The fate of a vaccination refusnik in Canada

T. Belman. Mark, though a gentile,  devoted his life to defending and telling the truth about Israel. We often corresponded. I wasn’t aware of his tale of woe until I received this letter.

By Mark Vandermaas

This will be my final email to you. After it is sent, I will be deleting my Israel Truth Week database as I have decided to end my formal Israel advocacy work, although I will be maintaining my website at for now which has my training about Israel’s modern land title deed, the Mandate For Palestine. I thought it only right that I explain my reasons given that you have supported my work on behalf of Israel and her land rights for so long.

My lovely bride Debbie and I have been living in Cuenca, Ecuador since November 2021, and it is highly unlikely that we will ever return to Canada for anything other than short trips because it is simply too dangerous for us.

After conducting some research into the CDCs planning estimates of Covid Infection Fatality Rate (IFR), and Adverse Events in both the US VAERS system (Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System) and Canada’s reporting system regarding Covid ‘vaccines’ in 2021 we decided to wait rather than take an experimental drug that appeared to be possibly ineffective and even dangerous. I became quite concerned when it was being promoted and, eventually, coerced onto pregnant working women via threats to their jobs as well as the general population. I remember learning about the horrific lessons of Thalidomide deformities which is why pregnant women are never to take any drugs. Suddenly, that lesson was discarded in order to push the covid drugs.

My concern grew to alarm when our premier, Blaine Higgs, announced that he was going to “find ways to make you want to be vaccinated.” I was being contacted by desperate people seeking help because they were losing their jobs and education because they shared our concerns about the ‘vaccines.’ Despite the Nuremberg Code, the UNESCO Declaration on Bioethics & Human Rights, the Charter of Rights and the Criminal Code of Canada, suddenly we were being coerced into taking part in an experimental drug trial without informed consent.

Debbie and I, and so many others, were stripped of our rights, unable to go to a restaurant, a theatre or rent a room to talk about our concerns. We were unable to find even one lawyer in New Brunswick at any price to represent us. People told me to my face, “I hope you die!” and “I hope they keep you out of the hospital if you get sick!” We were called “Plague Rats” on social media. Our prime minister called us “racists and misogynists” and asked the country how we could be “tolerated.” It was chilling, especially after years of working with Jewish people.

In September 2021 I sent a detailed, easy-to-read report in hard copy to every MLA in New Brunswick in an effort to explain our concerns. It is entitled, Vaccine Hesitancy And The Risks Of Medical Segregation Discrimination Policies. My hope was that at least one MLA would want to talk to the Canadian doctor/researcher from the University of Waterloo who was the lead author of a devastating report to the European Union that I relied upon when authoring my report. Not one MLA was interested in meeting and questioning my expert source. I sent out news releases, but no journalist was interested, Nobody cared enough to listen to our pain and concerns.

Everything changed for us when Trudeau announced that all uninjected people in Canada would be locked in the country, unable to leave and unable to travel within the country…despite the Charter’s guarantee of mobility. As each of you know, once your government has segregated you from society, dehumanized you and is about to stop you from leaving, history teaches that very bad things can happen very quickly.

The Toronto Star carried this hateful front page that would not have been out of place in Der Sturmer. It was hideous, and I used it on the cover of my Vaccine Hesitancy report. One day, a copy of it will hang in a future Museum of Covid Human Rights Abuses:

We decided to get out of Canada before the travel segregation began on November 30/21. We had about 45 days to give away or abandon all our possessions (we didn’t have time to sell them), and find a country willing to take us without the ‘vaccine’ shots. Ecuador was that country, and we arrived here November 18/21. Not long after arriving New Brunswick issued a policy allowing grocery stores to refuse to sell food to uninjected citizens. It was monstrously evil, and only the bravery of 2 Christian pastors threatening to shut down the food supply for the entire province put an end to it one day after it came into force. It is a short, steep and very slippery slope from denying food to people you hate to putting them in camps as we and many others feared was about to happen.

It seemed to me that the people who would have stood strongest against dehumanization, segregation and experimentation would be the large Jewish organizations, but alas…not only did they refuse to take up our cause, some actually condemned those of us who compared what was happening to the early days of the Nuremberg Laws. It was like a knife to my heart. It was ironic as well because those of us who fought against the inhumanity of medical segregation and coercion had something in common: we were mostly pro-Israel people applying the lessons of Nazi Germany to defend the principle of informed consent. But, somehow in their eyes ‘Never Again!’ didn’t mean what we thought it meant.

If there was one country on Earth that should have said no to medical segregation and experimentation and attacks on the Nuremberg Code, it was Israel. She could have been a beacon of sanity to the world. It was awful to watch her succumb to all the fear and madness.

I am an ex-soldier and UN peacekeeper who served ‘my’ country. My gentle wife has never hurt a single person in her life. We were scum to our friends, neighbours and country for making the ‘wrong’ medical decision, a decision that turned out to be completely vindicated. The ‘vaccines’ don’t work and they are killing and maiming many people, including unborn babies. Good peoples’ lives are still being destroyed over their refusal to participate in the experimental drug trial.

I visited my ‘doctor’ before we left to ask about an exemption because I had a heart attack due to ‘Acute Pericarditis’ while participating in a pro-Israel march up Bathurst Street about 8 years ago. I showed him the Health Canada adverse events report showing that one of the key side effects of the ‘vaccine’ was Pericarditis. He refused to give me an exemption, saying, “They still recommend the vaccine for you.” I was expected to risk another heart attack or even death in order to have my constitutional ‘rights’ given back to me. My ‘doctor’ had become a political commissar whose allegience was to the state, not my health.

Recently, an uninjected Ontario man with 5 children named Garnett Harper was refused a kidney transplant despite having 2 relatives willing to donate a kidney. The doctors and the Ontario government allowed him to die rather than let go of their narrative.

Sheila Lewis of Alberta was denied a lifesaving lung transplant because she thought the ‘vaccine’ could be harmful, especially since she had already had immunity after having had Covid. The Supreme Court of Canada refused to even hear her appeal. She recently died because of ideological dogma, not reasonable medical rationale.

If Deb and I were return to Canada, we could be denied medical care because we refused to give up our bodily autonomy to government bullies. As a heart attack survivor, she might have to watch me die because I will not betray my principles. I will never allow any country to own my body by coercing into unwanted medical treatment. We, of course, are no different from many, many other Canadians who also face that possibility now that the Supreme Court.

Despite the horrors of the Holocaust, and the Nuremberg Code’s ethics that arose because of it, our government and its paid media propagandists were able to incite vicious hate against us, dehumanize us, strip us of our rights and the most precious thing of all: the right to own our bodies. It is ironic, therefore, that after enduring all of this, when we had tests in order to come to Ecuador…we did not have Covid. We never have had Covid. Our country rejected and hated us for nothing.

After my time with you, and with the JNF in Israel where I visited Yad Vashem, I thought I knew how it must have felt for Jews to be excluded from society after the Nuremberg Laws were passed. I know now that I did not. I do now. The saddest realization for both of us was that most Canadians were no better than Nazi-era Germans. Some would have loved to have rounded us up and taken us to camps. Others would have loved to watch and laugh. Most, however, wouldn’t have cared how many of us disappeared. That is the sad truth. Every political party except the People’s Party of Canada committed crimes against us or collaborated in them. We had no voice other than a tiny handful of politicians like Maxime Bernier and Randy Hillier, and a handful of pastors willing to stand up to Caesar instead of bending the knee to evil. Most of them went to jail to give us a voice when we had none.

We cheered the Convoy in Ottawa from Ecuador, praying that our leaders would finally listen. Instead they beat, shot, trampled and arrested innocent people trying to be heard. Then, they froze bank accounts of people who had not been convicted or even accused of crimes. Every day, I had to check my bank account to see if it was frozen for daring to donate $100 to people trying to give me a voice. It was awful, and I realized we could no longer trust our government or our banks.

There are a great many Canadian refugees. They went mainly to Mexico and El Salvador. A few like us came to Ecuador. Others found refuge in Costa Rica, Panama and other countries. Good people left their country of birth along with their savings and pensions to find safety away from other Canadians who hated them or were indifferent to their pain. I receive inquiries from Canadians every week on how to leave and where to go.

My wish is that you read the Vaccine Hesitancy report I wrote (link above) and be prepared to stand against future dehumanization, segregation and experimentation as they seem poised to make a comeback. Stand for bodily autonomy and basic human rights that we and your neighbours and friends and relatives were denied. Do what you have to do to ensure this never happens again, in Canada or in Israel.

Let me be clear: Despite my disappointments, I still love and care for my Jewish brothers and sisters, and I will always defend you and your land rights against the ‘occupation’ blood libel. I pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

The world’s demonization of Jews is ongoing, and my final wish is that you take my Mandate For Palestine training at and use it to educate your family, friends and legislators in Israel. Implore them to proclaim the truth to the world…that Jews are owners, not occupiers because you have two land title deeds, one from God and one from the world. I will be leaving the site online as a learning resource.

My attention now is devoted on creating a place where we will never again be victims of vile hate and ignorance. In 2021 I founded the New Brunswick FreeProvince Project to work towards that goal: You are most welcome to join our networking email list, and to follow our official Twitter account at…. I also post news and pictures from our life in Ecuador as well as opinions on Canada’s fall from freedom at my ‘Mark Vandermaas, Cdn Refugee in Ecuador’ account on Twitter:….

Shalom and Blessings to you all!

Mark Vandermaas

Leon Kushner 

I agree with 100% of what you said. Sad to say, it’s all true.

On behalf of my people and Jews everywhere, I apologize for any of us who not only offended you but were/are part of our nefarious governments and agencies who deceive us at every opportunity.

I also very much appreciate your steadfast support of Israel despite the way some of us treated you.

I for one will always hold you up to the spotlight as a true righteous Gentile who defended a people and their land thousands of miles away despite the billions who are against us.

Regarding the reaction to Covid, you are of course spot on. I myself was coerced by my own family to take the injection. My daughter was pregnant at the time and warned me that I would not be able to see her children had I not submitted to the vaccine. My wife was one of many who was brainwashed by the fake news on TV that warned 24/7 that you’ll die if you don’t get vaccinated. I also used the very tragic Thalidomide experiment as an example of what could go wrong with experimental drugs that were not properly tested because most Canadians are ignorant and don’t know a thing about that.

I wrote early on in my blog about what I saw was the mass over reaction to a virus that we knew little about. You can read it here: Leon’s: The World is Upside Down

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  1. Heartbreaking account.
    We get it having similarly escaped Australia …
    The only Jews in Australia who accepted unvaxxinated were “Ultra Orthodox” SATMAR!!!
    Not Mizrahi, Not Zionists, Not Traditional, Not Sefardi, Not Bundists, Not Reformed/ ‘Progressive’, Not Hatzalah, Not Secular, Not Modern Orthodox, Not CHABAD!
    Only Satmar.

  2. I’ve been blessed to attend many of Mark’s lectures over the years right here in Toronto, about Israel’s legal land deed. He would distribute copies of the Mandate for Palestine and many other documents that prove without a doubt that we (Jews) own the land called Israel which includes all of the disputed territories and more. His message was simple: First and foremost, we (Jews) must acknowledge that it is our land. Once we all agree, only then can Israelis decide what to do with it. If they decide to give some of it away to their enemies in exchange for a piece of paper with the word ‘peace’ on it, it’s up to them alone.

    We used him when it was convenient for us and then turned our backs on him when it wasn’t. I’m ashamed of our behaviour.
    I wish him and his wife, good health and success wherever he lives!

    G-d Bless Mark!