The Real Russian Collusion is with the Dems and Clinton

October 26, 2017 | 3 Comments »

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  1. @ vivarto:

    I bet she’ll pull some sort of sickness out of the hat….do you all recall that they were convinced she had Parkinson’s, they spent weeks and weeks discussing every potential symptom, and possible symptom ad nauseam. There seems no sign of it these days.

    Probably the strain of keeping all the extra dumb-bells juggling in the air was causing her a lot of mental strain, knowing that at any moment she would be exposed, having been so blatant. Yes, even a shark like her. T.G. she lost. I wonder what all her screaming, crying supporters think of her now, and of themselves for being such dunderheads.

    When she gets to her nice comfortable cell, she mustn’t forget to ask for kosher food… Her husband had it when in office, Lewinsky goulash…

  2. This issue is a boring diversion from the Russian cyber attack on America during the 2016 Presidential election. I wonder when Hillary’s collusion with Russia is found to be totally fraudulent will Israpundit apologize for enabling this diversion.