The 2024 Reality TV Show to Blow Up Leftist Election Fraud

By Jay Valentine, AM THINKER

We have written about how the data for the six swing states show enough sovereign voter fraud (the election commission is in on it) and phantoms to overcome any likely Trump vote majority.

Accumulating events indicate that leftists may be helping Trump blow through their fraud firewall.

In each swing state, there are from 200,000 to 400,000 phantom voters or addresses or both locked into the voter rolls.

Three years of volunteer election integrity work has done little to reduce these numbers.  While phantoms were found by the tens of thousands, few were removed.  Little has been done to thwart county or state officials augmenting voter roll data to help leftist candidates.

Trump is currently unlikely to win any swing state by enough votes to overcome the fake ballot stash each state’s leftists and RINOs prepared against him.

History is replete with movements appearing from seemingly nowhere altering the political trajectory of countries, even empires.  Some are better than others, but each shares the characteristic of a compelling, charismatic leader crystallizing long-simmering grievances, propelling action from not just activists, but the mild middle.

Favor Trump or not, Trump created such a movement — MAGA, an emerging coalition likely to be the deciding entity for Republican candidates for years to come.

It is the “years to come” that has many concerned.

The inherent contradiction of the Trump candidacy is serving only one term.  The good news is that he is beholden to nobody, has one last shot, is pretty miffed about how he was treated, and is the guy who will take care of business — likely brutally.

The downside: After Trump, America is back to the same insidious swamp creatures who will undo everything Trump cleaned up.
Few in the MAGA movement believe that Cruz, Cotton, Rubio, or others could get elected. If they were, each would abstain from swamp-cleaning — as the gravitational pull of the swamp will suck them in.

Trump is a one-term wonder, likely stymied by the bureaucracy and courts. Trump’s fundamental changes could soon disappear.
Or perhaps not.

Americans watch screens all day — computer screens, phones, even screens with commercials while they’re pumping gas. Candidates who magnify their message via a screen are fundamentally different from those in a dusty governor’s office or Senate chamber talking endlessly about…who cares?

Like Trump or not, he commands the entire media complex.

No person in history, certainly no candidate, ever dominated the media like Donald Trump. Positive or negative, Trump owns the screen, and nobody can change that.

He is not alone.

Kari Lake and Tucker Carlson share the same qualities — call it talent — in a different sphere.

Carlson and Lake have a gift that cannot be taught, cannot be imparted by coaching — an ability to control message and create enthusiasm, driving a change of mind — unequaled by peers.


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