The Department of Education Declares War on Parents

Schools that don’t expose children to woke porn will be investigated by the Department of Education.

In May I wrote about the beginning of a federal effort to go after schools through the Department of Education.

Last year, the Forsyth County School District in Georgia pulled “All Boys Aren’t Blue, along with 7 other books from middle school shelves. It brought back all the books except ‘Boys’.

Now Biden is going after them.


The Department of Education conducted a civil rights investigation accusing the school district of creating “a hostile environment for students based on sex”.

How did the Georgia school district do this?

According to the Department of Education investigation letter, at the behest of the school board, “books that were obviously sexually explicit or pornographic” detailing “graphic details of sexual acts” were removed from school libraries.

This would have included All Boys Aren’t Blue which includes sections such as, “he reached his hand down and pulled out my d____. He quickly went to giving me h___” and “for the first few minutes, we dry humped and grinded.”

The school district launched its review after Mama Bears of Forsyth County made headlines by reading excerpts of the graphic materials being pushed on children at school board meetings. The materials were so shocking that the activist mothers were told to stop and one was banned from school board meetings.

The Department of Education launched its investigation to aid supporters of sexualizing children, but found nothing to justify the false accusations of racial or sexual discrimination. But a mere lack of evidence of wrongdoing means nothing to a predatory woke bureaucracy.

Even though no evidence to back up any civil rights violations was found, the DOE is not giving up. Its investigation letter contends that the act of screening books intended for middle school children for graphic sex acts “created a hostile environment for students” because “board meetings conveyed the impression that books were being screened to exclude diverse authors and characters, including people who are LGBTQI+ and authors who are not white.”

Apparently, the Biden regime is so happy with the results that at its Pride Month orgy it announced the institutionalization of a policy to target schools if they refuse to expose kids to LGBTQ pornography.

The Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights is announcing that to support its ongoing work to defend the rights of LGBTQI+ students and other underserved communities, it will appoint a new coordinator to address the growing threat that book bans pose for the civil rights of students. That coordinator will work to provide new trainings for schools nationwide on how book bans that target specific communities and create a hostile school environment may violate federal civil rights laws.

After its effort to criminalize school board protesters by treating moms like domestic terrorists fell through, Plan for the Groomer-in-Chief is to abuse the Department of Education’s Civil Rights Office to launch investigations of schools that remove pornographic materials from being displayed in school libraries.

Even when, as in Georgia, the actual investigation turned up nothing, the extended harassment is expensive, intimidating and serves as an argument locally for discouraging any efforts to get porn out of schools. It’s also used to force schools to sign consent decrees, whose administrators sometimes relish agreeing to such matters and then telling parents and school board members that their hands are tied, that will prevent them from removing woke porn from school libraries.

It’s hard to think of a better argument for finally abolishing the Department of Education, which polls as one of the most unpopular arms of the federal government, than its weaponization into a machine to intimidate parents who don’t want their kids exposed to woke porn.

As far as Biden and the Dept of Ed are concerned, if you don’t want your kids exposed to, “he reached his hand down and pulled out my d____. He quickly went to giving me h___”, you’re a bigot. And your right to influence your child’s education will be overruled by the Department of Education’s bully boys.

The Department of Education is launching a war on parents and children. That war should end with the defeat and the end of that notoriously abusive and corrupt arm of the administrative state.

Like the rest of the Left, the Department of Education is fighting to eliminate the family. Families should eliminate the Department of Education instead.

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical Left and Islamic terrorism.

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  1. “Like the rest of the Left, the Department of Education is fighting to eliminate the family. Families should eliminate the Department of Education instead.”

    How about families fighting to eliminate the rest of the Left?