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  1. Ted,

    Here is the latest from Reznikov:

    Oleksii Reznikov
    I was glad to host my great friend Ben Wallace, @BWallaceMP
    , in Kyiv.
    We had a very meaningful discussion focused on priorities for increasing Ukraine’s defense capabilities, particularly providing long-range weapons such as Storm Shadow.

    We also discussed prospects for Ukraine’s NATO accession and our vision of future peace and stability in Europe as outlined in President Zelenskyy?s Peace Formula.

    I’m truly grateful to my friend and colleague, to the government, and the people of the UK for standing by our side since day one.
    We will win together!
    3:55 AM · May 24, 2023 1.5M

    I think Mishra has been pulling your chain.

  2. Berlitec also reports Ukrainian failure. He presents evidence from CNN and others.

    Below his video is the following:

    Update on the conflict in Ukraine for June 13, 2023:

    – Ukraine in its second week of offensive operations is still struggling within Russia’s security zone, having failed to even reach Russia’s first major defensive lines;

    – The Western media is attempting to claim Ukrainian-held villages along the front equates to progress, yet these are villages the same Western media admitted Russia evacuated ahead of the offensive, preparing fully to include them as part of the security zone;

    – The Western media is also admitting heavy Ukrainian losses among German Leopard 2 tanks, engineering equipment, Bradley infantry fighting vehicles, MRAPs, and much more;

    – The US is scrambling to pass another “security assistance” package to replace lost Bradley and Stryker armored vehicles, however Ukraine’s ability to effectively use these in any quantity is prohibited by a lack of training, experience, logistics, and sustainment capabilities;

    – Some in the Western media propose Ukraine still has enough offensive potential to cut the “land bridge” between Crimea and the rest of Russia, however, Ukraine clearly will lose much of its combat capabilities doing so, leaving little to anything left to hold gains once the offensive grinds to a halt;


    CNN – Ukraine loses 16 US-made armored vehicles, group says, but Kyiv’s forces still gain territory (June 12, 2023):
    Modern War Institute at West Point – NEVER BRING A STRYKER TO A TANK FIGHT:
    Reuters – Factbox: Ukraine’s military supplies: What ground vehicles are Kyiv’s allies sending? (January 2023):
    Forbes – The Ukrainian Army Has Already Lost Half Of Its Unique Leopard 2R Breaching Vehicles (June 11, 2023):
    Scott of Kalibrated on Twitter: https://twitter.com/squatsons
    Scott of Kalibrated on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@Kalibratedwi
    NYT – Defenses Carved Into the Earth (December 2022):
    BBC – Ukraine offensive: What will it take for military push to succeed? (June 13, 2023):
    Reuters – Frontline residents evacuated to Russian-controlled port before expected counter-offensive (May 12, 2023):
    VOA – US Providing $325 Million More in Aid for Ukraine (June 12, 2023):
    The Duran – Fighting stuck in gray zone. Neocon escalation, tactical nukes:

    • Fighting stuck in…

  3. The following should be instructive: It is from 2h ago, and mentions no mutiny on the Ukrainian side. It speaks of recent Ukrainian advances, and shows a meeting between Putin and his bloggers. This sycophantic group supplies a wide range of reports. Claims of Ukrainian tank losses range from 160 down to 2. The lower figure is that of Prigozhyn. Putin thinks the number is somewhere in between, but doesn’t really know.

    Denys notes that Putin does not use the Internet, and seems unaware of what is really going on.


  4. Ted,

    Please present evidence to substantiate these claims, or retract this information. I searched for “military mutiny ukraine” during past 24 hours, and came up only with this:

    Wagner Group founder Yevgeny Prigozhin has vowed to defy an order from Russia’s Defense Ministry to fall under the regular army’s command—and he now says he’ll take other defectors under his wing to build the mercenary group’s ranks.

    His comments, perhaps the biggest indication yet of a potential military coup, come after Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu signed a decree mandating all volunteer fighters to sign a contract with the ministry by July 1. The move is widely seen as a bid to centralize military control and limit Prigozhin’s influence in the war after he spent months airing the dirty laundry of Russian infighting and, most recently, was accused of having his fighters routinely abduct and torture regular Russian troops.

    But according to Prigozhin, it all boils down to jealousy. Shoigu, he said, “can’t stand anybody who does something better than he does. And that’s why everyone is supposed to lick his boots. Wagner has never done that.”

    He went on to say the mercenary group was already taking in volunteers who don’t want to answer directly to the Defense Ministry.

    “Volunteer units are contacting us. We are taking them into our ranks as separate assault detachments and building them into our general command and control system, in which we cover them with artillery, aviation, provide intelligence and everything that is necessary,” he said via his press service.

    Wagner Boss Takes Feud With Top Brass to Dangerous New Level
    UH OH
    Allison Quinn
    Yevgeny Prigozhin makes a statement as he stands next to Wagner fighters in Bakhmut, Ukraine, May 20, 2023.

    Separately, he accused the country’s Defense Ministry of repeatedly attempting to “destroy” the mercenary group.

    “We’re not just talking about some kind of interference, but about deliberate, physical destruction. Both then and now,” he said, claiming top military brass intentionally failed to inform Wagner of an impending U.S. airstrike in Syria in 2018 that killed several of the group’s mercenaries.

    More recently, he said, the Defense Ministry “tried to close [Wagner mercenaries in Bakhmut] without any ammunition.”

    Prigozhin claimed he confronted Shoigu about the first incident at an event in the Kremlin in 2018. “I approached him and asked: ‘Can I talk to you about the situation that occurred on February 8 near Deir ez-Zor?’ He turned, calmly and arrogantly replied: ‘You wanted to be a hero? You played the hero. All the heroes are here now, in this hall,’ he said, casting his hand over those in expensive suits. “And you were just out of line.’”

    Of Russia’s top military brass, he said, “They wore beautiful epaulets, but Wagner won in all countries of the world. This is where the jealousy comes from.”

    The latest phase in the Prigozhin vs. Shoigu feud comes as ordinary Russians have reportedly shown more interest in the mercenary boss than President Vladimir Putin. The independent outlet Verstka reported Tuesday that in May, Russians searched the internet for information on Prigozhin twice as much as they did for Putin.
    Allison Quinn


    If there is a mutiny in Ukraine, it is not against Zelenskyy, but against Shoigu.