Westerners must understand the undiluted savagery of the Gazastinians

By Madeline Brooks, AM THINKER<

It is gut-wrenching to have to revisit the events of October 7 in southern Israel. But new evidence emerges that should shake our foundational thinking about Gazan civilians’ presumed innocence.

The Free Beacon has collected survivor reports. One of the survivors filmed the attacks:

Eyal Barad and his family hid in the safe room of their house from about 6:30 a.m. until the Israeli military evacuated them 12 or so hours later. But Barad, an engineer, had a rare view of the outside world thanks to a speed camera he had recently set up to bust his neighbors for driving on the sidewalk.

On the camera’s livestream, Barad watched three types of Gazans pass by his house: uniformed Hamas commandos carrying automatic weapons, RPGs, and grenades; casually dressed gunmen; and ordinary-looking men, women, and children. Barad said the ordinary Gazans vastly outnumbered the armed terrorists. He estimated that he saw at least a dozen children, who were between the ages of 10 and 15, and 30 women from Gaza. {snip]

“I can say with 100 percent certainty that [the women and kids] were not just innocent bystanders or looters. They were part of the massacre. They were part of the horrors that we endured that day.”

A mother describes hiding in her safe room with her children while a Gaza woman spent hours eating her food, serving meals to the Gazan men, and stealing the Israeli woman’s personal items, including her underwear.

Image: Gazans at al-Shifa hospital cheering footage of the October 7 massacre. YouTube screen grab.

Another survivor says he saw children between six and ten wearing Hamas military outfits, riding with a group of Hamas commandos. (my emphasis). Some of the boys were given rifles and told to kill the Israelis, which they did. The combatants’ young age would be surprising if one were not aware of how early military training begins in Gaza. In this video, we watch kindergartners execute a complex takeover of an Israeli outpost by killing a soldier. It is a graduation ceremony, and we see the whole family in proud attendance:

Tender-hearted people plead that these women and children are innocent. They are merely ‘brainwashed” and can be re-educated. Maybe. Perhaps some can.

But that argument makes the mistake of projecting one’s own values onto others, whose values may be substantially, and unchangeably, different. In this case, the decency and respect for human life that characterizes non-Muslims get projected onto a military/religious organization that values success at jihad more than anything else—more than one’s own life and certainly more than regard for an enemy’s life.

That sadistic contempt for Israeli life is displayed very ominously in a movie showing the October 7 atrocities that was watched by a vast audience of Gazan men in, of all places, the al Shifa hospital. The Gazans cheered wildly. So much for the notion that hospitals are only about saving lives:

The uproarious delight of the entertained jihadis should be chilling. Consequently, Israel and her supporters must think realistically about what to do with the Gazans—and their hideous ideology—once they win the war.

Madeline Brooks, M.A., is the former head of the New York chapter of ActforAmerica and is a conservative and counter-jihad writer. Her articles have been published in AmericanThinker.com, CanadaFreePress.com, FamilySecurityMatters.org, and elsewhere. Her book, What You Need To Know About Islamic Jihad: Information The Main Stream Media Is Not Giving You, is available on Scribd. She can be reached at ResistJihad@aol.com.

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5 Comments / 5 Comments

  1. The Kuran is explicit regarding what that savage, demonic cult labels as infidels. After de generations of conditioning, Kuran adherents turn into Islamic beasts, monsters that cannot be returned to the human way of life. Rabid animals are eliminated….

  2. I think the MEMRI film simply shows how different the Palestinian people’s values are from those of Christians and Jews.

    We value life, they value death and taking the lives of Jews. Jews are their enemies. Jews are not real people to them. Jews symbolize evil to them, they are usurpers, people who have taken their land and are enjoying it, but don’t have a right to it.

    They look upon themselves as having a sacred duty to destroy the Jews and re-establish the land as theirs. To them, killing all the Jews is their highest goal and wish. It is to them a glorious plan, one that will bring them fame, fortune, and a pathway to heaven.

    The Jews raise their children to become good people, successful in their areas of interest, to love God, their family, and their community. Life is sacred to Jews and this is what they teach their children.

    Progressive Jews don’t understand the difference in their values from those of the Palestinian families. The divide between progressive and conservative Jews is the divide between those who see the Palestinians as willing murderers of Jews and those who see Palestinians as victims of Israel’s success in re-establishing their homeland. The progressive Jews believe the answer to the problem is to make the Palestinians welcome in Israel, for Israel to work with their government, and give them a state side by side with Israel. They do not understand that this is the last thing the Palestinians want. I am not sure if they can be helped to see the truth of the situation. They would have to be open minded enough to consider that they may have misjudged the situation.

  3. After watching the Gen News film, I must say that there was not enough graphic content to cause discomfort to the viewers. Please do not misunderstand: I don’t want to see my relatives getting slaughtered, but this exhibit shows less excitement than a soccer game.

  4. Madelaine Brooks writes:

    My article shows new evidence of Gazan savagery: even very young children and women participated in the Israeli pogrom. The assumed innocence of most Gazans must be questioned.

    Apropos of Daniel Pipes’ very good article on Israel’s reversion to appeasement, perhaps proof like this will wake up the delusional left. Or if not, deepen the split between left and right.

    Would that Bibi sit down the childlike left wing dreamers and explain to them the basic facts of life: ie, making nice to those who are sworn to kill you is a sweet idea – for kindergartners protected by armed adults.

    Also, on a more psychoanalytic level, perhaps some Jews are traumatized by 2000 years of living under the thumb of gentile rule, so they play down their strength to stave off dissaproval and more attacks. That amounts to what looks like self hatred, but is a form of self-protection, albeit self-defeating.

    But what heals self hatred on an individual level is believing in God, knowing one is made in His image and likeness, as the psalmist did in times of defeat. This is what I do as a psychotherapist. As a nation, we once believed in a God that did great miracles for us, and gave us the command to wipe out our enemies as in the books of Deuteronomy and Joshua.

    Am I alone in wanting/believing that we can be restored to that kind of emunah? I am trying to think this through and would appreciate the thoughts of others.