The Humanitarian Hoax of Unconditional Love: Killing America With Kindness

by Linda Goudsmit, PUNDICITY

The humanitarian hoax is a deliberate and deceitful tactic of presenting a destructive policy as altruistic. The humanitarian huckster presents himself as a compassionate advocate when in fact he is the disguised enemy.

Unconditional love is the Holy Grail for millennials. They talk about it, dream about it, want it, need it, and are outraged if anyone dares to question its value. Unconditional love is, after all, “settled” science among millennial “experts” whose opinions are accepted and observed with religious conformity by their devotees.

Wikipedia defines unconditional love as “affection without any limitations or love without conditions.” The current demand for unconditional love is consistent with the left-wing liberal campaign to value feelings over facts and effort over achievement as metrics for what is good in society. So, let’s examine unconditional love.

First, an appropriate season for unconditional love exists during infancy and early childhood. Parents accept anything and everything that babies do – we love them for just being. Babies and young children lack the ability for any self-control so we do not expect standards of behavior – anything goes. Unconditional love separates the individual from his/her behavior which is entirely appropriate for infants and young children. When the demand for unconditional love is extended into adulthood the individual inappropriately demands to be loved without regard for his/her behavior in the same way an infant is loved.

Relationships are structured with written, spoken, and unspoken rules and standards of behavior. Family relationships, social relationships, business relationships, professional relationships, sexual relationships are all organized on some level by rules that participants are expected to follow. Societies are similarly organized by their infrastructure of rules/laws that citizens are expected to observe. What makes infancy and early childhood so exceptional is its distinguishing “no rules” formula. Society temporarily accepts the separation of the individual from his/her behavior. What happens when a society refuses adulthood and instead strives for permanent childhood?

When the no rules formula is protracted and adulthood is rejected the result is an infantilized population and social chaos. Consider the societal implications of adults who refuse to abide by laws – traffic laws, property laws, environmental laws, civil rights laws, family laws. All rules and regulations are considered anathema to chronological adults living in the subjective reality of “no rules” infancy including college campuses that no longer respect Constitutional guarantees of free speech. Fragile infantilized students require safe spaces and trigger warnings to protect them from ideas that they disagree with. College students have historically been considered future leaders. How can a leader be a leader in a pluralist society if he/she cannot even listen to an opposing point of view?

The demand to restrict free speech and the need for safe spaces demonstrates the dependency and failure to thrive that the demands for eternal childhood has created. Valuing feelings over facts, effort over achievement, redefining free speech as hate speech, and the underlying demand for unconditional love are all hallmarks of an infantilized society.

Who has fueled and financed the descent of our adult society into eternal childhood and what is its purpose?

Let’s review. Children are easily manipulated. Thought precedes behavior. A society of chronological adults who think and behave like children are easily manipulated because childhood is a state of dependency and powerlessness. Any population that can be reduced to the state of childhood is easily controlled. A regressed society is the unaware and compliant society described by Hillary as the Left’s goal. Why?

Children live in a world of subjective reality and magical thinking. They believe whatever they are told without questioning blatant inconsistencies or ambiguities. College students demanding free speech for themselves do not acknowledge the glaring hypocrisy of denying free speech to opposing voices or relabeling oppositional views as hate speech. Their hypocrisy exposes the childishness of their stance. Attempts to rationally argue or debate the inconsistencies are as futile as trying to convince a three year old that he cannot fly. The problem is, of course, that these students are chronological adults – they are virtual children not actual children and their temper tantrums are dangerous.

Students who are virtual children are being recruited on campuses by anarchist groups funded by George Soros’ Open Society organizations to become soldiers in the Leftist war on America. The Leftist war on America targets the three pillars of our society that support the dreams of our Founding Fathers – family, church, patriotism. The Leftist intention is to destroy America from within and replace our democracy with socialism. The attack on the family is rooted in the destructive demand for unconditional love by infantile chronological adult children. Parents are disrespected with the same arrogance that authority figures including teachers, religious leaders, and the police are disrespected. Attacks against traditional authority are deliberately designed to make society ungovernable and families unsustainable.

Free speech is hate speech for students on campus who view oppositional speakers as an enemy that must be silenced. Parents with opposing views are considered toxic by adult children who choose estrangement to secure silence. Their childish all or nothing perspective rejects the mature option of discussion and/or agreeing to disagree. Tyrannical demands to accept the unacceptable shatters relationships, families, and societies. But in the upside-down world of Leftist politics the infantile demand for unconditional love remains the Holy Grail. Free speech activists remain as baffled as parents of estranged adult children until they realize that the destruction of free speech and the shattering of families is the goal of the Leftist war on America and the tactical purpose of demanding eternal childhood.

If America is to survive we must continue to love our infants and young children unconditionally but insist upon growth, respect, and self-control from adults in society. We must be resolute that our children grow up emotionally and accept the responsibilities and standards of behavior of adulthood because a society of infants is unsustainable. We must protect free speech and reserve unconditional love for infants and young children or the Leftist war on America will have succeeded.

If the Left prevails then 241 years of American freedom will be lost because an infantilized American public was seduced by the humanitarian hoax of unconditional love advanced by leftist humanitarian hucksters promising eternal dependence to a public too frightened to grow up and live in objective reality as responsible adults. The humanitarian hoax of unconditional love will have succeeded in killing America with “kindness.”

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