Ted Belman will chair the conference on “THE JORDAN OPTION”

Note the stellar list of speakers

The event is  opposed by the King Abdullah, Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas

Ted Belman. I have had a major role in organizing this conference and will be chairing the event. I will soon begin fund raising to cover its costs. To donate in support go here.

(England, Israel and San Francisco) – The International Jewish-Muslim Dialogue Center (IJMDC) today announced the scheduling of an International/Interdenominational Peace Conference in Israel where Arabs, Palestinians, Muslims and Jews will gather October 17, 2017 to discuss “The Jordan Option: The Only Road To Peace”.

“The conference is already attracting attention, with MK Yehuda Glick confirmed to speak,” Michael Ross, Executive Director of the IJMDC said. “The Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas have already come out in opposition to the Conference.”

The Jordan Option embraces the Weizmann-Feisal Agreement of 1919: Israel to the Jordan River for the Jews and Jordan, east of the river for the Arabs.

IJMDC is seeking new ways to bring conservative Jews and Palestinians together to discuss peace, and hope to do so by discussing and implementing conventions adopted by the world in 1947 that turn Jordan into Palestine,” the Director said. “The IJMDC is taking a different approach in putting together this conference – we’re shying away from government to government political decision making, and focusing on helping people and businesses working together to help formulate and discuss ideas, options and solutions and then bring them to fruition”.

According to Ross, “We are inviting the world to join us in exploring and discussing options for peace in the Middle East.”

“We are inviting representatives from around the world to participate, representatives who normally would not be directly involved if it was government to government,” Ross continued. “Representatives from China, Egypt, France, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, United States, UK, and Russia are being invited.”

“The event’s timing could not be better,” Ross added. “This conference comes at a time when the world is desperately searching for solutions and the Israeli government is saying that any peace agreements must include full Israeli control over security on all areas west of the Jordan River.”

To help stimulate and grow the conversation, the IJMDC also issued a call for “legitimate, meaningful and thought-out papers” that are specifically focused on outlining a wide range of issues, from how to foster or implement peace to how Jordan can be transformed into Palestine.

What makes this extremely exciting is that reports are ‘swirling’ about the instability of the Hashemite throne thanks to its support for terrorist groups like the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and Hezbollah, not to mention their growing friendship with Iran.

“It’s clear from their actions that Jordan’s king is fragile and likely to fall,” Ross continued. “If he falls, we need to have a plan on what to do with the country that will help change the status quo and bring Jordan into the 21st century.”

The event is will take place in Jerusalem on October 17th 2017. It will also be broadcast over the Internet.  The  cost for connecting will be about $10 each.

Currently, there are 14 confirmed speakers, with more expected. All presentations fall into four categories: 1) Keynote Speakers; 2) Stating Facts; 3) The Solution and 4) The Way Forward.

Confirmed speakers and their subjects are:

  • Mudar Zahran – Secretary General  – The Jordanian Opposition Coalition. He will speak on: “What is the Jordan Option Solution” Myths Vs. The Facts”
  • Yehuda Glick– Knesset Member – “Jordan is Palestine, The Only Solution A Win-Win Situation”
  • Mordechai Nisan – Scholar of the Rothberg International School -the Hebrew University of Jerusalem – “Jordan Is Palestine; An Out of The Box Solution or The Only Solution Left?”
  • Mordchai Kedar – Scholar and lecturer Bar-Ilan University – “Will Israel Support the Jordan Is Palestine Solution? What Will Happen to The Major Palestinian Areas In Israel?”
  • Martin Sherman– Political Analyst, Israel Institute for Strategic Studies. He will speak on:  “Israel as the Nation-State of the Jews: Fundamental Imperatives for Survival”
  • David Bedein– Israel Resource News Agency Director, Center for Near East Policy. He will speak on What Do We Do With Palestinian Refugees?  Ending UNRWA, A Necessity for Peace”
  • Edy Cohen – Bar Elan University. He will speak on “Jordan’s King An Enemy of Israel Jordan’s Regime: The Source of the Problem
  • Rachel Avraham –  Israeli Journalist and Expert on Terrorism – “What Keeps Israel’s Jordan Borders Safe? Who Controls Jordan’s Army and Intelligence?”
  • Mudar Zahran – Secretary General, The J.O.C. – “How to Make The Jordan Option Happen, Without Jordan Causing A Disaster”
  • Raphael Israeli – Research Fellow,The Truman Institute For The Advancement of Peace– “Will Arabs Arab States Allow Jordan To Palestine?  Will the US allow it to happen?”
  • David Ha’ivri–  Geopolitical Strategist – “Will The Arabs Leave Israel to Live In Jordan?  A Realistic Vision for Utopic Peace in The Region”
  • Areih Eldad–  Former Knesset Member –  “Will The Arabs Leave Israel to Live In Jordan?  A Realistic Vision for Utopic Peace in The Region”
  • Michael Ross – IJMDC Executive Director– “How Can We Make Jordan A Palestine? Actions needed to make Jordan Palestine and bring peace to the region”
  • Samer Libdeh– British/Jordanian scholar, Managing Director of Interaction Forum. He will speak on “Will Gulf State Support Change in Jordan? A Vision for Jordan: Pillars of A New Approach In Regional Peace Building”
  • Abed AlMaala– Bani Hassah Clan – Deputy Secretary General  Jordanian Opposition Coalition “What Will PA and Hamas Do To Obstruct The Solution? Will the Jordanian Tribes Rebel Against The New Government?”    

“Every person, business and country interested in peace in the middle east should support our educational efforts,” Ross continued. “As an NGO, we can do things governments can’t – and the first step in achieving a lasting peace is if people – not governments – talk to each other, respect each other and work together.”

This is just the beginning of inter-denominational communications. There are millions of people around the world who understand that Middle East peace can only be achieved if everyone rolls up their sleeves, put ideas on the table and then get down to business and create a viable plan.”

The IJMDC’s was founded specifically to foster communications, cooperation and business between Jews and Muslims in the Middle East.

Please see the attached Conference Flyer.

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  1. all the yea speakers, don’t see any nays. so why have a meeting as we all know what the list is for.
    whats the u s view, the u n, the e u, king grease balls speaker? what about the terror families living in J-S prior to 1917 – 1922 they under all agreements have the right to stay.

  2. ted im going to send you a cheque for 100NIS. doubt if i will be in ISRAEL at the time, so give my seat to say a woman in green, p m i know all about nothing, or king greaseball someone needs to emphasize to him 1 to 3 million muzzies paying taxes will do wonders to his economy.

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