STRATFOR: Mossad Killed Iranian Nuclear Physicist

Leah Lekarov

A senior nuclear physicist involved in Iran’s nuclear program who died under mysterious circumstances two weeks ago was killed by the Mossad, according to a report released on a U.S. website this weekend. The website – – features intelligence and security analysis by former U.S. intelligence agents.

Professor Ardashir Hosseinpour, a world authority on electromagnetism, was until recently working on uranium enrichment at the facility in Isfahan, one of the central processing sites in Iran’s nuclear program. The physicist died January 18, but news of his death only emerged six days later in two Iranian media outlets.

A report released this weekend in Stratfor stated that the Mossad was behind Hosseinpour’s death. The report said the physicist died from “radioactive poisoning” as part of a Mossad effort to halt the Iranian nuclear program through “secret operations.”

[“radioactive poisoning”. Hmmm, sounds familiar. Didn’t Mossad also kill the Canadian expert who was helping Saddam Hussein to build a BIG gun capable of firing on Israel from Iraq?]

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  1. Gerald Bull was the Canadian. The most likey finger points to the Mossad. Anyway he got what he deserved. Israel needed to do it, and it got done. Imagine that! One traitor down, thousands to go and so little time left.

    The report’s unfounded? Well building nuclear bombs for terrorists is unfounded, maybe it will help the physicists think about that.

    Bull concurrently worked on the Scud project, making calculations for the new nose-cone needed for the higher re-entry speeds and temperatures the missile would face. At this point someone started “warning” him to stop working on the missiles; over a period of a few months his apartment was broken into several times but nothing was stolen. He nevertheless continued to work on the project, and in March 1990 he was shot five times in the back of the neck while opening his door.

    The most common theories are that either; the Israeli Mossad was responsible due to the method used (small-caliber, sound-suppressed pistols), or that it was Iranian Intelligence VEVAK, who had the motive and capacity to easily have it done. Neither VEVAK nor Mossad representatives have denied responsibility for his assassination. Others, including Bull’s son, believe that the Mossad is taking credit for an act they did not commit to scare off others who may try to help enemy regimes. The alternative theory is that Bull was killed by the CIA. There are some reports that Bull was demanding both a presidential pardon and money from the CIA or he would disclose all he knew about illegal CIA activities in South Africa. Unwilling to be extorted, it is claimed that the CIA therefore killed Bull. However most experts and analysts believe that either Israeli Mossad or Iranian VEVAK are the key suspected ones behind the assasination. Both strongly had the capacity and motive to stop Saddam from acquiring such an intimidation/terror weapon. A fictionalized version of this story is in the movie Doomsday Gun. Gerald Bull had worked for so many parties in so many critical defence projects that he became an asset and a liability for several powerful groups at the same time.

    The supergun project was stopped when its parts were seized by Customs in the United Kingdom in November 1990, and most of Bull’s staff returned to Canada. The smaller test gun was later broken up after the Gulf War.

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