Jewish immigration, just at the time a National Home was most desperately needed by the Jews of German-occupied Europe. At the same time, the British tolerated if not encouraged Arabs from other countries to come in – albeit illegally – and take the places from which it banned the Jews.

  6. So do I. Churchill was a great friend of the Jews. Sir Marin Gilbert wrote a book about Churchill and the Jews and showed it.

    Tov, you shoot off your mouth too quickly.

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