Steven Emerson: ‘Jihad is jihad’

Ruthie Blum , THE JERUSALEM POST Sep. 20, 2007

Investigative Project on Terrorism executive director Steven Emerson claims that radical Islam is alive and well in America – thanks to the tacit cooperation of government agencies which embrace the very groups they should be investigating.

Steven Emerson’s delicate delivery belies the pungency – and punch – of his words. Whether this is the result of having heard it all and said it all in every possible forum is not clear. In fact, delving beneath the surface of radical Islamic activity, only to discover additional layers with each dig, could just as easily have the opposite effect on one’s demeanor. Particularly when the information being uncovered is pooh-poohed in some fashion. Or when its disseminator is dismissed as alarmist at best, and anti-Muslim at worst.

But Emerson – an investigative journalist turned NGO director – doesn’t appear to be perturbed on a personal level. It’s the public response to what he claims is a pernicious network of terrorist cells within the United States, fronted as humanitarian organizations, that gets to him.

“The US government, the media and the intelligentsia are witting and unwitting enablers of radical Islam,” says Emerson, a best-selling author, whose books include American Jihad: The Terrorists Living Among Us (2002) and Jihad Incorporated: A Guide to Militant Islam in the US (2006), and creator of the prize-winning documentary film Jihad in America (1994).

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  1. Not only that, gagalbert, Emerson speaks accurately. No doubt there are folks on Giuliani’s and others’ campaigns who advise and speak out frankly and honestly, but sincere though they may be, they are sincerely wrong. Emerson has from the outset “gotten it,” unlike the many academicians widely considered “experts” who may comprehend parts of the Islamic threat (such as, say, Saudi funding of Middle Eastern Studies programs), but are so wrong on understanding the fundamentals of Islam and the various sects and relationships, who stands for what and why. Emerson’s one of the best, and I’m glad he finally got his website up (thanks Michael!).

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