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  1. I listened to a discussion with Prof. Alan Dershowitz in which he explained that colleges and universities have spent millions of dollars on DEI programs. These programs institute ethnic studies, such as Black Studies, Womens Studies, Queer Studies, etc. Each of these programs is pure ideology in which students are not taught how to think but what to think. They are taught to parrot intersectional critical race theory ideas, and Islamic associations have joined with ethnic studies in colleges to replace pro-Israel teachers or studies with pro-Islamic pro-jihad opinions, teachers, and studies.

    While this has caused a generation of students to become ideologues instead of learning how to think for themselves, it also is possible to end by ending DEI programs or conditioning federal grants on the end of all ethnic studies and all DEI programming.

    More worrisome is the fact that this generation of anti-Israel Americans fills up the federal bureaucracy and presumably are the next group to serve in government or political positions of power.

    Hamas has worked for decades to achieve this, and CAIR members are now infiltrated throughout our government, thanks to Obama and Biden. So our whole federal government is infiltrated by jihadist individuals working against Israel.

    The woman in the video was so bright, genuine, and articulate, thank you so much for including her speech. She is an inspiration and gives us a ray of hope about our future as Jews.

  2. What a brilliantly spoken young woman. A truly inspirational statement of conviction and support. It is a pity to waste such young minds on an institution as well fouled as Columbia University. It is good to see that she has the personal spirit to rise above the hatred which has been well known in that institution for many years.

    Unfortunately, the American dream of sending children to college has had the effect of institutionalizing them towards Communist and subversive doctrines. Rather than filling their minds with knowledge they are being poisoned against their own nation and people. The true consequences of this will be many years in the coming, even as it is having a very certain and very tragic effect even today.

  3. What a wonderful young woman. Both articulate and courageous. An exellant orator. But how did she manage to be a black, a :native American: (presumably what used to be called an American Indian) and a Jewess all at the same time?

    I hope she at some time finds her way to Israel. People like her are desperately needed there.