The consequences of white guilt

Through voluntary submission, we arrive at the depravity, the corruption, and the decline of Western Civilization. 

The hotels are filled with them, and running out of room.

So, New York City Mayor Eric Adams wants New Yorkers to share their homes with the glut of illegal migrants who’ve encamped on the town.

He’s got five bedrooms at Gracie Mansion. How about there for a start?

Accordingly, a three-year-old video has emerged featuring Dan Cathy, CEO at Chick-fil-A, demonstrating what he calls remorse, contrition, and shame.

He urges white people to shine the shoes of black people as a sign of regret. Saying so, he did exactly that at a gathering to commemorate the George Floyd affair.

With fanfare, he bent down and shined a man’s shoes.

The black man seemed quite unprepared, even perturbed, at being the focus of such an act of humiliation.

White Guilt is the cause. Through voluntary submission, we arrive at the depravity, the corruption, and the decline of Western Civilization.

The trend began decades ago. (Largely through the craftiness of Angela Merkel.)

Through sloth, ambivalence, apathy, indigenous populations that lived by Judeo/Christian Values forfeited their sovereignty, willingly, to the mixed multitudes.

The great unwashed, as they were once called.

Some eight years ago, French writer Michel Houellebecq produced the novel, Submission, in which he imagined the clandestine Islamic takeover of France and the rest of Europe. What began as fiction has become reality, as anyone visiting Paris and other No-Go Zones throughout Western Europe can see for himself.

The Swedes opened their borders because, they said, their culture, going back centuries, had grown tiresome. They wanted something new, exotic.

They got it, together with crime waves, mosques instead of churches, and rape epidemics.

London, once the seat of the British Empire, is now only 36 percent Old School Britannia.

Recently, all of London was shut down so that so-called Albanians could celebrate their Independence Day.

From the call of Leviticus to “Proclaim Liberty throughout the land,” to “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity” via John Locke and the Declaration of Independence, to the two Civil Rights acts of 1964/1965, such legacies of enlightenment have been replaced by Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

In plain words, this means every other culture supersedes Western Culture.

Repeat…every other culture supersedes Western Culture…in accord with White Guilt, and the herd mentality that follows.

Thus, the great unwashed are always welcome, by the hundreds, by the thousands, and by the millions, as first Europe, and now the United States.

To say “stop this” risks being labelled bigoted, racist…white supremacist.

White college students comply with Guilt Culture or else, until finally, at CUNY, and other universities, Jewish students toe the line by voluntary submission or by force.

In either case, it amounts to Stockholm Syndrome…. precisely so when Jewish students graduate with hatred for themselves, and for the State of Israel.

Guilt Culture proceeds in California with demands for Reparations for Black Americans, at a cost into the trillions of dollars.

DAs there, in New York, and elsewhere, refuse to prosecute criminals, who are deemed disadvantaged minorities, and are therefore free to take what they want.

Giving charity to BLM is considered a good deed, under Guilt Culture, despite what’s been exposed about the organization.

All that considered, perhaps it is true, that no good deed goes unpunished.

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