The end is near for the Hashemites

Abedalelah Amaala tweeted today:

The last days of Abdullah II, 24 years ago, are black pages of his sinister rule and corruption, which every Jordanian, man and woman, bears witness to. ….. The conference of the unified opposition and the meetings of the US Congress will be the beginning and the final page of the Hashemites’ journey to Jordan.  ……, the thief Abdullah II will leave, 


Iran sold the criminal regime of Bashar al-Assad at a low price in the slave market. An American-Iranian agreement, among the most important provisions of which is stopping uranium enrichment, Iranian withdrawal from Syria, and America stopping the arrest of Iranian ships loaded with oil. Bashar al-Assad’s regime is numbered days of his rule


The fall of Bashar al-Assad is very close. The US Army deploys the Air Force Thunderbolt. The Jordanian and American coalition forces will enter southern Syria from Jordan to control the drug factories in the Sweida region.


This means you do not know the Saudi government. Saudi rule is an absolute rule and whoever sneezes without the government’s permission is arrested. You haven’t heard of Dr. Salma Shehab, who was arrested for tweeting only and imprisoned in a Saudi court ruling for 34 years only…

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