The Hamas sexual pogrom and the deafening silence of the world’s feminist movements

Where is the outrage from Save the Children or UNICEF when underage girls are savagely raped in front of their mothers by sadistic Hamas terrorists?

By Nitsana Darshan-Leitner,

Days after the October 7 attack by Hamas against Israel, Representative Derrick Van Orden, a former Navy SEAL and combat medic, turned congressman from Wisconsin, visited Israel after the attack and commented, “I can speak with authority. I’ve done multiple combat tours. People were slaughtered at a level not seen since the Holocaust.” The analogy was not an exaggeration. The terrorists burned babies alive in kitchen ovens.

Hamas commanders had issued specific and sadistic orders to the terror squads to kill and kidnap as many Jews as possible. They also issued orders to rape, sodomize, and sexually mutilate the Israeli women they came across.

Underage girls were savaged as were their mothers before the eyes of other family members. Grandmothers, even those in wheelchairs, were molested and sodomized. The terrorists filmed their heinous acts in gory snuff films to be shared on social media and streamed on their GoPro cameras. They took their human trophies back to Gaza to be violated, abused, and held for ransom.

Images released in real-time documented the atrocities. Who can forget poor Shani Louk, a German-Israeli 23-year-old who had been scooped up at the rave, horribly assaulted, and then brought back to Gaza in the back of a pickup truck? Hamas terrorists sat on top of her twisted half-naked unconscious body as if she were a hunting trophy. There is also the soul-scorching video of a 19-year-old Israeli woman, beaten, her wrists and ankles sliced open, led out of a vehicle by heavily armed men yelling God is Great in Arabic. Her light jeans were bloodied at the crotch, indicating that the poor girl had been gang raped and violated in ways that cannot be imagined. Who knows what fate has befallen her in captivity?

Rape and sexual assault as a terror tactic in conflict is a war crime. The Geneva Convention specifies that “women shall be especially protected against any attack on their honor, in particular against rape or any form of indecent assault.” The Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court states that “rape, sexual slavery, forced pregnancy, or any other form of sexual violence” is a crime against humanity. Many other international treaties and conventions demand that the global community must always safeguard women and girls, including and especially during armed conflict.

But the world has been silent about these heinous Hamas crimes against girls and women.
Where are the self-righteous sisters of The Squad? Where is AOC, Rashida, and Ilhan? I guess their duplicitous feminist stance takes a pause when the victims are Jewish. Where is the Me-Too movement? They shamed and helped prosecute sexual predators in show business and the workplace. Why are they giving Hamas a pass? Where are the female journalists on the BBC and MSNBC? CNN’s Christiane Amanpour has been aggressively critical of Israel’s defensive actions, but silent on the sexual crimes perpetrated by Hamas.

Where is the outrage at the rape of children?

Israeli children were raped on October 7. Where is the outrage from Save the Children or UNICEF? In 2014, after Boko Haram terrorists kidnapped 276 schoolgirls in Nigeria, movie stars and politicians spearheaded the global outcry. Michelle Obama launched a social media campaign to “Bring Back Our Girls.” But the former first lady has been nowhere to be seen since October 7. Her silence has been deafening.

n the aftermath of wars in the former Yugoslavia, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, and Ukraine, the crimes against women were central to the international criminal indictments and prosecutions of men responsible for orchestrating the campaign of rapes. It is unlikely that such a special prosecutor will be called to protect Israeli and Jewish women. I have fought the destructive virus of anti-Israel bias of the International Criminal Court for years. The court in The Hague has historically used its jurisprudence as a platform for attacking Israel and not defending it.The Israel National Police has begun documenting the testimonies of surviving victims of the Hamas sexual onslaught as well as accounts from those who witnessed the atrocities for use in later prosecutions. The accounts of barbaric atrocities from that day are bone-chilling. One girl, a witness to a gang rape told investigators, “I saw the Palestinians bending her down, raping her and simply passing her on to the next [terrorist].” They cut off her breast and played with it,” she continued.

Israel will win the war against the sadistic terrorists because it must. Hamas must be eradicated. But when the shooting stops, the rubble clears, and the terrorists have been hunted down and destroyed, there will be a reckoning. Those who spent their lives fighting for women and children but held their tongue when the victims were Jewish will have to answer for their hypocritical and tell-tale prejudicial silence.

  • Nitsana Darshan-Leitner is the president of Shurat HaDin that and the co-author of the National bestselling Harpoon: Inside the Covert War Against Terrorism’s Money Masters
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  1. Laura The purpose of “feminism” is to destroy the family and control population growth. It is an anti-Human movement Tran gender women are replacing women and reducing women to sexual objects. Tic Tok judges women not by their character, but, rather, by the length of their eyelashes.

  2. Feminism is a fraudulent movement. It’s really just a disguised marxist movement which wants to take down America and the west.

  3. New campaign protests UN silence on Hamas gender violence
    On UN International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, grassroots movement decries failure to recognize Hamas atrocities in Israel.

    “Since 1981, women’s rights activists have observed November 25 as the UN International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. The date was selected to honor three sisters from the Dominican Republic who were brutally murdered in 1960 by order of the country’s ruler.

    But this year’s campaign makes no mention of the hundreds of Israeli women who were burned, beheaded, raped, mutilated, killed and kidnapped during the October 7 Hamas terror attacks that triggered the current war with Gaza.

    On the contrary, UN Women — the United Nations entity dedicated to gender equality and the empowerment of women – has put up a webpage dedicated solely to the effect of the war on the women and girls of Gaza.

    “When it comes to being a ‘global champion for gender equality’ and raising awareness of human rights violations against women, it is very clear that for UN Women, and the UN as a whole, Jews simply do not count,” said Israeli activist and social entrepreneur Danielle Ofek.

    Ofek founded Angle in the wake of the Israel-Hamas war to combat widespread misinformation, and its #MeToo_Unless_Ur_A_Jew guerilla campaign that she leads with marketing strategist Nataly Livski and visual artist Liron Kroll.

    “On October 20th, following the Hamas terror attack on Israel, the UN Women organization published a detailed report under the name ‘UN Women Rapid Assessment and Humanitarian Response in the Occupied Palestinian Territory’ followed by an official UN Women statement on October 27th under the name ‘In-focus: The conflict in Gaza.’

    “The organization repeatedly failed to address the current situation as it is and is actively and knowingly working to create a false and insidious narrative,” Ofek charges.

    “Israeli civilians in general, or Israeli women in particular, were not mentioned in the organization’s reports or articles,” she adds.

    More on Life”

  4. EvRe1
    Some chose to live in a world of delusions, unfortunately. The prime example is voting patterns of American Jewish voters.

  5. Thank you to the two commenters. The absolute horrifying details need to be given to all Jewish synagogues around the world. The videos too. Jews around the world need to know the details so they will never go back to their pre-Oct 7th delusions about the Palestinians.

  6. @Sebastien Zorn: Thanks for your comment. Actually, there is a death penalty in Israel but it can only be applied by the correct court and number of judges. This court has never been convened since the execution of Adolf Eichmann.
    However, taking prisoners serving a sentence out to be shot by a firing squad is not the way to go. The bad guys need to be sentenced to death and then executed.

  7. Israel has no deterrence to terrorists because it never applies the death penalty and often paroles or exchanges these genocidal murderers of Jews. No deterrence and no justice. How many of the Oct. 7 terrorist commanders had been released in the Gilad Shalit deal. Not that long ago, there was an outcry because a terrorist, after having served his time, was deported to France, with which country he had dual citizenship. And now, they are contemplating releasing more terrorists in exchange for hostages, again. Taking hostages is what Muslims do. This is what prompted America’s first 2 wars, which were against what is now, Libya. The Muslim ambassador at the time, defended it as being legal Muslim practice. The British caved, the Americans fought and won. That’s why Thomas Jefferson had a copy of the Koran.

    For every hostage killed, high level imprisoned terrorists should be killed. But, this won’t happen because the rule of law in peacetime is applied though they still have administrative detention which is unjustly applied to Jews, often enough.

    It was all Ben-Gvir could do to have these demonic psychopaths’ privileges taken away!