The energy crisis of the West: The unnecessary crisis of our generation

Europe has reached the moment of truth, and its poorer and weaker citizens are about to pay with their lives this coming winter • These will be the consequences, which could have been avoided, of the anti-energy policies we have adopted in the West

By Boaz Arad, GLOBES   26.10.2021

(This is a Google translation of a Hebrew article)

gas pipe. This crisis and rising prices of all the components of world trade infrastructure are exactly the "unnecessary crisis" / Photo: Shutterstock This crisis and rising prices of all the components of world trade infrastructure are exactly the “unnecessary crisis” <

The global energy crisis, which will be felt well in the coming winter, deserves to be called the “unnecessary crisis.” This was Winston Churchill’s definition in response to Roosevelt when asked what name he thought World War II should be called. “The unnecessary war,” Churchill replied, explaining, “there has never been a war so easy to prevent from destroying what was left of the world that survived the previous struggle.”

Gas and energy prices that are rising and breaking records in the world are deepening the crisis that is affecting the entire production and supply chain. This crisis and rising prices of all the components of world trade infrastructure are exactly the “unnecessary crisis” now, after more than a year in which the citizens of the world are affected by the destruction of the corona plague and need cheap and reliable energy.

This crisis is a crisis that Western countries are causing themselves (and all the weaker countries) while getting entangled in a web of misconceptions about the benefits of unstable solar and spiritual energy. Although there are no real storage solutions and it is not possible to replace the stable energy with solar and spiritual energy, a huge deception campaign was launched which was marketed to voters at the annual climate conferences and non-stop campaigns, which intensify the sense of urgency and announce the catastrophe.

Western countries were drawn to destructive competition

There are huge gas deposits in Europe, there are huge amounts of gas on which European countries sit but prevent its production, while establishing a legislative and legal BDS regime against the energy companies that provided the “liquid of life” of modern civilization. This move leads to energy hunger, rising prices and having no choice but to surrender to authoritarian regimes, such as the Putin regime in Russia, which is strengthening the suffocation grip on European energy supplies.

If that is not enough, then Western countries have been drawn into destructive competition and are demanding “raise the stakes”. Leaders demand to declare a more ambitious goal of producing renewable and unstable energy. The numbers ranging from 30% to 50% and 100% are thrown at the betting exchange … all of them are unfounded numbers that are irrelevant to reducing the amount of fossil energy production required, since there is currently insufficient (sustainable) storage capacity. According to a report by the Israel Electricity Authority, (2020): “Increasing the renewable energy target does not significantly reduce the conventional power required for the economy. That is, the construction of solar facilities almost does not save the construction of conventional power.” This information is not made public.

The customary solution in France, of reducing emissions by switching to electricity generation using nuclear reactors (about 70% of the electricity generated in France) is also not possible in most Western countries due to bureaucratic disgust that stifled the ability to set up projects at a reasonable time and aggressive public opposition. Who resolutely demand to switch to “renewable” energies without delay.

This energetic accident could have been avoided if we had honest intellectuals and professionals and brave public representatives willing to tell the unpleasant and unpopular truth in the face of the propaganda waves.

Israel has many partners in this deception, starting with the Jerusalem City Building Committee that led to the burial of the energy independence project in producing local oil shale oil in the Judean lowlands (and leading Israel to depend on imported oil) and continuing to hold the highest positions as President Herzog appointed Dov Hanin to Lead the green campaign in front of the Knesset, ministers and government officials.

Politicians who have made their detrimental contribution to misleading the public by unsubstantiated press releases as if we have managed to meet all of Eilat’s energy needs with the help of solar fields, all accompanied by academics and activist public figures cheering for the populist propaganda campaign.

“Progressive” Europe has reached the moment of truth, and its poorer and weaker citizens are about to pay with their lives this coming winter. These will be the consequences, which could have been avoided, of the anti-energy policies we have adopted in the West. The geopolitical implications of this policy will lead to a strengthening of the global influence of the dictatorial actors (Russia and China for example) whose harmful influence is also evident in the strengthening of our enemies.

We in Israel will pay heavy prices in security, cost of living and potential prosperity, and the question that remains is whether we will be able to read the writing on the wall early enough so that we can prevent some of the damage.

The author is a member of the Forum for Environmental Rationality, director of the Ayn Rand Center and one of the founders of the new liberal movement in Israel.

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3 Comments / 3 Comments

  1. A self-inflicted crisis which Russia and china are all too eager to exploit. We have enough domestic energy to last us a century. Our enemies must be delightfully astonished that we would actually shut down our domestic energy production and then beg OPEC to drill more. What sane “leaders” would do this? Ones who are not actually acting in America’s interests, but who seek to destroy us. America’s most dangerous enemies are in the White House and throughout the DC swamp.

  2. Francisco Gil-White articulated a theory over ten years ago which he called The Crux of World History.

    He started his theory with the Jewish Wars against the Romans 2000 years ago.

    Rome went on to defeat the Jews who were fighting for freedom and independence and to conquer Europe. All of Europe was set up so that the Aristocracy replaced the Romans over time. Their ascendency ended with the American and French revolutions both of which introduced democracy ie rule by the people not the aristocracy.

    Thus the battle today is led by the aristocracy who wants to reclaim power from the people.

  3. Ury Weiss writes in Hebrew and google translates.

    My friend Gershon, the energy crisis is tied in the umbilical cord to the corona crisis and both (self inflicted) are part of the completion of the new world order, which includes destroying humanity and rebuilding (Build Back Better) with less than 6 billion of us and without a middle class. In the brave new world there is room for two classes, the master class and the slave class. (You will not own anything and you will be happy)

    In this new and crazy world there is also no place for God, because God is now being replaced by the masters of Davos who through Lucifer injections, can determine who will be designer babies and who will not have children at all. Who will be rich and able to live forever and who lives only to serve his master, who will have children and who will not. All these things without any further injection, because in the current injections there is all the severity of artificial intelligence through which global pain can completely control your thoughts, your money, how long will you live, and when it expires …

    Welcome to the new and brave world of Aldous Hawksley. They cannot achieve this without destroying the middle class, by imposing abject poverty on the world population. This has been the climate crisis trend of the last thirty years. To reach this moment.

    It does not have to end this way, but that’s why the whole public must wake up and rebel against our fascist rulers. A revolution like the one in Romania in 1989 may not be inevitable. When the police and the army move by our side, then we will know that we won this war and saved humanity …