The pendulum of history

By Ted Belman

Victor Davis Hanson has a very good article on The Other European Volcano over at NRO. In it he discussed the pendulum of history.

    Five years ago, the European Union’s account of itself resonated with end-of history triumphalism. In organic fashion, democratic socialism would spread eastward and southward, recivilizing the old Warsaw Pact and the Balkans through cradle-to-grave entitlements, state unionism, radical environmentalism, and utopian pacifism.

    Over here, we were often lectured by “progressives” that almost everything Europe did was better — subsidized mass transit, free college tuition, extended maternity leave, early retirement, and “soft-power” diplomacy. Indeed, Obama’s presidential campaign was in some senses a stealthy referendum on Europeanization. And once he was elected, his moves to raise taxes, expand government, expropriate some private industries, run up exponentially increasing deficits, subsidize environmentalism, and triangulate with enemies and allies abroad were European Union to the core.

The economic meltdown of 2008 brought Obama to power. He was intent on ushering the EU model of socialism and soft power in International affairs. Paradoxically this same crises was ushering in the end of the European model. In fact twelve months later, Americans, lead by Sarah Palin, are turning ever more decisively against that model and embracing Reaganism with its emphasis on capitalism, patriotism, religion and a strong military. No more of that soft power engagement for them.

I often wondered, if European socialism produced economic growth at about 50% of that of the US and unemployment of about 10%, how they could afford all their entitlements even with the slashing of their military budgets. What with the crises with Islamization, the Iranian bomb and the bankruptcy of Greece, the chickens are coming home to roost.

Israel made the right move in the late nineties as it turned decisvely away from socialism and embraced American capitalism. More than even the US, Israel weathered this economic crises which others likened to a tsunami while for Israel it was merely a ripple.

Fortunately for America, lead by great conservative spokespersons like Palin, Beck, Levin, Hannity, Savage, Limbaugh etc, Americans have seen enough. Back to Reaganism.

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9 Comments / 9 Comments

  1. If one were thinking clearly about the issue of Arab, European and now American animus toward Israel, one might wish to consider ordinary jealousy.

    Destroy a successful alternative to socialism and then there is no alternative. It failed. Indeed, that has been the basis of anti-Semitism throughout history, back to the days of Moses. Hide the better system from the masses and they will be satisfied with what they have.

  2. @ ayn reagan:

    Ayn I must say it’s different. There must be a very good reason to change from what we were use to. My laptop couldn’t handle the change, my battery charger went on the fritz and I contacted Dell since I have the extended warranty. The Dell tech. had me download the BIOS and then advised me a tech will show up at my office with a new charger and a new mother board. Right now I am using my son’s charger and it working.

    I guess the new change was too much for my computer.

  3. Based upon the way this site is now functioning technically, I have just one question:

    Is DJ Allyn a member of Hamas?

  4. Speaking of lieberman The Minister of Internal Security (Police) who was hand picked by Lieberman and belongs to Liebermans Party declared only

    two days ago that: the police will tear down illegal Arab structures in East Jerusalem very soon.

    I called him:Liar, liar… Everyone knows he won’t demolish more than a few, if any, Arab buildings there, a drop in the sea of thousands Arab houses which Israeli Supreme Court condemned to demolition over gross violations of building codes.

    The total number of illegal structures in East Jerusalem runs in tens of thousands.

    Today I was vindicated: Public Security turns hilarious

    Yesterday, I laughed out-loud at the Public Security Minister’s announcement of impending demolitions in East Jerusalem.

    Fri. the demolition plans were publicly retracted under the US pressure.

    (How about Israel protesting eminent domain house demolitions in Florida?)

  5. Thanks for the link to Victor Davis Hanson, Ted. Just wish you would better understand that your list of “great conservative spokespersons” is NOT the group of “conservative” voices most Americans want to hear. Avigdor Lieberman would be more effective.
    Maybe Judd Gregg will get a talk show after he leaves the Senate.

  6. I’m not sure that Reaganism is the right model for America. Too many structual faults to be cured with any one fix. The debt burden will require the equivalent of an economic Marshal Law. European collapse will take a lot of American business and Banks along with them.

    In some of my more lucid arguments with HPeskin I predicted the EU collapse as an unsustainable economic enttity. Looks like I was right and it’s all unfolding as I write.

    Isn’t it interesting with all the problems the EU faces there is no let up in their drive to destroy Israel and are still funding all left wing NGO’s to accomplish cumulatively and individually all that is possible to effect their insidious ends. Reminds me of Hitler who hurt his own war effort but never reduced the killing machine of Jews an iota.

    Jews need to be aware of such hate and and commitment by the worlds longest and most vile haters and Murderers of Jews. They are still at it!

    Obama’s social security number creates doubts!!

    The story, according to what is being said right now, is that President Obama has a social security number that makes the least sense in the world. The first doubt raised by Obama’s social security number is that it is a Connecticut number while the second is that he is believed to have actually issued himself and/or made the use of two security numbers, one before 1986 and one after. You do not have to be a private detective to figure this out and I think that it is so simple that it might just be a conspiracy.

    Here is the logical conclusion of the above equation: Obama is an illegal immigrant.

    Yes, it is exactly as they have made it look – the conspiracy masters sitting behind the pawns and the kings of the American government – and they did not even bother to make it look a little more complicated. First off, a trick like this is too obvious to go unnoticed. Who tipped the private investigators of this scrutiny and for what reasons? The motive, when understood, points the finger towards the Republicans who want an early start on their election campaign by possibly impeaching another Democratic president.

    One would think that issues like this would be raised before he was elected into the presidency rather than after and secondly if it wasn’t an issue, then why is it an issue now?

    The people sitting behind this revelation are not just mere gamers, they’re chess players. It seems as though they had deliberately waited this long to expose the President’s dubious past.

    According to the givens of the equation, Obama did not have a social security number before 1986. The way that he would get himself a job is by providing a social security number of someone who had passed away more than a hundred years ago in 1890. The way he got that number will remain a mystery but it was only after 1986 that he was issued a number which was from the wrong state.

    I will not continue for lack of verification behind this data but if it does indeed turn out to be true then that math is as simple as two plus two.