The GOP is Losing the Vote Fraud War

By Steve McCann, AM THINKER

A Rasmussen poll taken in October of 2021 found that 56% of all likely voters believed that cheating affected the outcome of the 2020 presidential election.  Another Rasmussen poll dated April of 2023 revealed that 60% of all likely voters believed that cheating affected the outcomes of many 2022 midterm elections.  Unsurprisingly in a Rasmussen poll published on June 14, 2023, 54% of all likely voters believe that cheating will determine the outcome of the 2024 presidential election.

For a majority of the American electorate, and for a much higher percentage of Republicans, the issue of whether there was rampant cheating in the past two election cycles is no longer in question and their concern about the outcome of the 2024 election is fully justified.

The Republican National Committee (RNC), beyond issuing the usual fatuous press releases and reports about what they are going to do, has done nothing of substance on the ground to offset unabashed Democrat cheating.

In an effort to do what they can, individuals such as Scott Presler and his PAC have been on the ground in the various battleground states doing their best to not only register voters but instructing and recruiting volunteers to promote early voting, mail-in voting and ballot harvesting where legal.  However, instead of supporting and coordinating with Presler and organizations such as Turning Point USA, the RNC has deliberately ignored them.

By declaring an obviously senescent, incompetent and iniquitous Joe Biden as their potential nominee in 2024, the Democrat party implicitly is poking Donald Trump and the Republican Party in the eye, essentially, claiming that they can successfully elect any buffoon they choose as Trump and the Party are incapable of offsetting or eliminating their overt fraud and manipulation.

They can justify their arrogance as an inept Republican Party has lost or grossly underperformed in the last three election cycles.  In 2018 with the surprising loss of 40 seats in the House of Representatives, the fraud-riddled 2020 election and the equally fraud-riddled 2022 midterm which should have been a Republican landslide.

Since 2018 there has been one common denominator: the same personnel utilizing the same tactics have been and continue to be in charge of the RNC, the clearinghouse for national strategy and voter turnout.


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  1. @John Galt III

    DeSantis did something about it in Florida but the lunatic Trump cult hates him.

    The lunatic Trump cult is attacking Desantis because what he did was to strengthen the very apparatus which carries out election fraud.

    This has been verified by a local FL political non-profit, Polk County Citizens Defending Freedom:

    This is Robert Goodman, director of Polk County Citizens Defending Freedom. Everything Donald Trump is saying here is exactly right. Florida Senate Bill 7050 absolutely GUTS Election Integrity in Florida. Look at the examples in the thread below. Do you think DeSantis will actually sign this?

    1. SB 7050 removes Florida’s long-time requirement of using a State ID to vote, it allows people to use a neighborhood association ID, student ID, bank statement, or even a utility bill.

    Not only does Florida SB 7050 remove voter ID requirements for vote by mail, it gets much worse.

    2. SB 7050 removes the ability for citizens and Election Integrity groups to see transparent information that is currently being used to audit Florida’s Elections and look at Florida’s voter rolls. Only “OFFICIAL GOVERNMENT ENTITIES” can submit a request to remove ineligible registered voters.

    Florida SB 7050 COMPLETLY ignores the election reforms the citizens have been DEMANDING! This bill also outlaws hand counts and mandates machines and tabulators by not addressing the glaring problems with Florida Statute 101.5604. Citizens asked for ‘must’ to be changed to ‘may’. Even though this was submitted as an amendment, it was not allowed to be read.

    Will Ron Desantis actually sign this bill that makes Florida’s elections LESS secure and transparent than they were in 2020? If so, why?

    Florida SB 7050 strips out the ability to obtain key data from electronic voting machines. It also strips out the ability to look at key data on a precinct level, which would be needed for an audit. This bill undoes most of the good changes that were passed just last year.

    The key question to ask is, WHY? Will DeSantis actually sign a bill that will make Florida’s elections LESS open, fair, & transparent?

    Florida has a 70% Republican controlled State House and Senate, so why did they defy the public’s demand for greater transparency, greater accessibility, and greater accountability when they passed their sweeping election reforms allowing Desantis to run. Furthermore, why did Desantis refuse to investigate the election fraud in his own state from 2020 which was made clear by a canvass? You call Trump’s supporters lunatics, but they simply want fair elections. They don’t want the system to select Desantis nor to select Biden, nor even to select Trump. They simply want to cast their vote and have it count and be able to have clarity that it did in fact count. This will never be the case in Florida until that bill is altered or repealed.

  2. The GOP is a joke. No one believes that Ronna McDaniel, Mitch McConnell or Kevin McCarthy give a damn about free and fair elections. They say nothing about it and will do nothing about it. Trump does nothing.

    DeSantis did something about it in Florida but the lunatic Trump cult hates him.