The END of Qatar’s Regional Influence…

E. Rowell:  What Nash describes appears to be a potential turning point in the war started by Hamas.  The UAE is offering to build the pier and is telling Team Biden that they have all the money and they do not have the hatred of Jews and Israelis that Qatar has.  The US has wanted the Iranian axis to have control of the Middle East, so they are most likely to try to stick with Qatar.  But doing so might just be an end run around Israel’s attempt to defeat Hamas.  Because if Qatar controls shipping into the port of Gaza, that will allow Hamas to re-supply and remake themselves.  If, on the other hand the US chooses the UAE, it will be a game changer.  It would be supportive of not just Israel, but of all the countries in the Middle East which are being threatened by Iran.

By Tom Nash                                                                                              29 March 2024

March 31, 2024 | 1 Comment »

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