The right to march to our own drummer

T. Belman. When some Rabbis came out against renting to Arabs in certain neighborhoods, all hell broke loose. Cries of “racism” were aften repeated and even some Jews on the right felt uncomfortable with the stand of the Rabbis. We have all been brainwashed by liberalism which mandates the highest value as equality between Arabs and Jews, gays and straights, Islam and Judaism, threats and non-threats and men and women. So persaisive are these notions that they are rarely debated in society or the Knesset. And they are safeguarded by reducing free speech and by imposing a value of political correctness. It has progressed beyond personal rights to national rights. Sovereignty is under attack to enable world government. Any country that resists on both levels, the personal and the national gets shunned and condemned.

As this article points out, Jews simply want to protect their way of life, their families and their country. Also Israel wants to define itself by itself in opposition to the demands of the world. Israel has the right to be a Jewish state, a Zionist state, and a secure state.

We have the right to our own values and to set priorities among them. The world can butt out. The world may want to commit suicide by following their liberal values but we don’t.

“We Want to Take Bat Yam Back from the Arabs”
by David Lev, INN

The people of Bat Yam, adjacent to Tel Aviv, are not racists, nor are they Arab haters, says Asher Vodka, one of the organizers of a protest this week that raised eyes around the country; they are just sick and tired of being pushed around in their home towns. “And this is not a Bat Yam issue,” Vodka told Israel National News. “This is a problem all around the country.”

The “problem,” says Vodka, is one that nearly every Israeli is aware of, whether or not they wish to admit it to themselves and others: Call it the “over-confidence of Israel’s Arab population that does what it wants, when it wants, regardless of how it affects anyone, especially Jews,” says Vodka.

Vodka is not talking about the freedom Arabs have to enter Israeli cities and towns at will, to shop and do business – which, he says, they take full advantage of – but what they do with that freedom. It was for that reason, he says, that he and some friends organized a protest on Monday, which was attended by hundreds.

“There are times when we Jewish residents – especially the girls and women – dare not show our faces in certain parts of this city, because we know we are going to be attacked or accosted by Arabs,” says Vodka. On weekends, and especially on Muslim holidays, Vodka says that Arabs, from Yafo (Jaffa) and from villages in the Triangle area and Negev, visit Bat Yam, which has invested a great deal in its tourism infrastructure in recent years – and basically “take over the town. Often they will riot, getting drunk – something they would not even consider doing in their own villages – and fight, either among themselves or with Jews. Not too long ago, there was a major riot in a local shopping center, courtesy of drunken Arabs.”

Especially vulnerable are Jewish girls and women. “The Arabs accost them, trying to either seduce them, or in some cases forcing themselves on the girls. Some try to resist,” says Vodka, “and for their trouble they find themselves getting beaten up; we just had a case like that last week.” In other instances, Arabs will offer money and other “goodies” to girls as young as 14 and 15, trying to get them to follow them back to their villages – where they end up as virtual prisoners.” Israeli activists in organizations like Yad L’achim estimate that there are as many as 15,000 Jewish girls living in Arab villages, Vodka says. “They come from places like Bat Yam.”

Obviously, more education and action in the Jewish community is necessary in order to raise consciousness among Jews as to the dangers of getting involved in relationships with Arabs, Vodka says, “but they don’t belong here with us. The imam of Jabel Mukaber openly instructed Muslims to do whatever was necessary to capture and defile Jewish girls – as part of their war against Jews. We can’t just sit by and let them drive a wedge in our communities.”

The war is being conducted not just on the streets and among Jewish girls – but in the real estate market as well. Israeli media portrayed Monday’s protest as being aimed specifically at preventing Arabs from buying and renting homes in the community, and Vodka admits that this is a problem, especially in certain neighborhoods. “They come in with large amounts of money – money supplied to them by terrorist interests – and overpay, sometimes by 200 percent or 300 percent for houses, in order to push Jews out,” he says. But far worse is the virtual reign of terror imposed on Jewish residents by “visiting” Arabs, who have made life in Bat Yam hellish.

And it’s not just Bat Yam. “This is a national problem, and everyone knows it. Politicians criticize and condemn, but they all know that something must be done.” That includes the mayor of Bat Yam, Shlomi Lahayani. “He, like everyone else, knows that the king has no clothes, but is deathly afraid of the media.”

Vodka and his friends, however, are not. “We had hundreds of people at a protest on Monday here in Bat Yam, but we want to expand this to other cities.” Vodka, along with some friends, organized the protest now, “because we felt the time was right, and we plan on making this into a national movement. We want to prevent Bat Yam from turning into a Yafo or Akko [near Haifa], where in some neighborhoods Jews walk the streets at their own risk. And we want to turn back the tide, and reclaim our homeland, wherever we can.”

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  1. Arnold Harris

    It is not accidental that you should find something in what I wrote

    Those historical questions are back with us and we have to try to make sense of it all and not turn our backs on history

    The thing about the Jews is that they have always been fighting for existence, just to carry on living, and as we are thrown into great crisis by the historical crisis in the capitalist system, then the Jews as always seem to be centre stage.

    For one thing Ahmadinejad really does think he is awaiting the return of the Mahdi and his drive for a nuclear Bomb and dropping it in Tel Aviv will hasten that return, in order to recreate this capitalist craziness along HIS lines, which are of course along the lines of Hitler also

    Also I like the way you bring it back to oil etc because the world is truly running on oil, the ice is melting, the tiger is down to the last couple of thousand, and capitalism in decline is a really destructive system, and will certainly pull mankind down.

    You mention the brute Stalin, this reactionary filth.

    Yet you are quite right that Stalin made a strategic turn when Hitler invaded Russia and Stalin almost had a nervous breakdown . The fool thought he had a deal.

    The thing that Stalin did and that Hitler could not do was that he created a military cadre, and trusted that cadre. Hitler was a total egomaniac and could trust nobody, and he thought HE was a general.

    Stalin provided the conditions for that military cadre leadership to operate successfully and in the end it was the Red Army that saved everybody’s bacon, much thanks they got from the likes of the hardened imperialist Churchill, and the incorrigible American elite who were recruiting those Nazis into the CIA at the very time (See Blowback by Christopher Simpson)

    These are essentially good Jewish and Christian people on Israpundit, founded by an atheist Joseph Norland, but not one of them can move themselves out of their strait jackets, because they do not see and understand the active ingredient of leadership in the situation.

    So Samuel talks about this will happen, this may happen etc etc but man does not only reflect conditions, man also has the ability to change conditions, that is change reality.

    Samuel leaves out leadership, leaves out what HE can do, that HE may be decisive

    This is the difference between Trotskyism towards the Jews and say Yamit or Ted towards the Jews.

    The central difference is leadership, a party run along dictatorship/true democracy within lines, that is the dictates of the Jews being primary in the case of the Jews since that is what we talk about on Israpundit.

    That is why it is not just as Samuel suggests that Haaretz is dealt with somehow or other, but that there must be a party, a leadership, which will make it quite clear that IT will close down Haaretz and open up its printing presses inside Israel to a new youth movement, which will tell things as they are, and will lead the fight to remove from Israel, the Homeland of the Jews, of all who are opposed to Zionism, this great historical movement which anteceded Marx and the working class/capitalism by thousands of years.

    I am opposed to Laura who writes yesterday on another thread and many who are taking her line, when she says Europe is lost. Why so? i reply it is only the beginning.

    Laura represents in this sentiment the true jewish middle class or petty bourgeois, why give up the battle before it has even begun.

    A worker cannot ever give up the fight. Essentially the worker in the end has no alternative but to fight, because he owns nothing, and even the ideas in his skull as he is bombarded by capitalist agents, conspiracy this, angels that, etc etc are not his own. the worker owns so little he does not even own his own ideas.
    To continue living the worker has to fight.

    And this provides the essential unity with the jews, who as we all know have to fight continually to live.

    And if she (laura) says today Europe is lost, tomorrow she may say America is l.ost, and the next day she may conclude that Israel is lost!

    I live in Europe and I am far from lost! i intend to organize conferences in Europe and the centre of these conferences is the need for people who live in Israel and are hostile to Israel (Zion) to butt out and we will help them to butt out

    And if these conferences are successful, no matter on what scale, then we will do the same in North America, and in Israel itself

    Our new site will lead this struggle for a new leadership which is truly socialist (Trotskyist) to defend the Jewish Homeland. Anybody reading this can comment there, or just write and say private, as a handy email. What to lose!!!!

  2. Thanks Ron for your respect. Any Christian who feels likewise is OK in my book and worthy of friendhip. Mutual respect.

    I came on really strongly as I want to make certain to Christians, how offensive missionizing is to Jews. You understand.

  3. Dan I know what you are saying but mainstream practicing Catholics feel differently than the sentiments of the old and stiff Catholic hierarchy.

    Those in the hierarchy don’t reflect the sentiments of the majority of Catholics and in time the old stiffs will be gone.

    Dan together we can withstand the wind.

  4. Rongrand: What you write is hardly typical of the sentiments of the Catholic hierarchy. You represent one individual in a sea of hundreds of millions who voice a totally opposite point of view. Orthodox Catholicism is hardly a centre of tolerance and sweet light.

    We all know this and so Rongrand, in the words of that old song, you are “blowin in the wind.”

  5. I want to end this thread with my opwn comments. I don’t give a shit what Christians think about the need to convert.

    Ted, you know I have stated a number of times I also have a problem of so called Christians attempting to convert.

    You also know I grew up and was educated in the Catholic school system by the IHM nuns (Immaculate Heart of Mary)who taught us to respect others and their faith. They had a great relationship with our local Jewish community and never suggested any conversion.

    In fact our Catholic students enjoyed the friendship of Jewish students and we supported them in their faith.

    Also in our community a Rabbi, Priest and Protestant Minister formed PROJECT (Protestant-Jew-Catholic)organization to serve the community.


  6. While we are concentrating on the Arabs, we are forgetting the most negative mideaval element in the population. The heredi Jews, growing at a phenom rate (faster than the speed of light). With a birthrate of 6-7 per family, they pose a great threat to Israel’s economy and the morale of your average worker. They have no time for working, they mostly pray and study. They are anti-zionist, do not serve in the military, do not respect Israeli insitutions, gladly receive millions of shekels in child care allowances, social welfare, overseas remittances, etc. etc. They represent huge drain on the economy. They push their collective weight around as if they own the country while contributing zilch to the nation

    Yes,but they are Jews but who really needs these parisitical freeloaders?

  7. We have the right to our own values and to set priorities among them. The world can butt out.

    Yes, especially since the west has economic and diplomatic relations with nations like China and saudi arabia among so many other non-democracies, overlooking their vast human rights violations. So, the idea that Israel must measure up perfectly to the west’s standards in order to do business with them is beyond hypocritical.

  8. This post is one of the more interesting ones I ever have seen on Israpundit, and all because of Felix Quigley the Trotskyite, presumably of the Fourth International. Despite that I was a fan of Josef Stalin during my childhood in World War II. So first, a little historic background.

    Any thorough historical study and analysis about Trotsky to leads to the conclusion that his was the clear-sighted military leadership, in the toughest days of the great Russian revolution, without which Lenin would have lost the great civil war that was fought out across the length and breadth of Russia from early 1918 through early 1921. In short, Lenin and Trotsky played much the same role in that revolutionary war as did Stalin and Zhukov in the greatest armed conflict in human history — the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945. It is ironic that Stalin felt compelled to destroy Trotsky in his relentless pursuit of supreme power. But without Stalin’s rapid and thorough industrialization of the Soviet Union from 1928 onward, the USSR could never have survived Hitler’s armies that invaded Russia on June 22, 1941, with all that such a terrible outcome would have portended for the future of the world.

    Russia was and still is an untidy and less than well organized society whose successful governments always have been based on powerful and ruthless leaderships. But that almost certainly was the single most important factor that enabled the deployment of fresh, well-trained massive Soviet army and air force units, with weapons ever better than the Germans were using to attack them, following each of the early defeats of the Soviet armies guarding the Byelorussian and Ukrainian approaches to central Russia. And only a rigid dictatorship can accomplish and maintain the pace of such mobilizations in a country such as Russia.

    Without that, the armies around Moscow could not have flung back Armee Gruppe Mitte (Army Group Center) in December 1941. Without that, the armies of the Don, Southwest and Stalingrad fronts never could have trapped and destroyed the German 6th Army and part of the German 4th Panzer Army in the Stalingrad “kessel” during November 1942 – February 1943. Nor could the Soviet army have won the greatest tank battle in history around Kursk in July 1943, or have destroyed the armed Nazi remnants in the great battles along the Elbe River or the streets of Berlin in April 1945.

    I could not be prouder than knowing that the western allies were allied with that great Soviet power during that war to save mankind from Hitlerism. As an old man today, I still remember the day of victory in that most titanic struggle in the history of the world, and I remember the glory of the men and women who fought for it, and the tragedy of the 50 million lives lost before the shooting stopped and the great aerial fleets of heavy bombers returned to their bases for the last time.

    Felix, you may well be right about coming new revolutions. But in ways nobody talks much about yet. The key consideration to which I am referring relates to the fact that some 85 per cent of the world’s energy is supplied by the carbons stored in the fossil fuels that have taken some hundred million years or more to become fully seasoned for use. Now, the world’s liquidic portion of these fuels — petroleum — are rapidly approaching their peak, before terminal decline of the world’s oilfields sets in. Not a few knowledgeable petroleum geologists have written that at least the plateau of petroleum extraction set in about five years ago, and that the inevitable petroleum production down-slope will soon be upon us all. If so, serious and even unprecedented calls will be made upon the world’s remaining natural gas reserves to fill gaps left by the not so gradual disappearance of petroleum. What follows from that is yet another worldwide peak of energy resources. There is a lot of coal still left in the ground, but by its very nature, that is increasingly difficult and expensive to extract. Therefore, the 21st century very well could be one characterized by the end of inexpensive energy, as one fuel after another become “unobtainii”.

    This is the general background of a series of events could well shake the world to an extent much greater than Marx, Engels, Lenin, Trotsky or Stalin could ever have envisioned.

    But I think, Felix, that based on what you have written here, there could be opportunity as well as danger for Israel if and when all this occurs.

    Arnold Harris
    Mount Horeb WI

  9. The Israeli right may be right, but they are not numerous:

    As I try to analyze Israel from 5,000 miles away, I have come to these conclusions (which I believe are right, but who really knows?)

    Israel is in transition and transformation (as is America, but in opposite directions). Israel was founded by a group of atheistic, socialistic nationalists, who wanted to destroy Judaism and replace it with an “Israeli” who was Israeli in the same way a German was German or a Frenchman French, united by a common language and “culture”, but not by religion. The system they established, within the media, the schools, and the courts, was designed to minimize the influence of Judaism. The army was dominated by nationalistic atheists from the kibbutzim (collective farms).

    These liberal/leftists never had many children, and they are now dying off. Replacing them are people generally more sympathetic to Judaism: ultra-orthodox, religious nationalists, traditionalists (Jews from muslim countries), and secular antionalists from Russia. (The prosperous American Jews have never formed a signifcant part of Israel.)

    As the liberal/leftists see themselves becoming a permanent minority, they become louder than ever, and flirt with the idea of helping the goyim destroy Jewish Israel rather than see it becoming a truly Jewish State.

    Where will this end? The possibilities are small: 1. Peaceful transition 2. Civil war 3. Destruction of Jewish Israel by the goyim.

    The current Israeli government is an intermediate stage in the transition from atheistic liberal/leftists to religious nationalists. Netanyahu and the Likud are performing a balancing act between Judaism and secularism.

    But to the best I can tell: days are coming when Israeli leaders will proudly wear kippot, when the leftist generals are replaced by religious zionists, when the Jew-hating, muslim-loving “supreme” court is thrown out into the streets, when the leftist Jew-hating tenured professors are sent packing, and when the Jew-hating media are neutralized.

  10. We work out what needs to be done so that Israel will survive and prosper

    We plan a conference in America, another in Europe, another in Israel

    We then put that into operation which means an orgaNization, a party

    If we are serious people and not talkers then we must do that

  11. Keelie

    You are just so damned right on all scores.

    It is a revolutionary struggle of some sort that is on the cards.

    i discount, really do discount, the social revolution in Israel but by the very nature of things as we propose making Israel a place for the Jews alone, then the plight of those unemployment youth can be solved, surely

    As you say Keelie same old same old leads to very serious problems at every level for Jews

    I have referred to “simplification” sometimes simplification can be very complex.

    To make the place of Israel the place of the Jews is very simple and also complex.

    To do that we have to make war, an ideological war at first.

    To make a ideological war you need an ideological party.

    There should immediately be plans set afoot for a conference in the US and in Israel both and the subject of the conference should be exactly that, right on the button as it were, how can Israel become the land of the Zionists, and the Zionists alone

    Israpundit to take the lead in setting up such conferences. Even if we have only 15 true people at each conference is a big success.

    Israpundit could change and I think must change.

    As I remember it when it started it was more of an organizational idea

    Use all of our experience to bring that about…Quickly organize conferences…it is the political programme and strategy of these conferences that count

  12. Yamit

    You are sooooo ignorant.

    that is what i mean by being stuck in your ways.

    Yamit why should I spend time here explaining to you the policy and practice of the United Front, a genuine strategy of revolutionary struggle, and if you have not bothere to read up on that, to really study it, to learn, to think and reflect, to wonder what might be the relevance to Netanyahu today…

    Then why should I try to do it here.

    It becomes an impossibility.

    You are too set in your ways.

    You have to change fundamentally Yamit

    Against my instincts i will explain for the nth time re Bibi

    You form a United Front with Bibi against Mrs Clinton. You protect Bibi against that predator.

    But you do thus protect Bibi in order that the JEWS can deal with Bibi in their way

    Do you not underrstand the point! Surely Ted understands this point!

    So at this late stage do not try to twist our arguments re Bibi in the past.

    Al of this has been gone over time and time and time again …Trotsky and Stalin re Kuomintang, ditto re situation in France and Spain in 1930s, same re Selassie in was it 1935 and so on

    Millions of words written on this

    If mrs Clinton overthrows bibi…defeat

    If we defeat mrs Clinton and WE deal with Bibi…Victory

    Or rather one small victory in a war.

    Laura sits here making her continual barbed comments against the “Left”. To hell with you Laura, you attack me and you attack Leon Trotsky every time you do this.

    You are another who has forgotten nothing and learned nothing since I have known you on Israpundit. Too comfortable in your prejudices to change, to learn anything.

    I have known Ted for ages. Ted revolution inside the Jews is what is posed in Israel.

    In order to survive Israeli Zionists really have to take the power into their hands, they really have to do something fundamental with this Knesset system, they really have to CLOSE DOWN this Media. Either put these traitors into prison, put them out to grass somewhere, maybe try to reeducate them. But if they remain traitors then do something with them .
    You must pay attention to the youth and to the conditions of living for Jewish youth. What is the unemployment rate for Jewish youth.

    i believe that gaza has to be closed down, literally. The Arabs there have to be driven into Egypt by force, NOW.

    The Golan must be a key centre of defence against the North.

    Jordan must be given its last warnings. No fraternization with the likes of Al Qaida etc.

    The break with US imperialism…the war with Ahmadinejad NOW!

    How can you fight this kind of war with Jews in Israel who hate Jewishness, ie are not Zionists.

    The only people to live in Israel are Jews who are Zionists.

    It is better to prepare like that NOW.

    it is too late when war comes. If we can prepare NOW then there will be much less Jewish lives lost, and other non Jewish lives lost as well

    Thjis is a true moderate and pacifist policy.

  13. Felix (and Yamit),

    Your thinking is interesting in that you recognize that all Israel does these days is same-old-same-old. The “palestinians” fire rockets into Israel; the IDF knocks off a few of them. Same tomorrow. Same the next day. And it will soon happen in the North. and the response will be the same. And I dare say that with the “internal Arabs” the responses to their bitching and complaining and internal terrorism is, as always, next to nothing. Now correct me if I’m wrong on this.

    As Felix seems to indicate, the idea of revolution in some form, is quite appealing simply because it has the potential to wake up Israel’s military creativity – a creativity that once was the envy of the world, and of course, promoted fear in Israel’s enemies.

    And this comfortable “be nice” attitude has, if anything, worsened the perception of Israel in the eyes of a world that used to enjoy (and fear) Israel’s swashbuckling approach to things. The Flotilla Affair – with crack IDF soldiers boarding a ship almost unarmed, like social workers – would never have happened circa 1967.

  14. Yamit and Ted

    The amazing thing about you is that you both know about a hundred times more than I do about the details of Israel and about living in Israel

    But your responses above shows me that there is a gulf between us.

    You have to learn about Trotskyism. You must keep in mind that lies were told about Jews through history and you must mentally note that if that happened then the same could have happened about trotskyism

    I am all for simplification. Simplification is brilliant.

    If it is based on a wide knowledge it is brilliant, just the ticket.

    Where is Gil White? he is nowhere! I stopped checking his site coz there was no change.

    Gil White was opposed to Marxism and Trotskyism and would not /could not translate his learning into action

    So when I say only Zionist Jews to live in Israel, that is just the ticket for the moment and to carry us forward.

    This woman Vodka, well I support her of course, but it is just in the field of politics so amateurish.

    You need a party of professional revolutionary politicians who have studied the situation and Vodka has no clue.

    The great thought that only Zionist Jews can live in Israel and of course it goes without saying i mean Israel in its true sense as defined in the San Remo Treaty of 1920 well that is just the ticket for us to fight on.

    And the great thing about this kind of simplification which is based on good knowledge is that scientifically there is no alternative. There is really no other ticket to fight on

    These Arabs with their flash money and trinkets, enticing these girls, they are just such amateurs.

    they have not met our movement as described in the above “Only Zionist Jews can live in the Zionist Homeland” and the power of our movement

    OK Yamit I say hard things to you but you are too set in your ways

    You have had many chances to really engage with me over the years. Same with Fistel, very intelligent, but soooo set in his ways.

    The energy of the youth who travelled around Israel against the Gaza pull-out is what is possible

    But not on the basis of the thinking of Vodka. She is just another smokescreen. Her politics promise nothing

    Only a great movement to address all of the past wrongs, inside the world, Only Zionist Jews can live in the Jewish Zionist Homeland will be sufficient to meet the needs of the present.

    What i propose is civil war inside the Jews, I really do propose that, and a party to lead that civil war.

    Of course yamit and Ted I am just ONE trotskyist with a tiny little website stuck in the a… hole of Europe, but I am totally non sectarian, and I would work with any other person with different views but on that basis.

    We would unite but we would maintain our identity.

  15. have asked Yamit on this site so often what does he propose to do…answer is nothing, he is essentially a big mouth anarchist

    In order to begin to resolve this issue then I propose to take up the fight primarily against the Lauras, the Yamits, the Ted Belmans and others

    Because you all talk with forked tongues on this site

    Felix did I ever tell you that we anarchist rejected trotskyism because it’s too right wing?

    As I recll Felix you were an ardent supporter of BB and the Israeli government and railed against me in my near lone opposition to them. We have discussed a potential civil war, a political or military Putsch etc. I said we could use them but that the average Israeli is not made of that stuff. There is little to no political activism or even social activism within the Israeli social fabric or context.

    I do agree with you or you me because you stole my idea that the main problem is the Jews and not Obama or anything external.

    Your list of corrective action is also my wish list but I’m too much of a realist to credit them with any chance of materializing at least in my lifetime. Things or circumstances could change though but if they don’t neither will we.

  16. This woman called Vodka and this report from INN

    this bit of reporting is so false that I do not know where to start.

    So the problem is the Arabs according to the gist of things.

    How can you kidnap 15,000 women to live with Arabs in Arab towns, and from there to lead in the vilification of the Jewish Homeland.

    What kind of sickness is this?

    the first thing that this woman Vorka should have said is that this is one sick country.

    In stead she is going to have a “national movement” and the INN is murmuring oh isn´t she wonderful.

    let me put you into a secret. This woman Vodka is going to have no nothing.

    She could NEVER form a national movement. She has no basis for forming a national movement

    You cannot just wish a national movement. You have to have a firm basis for doing slo and being “fed up” does nothing for me.

    I laugh at her. She will achieve nothing, nor will INN, because they are hiding the true sick reality of Israel today.

    Her thinking is sooo confused.
    First inside Israel there must be only Jews.

    I am not a Jew. Should I go to Israel I would go only as a guest and I would have to seek permission.

    How many of these arogant Arabs have asked permission to be there?! LOL!

    That is the basic issue.

    On that I argue and will continue to argue.

    Only Jews who are Zionist can live in the Zionist Homeland

    That means that these ladies who joined up with Arabs CANNOT LIVE IN ZIONIST ISRAEL

    And that is a very very moderate policy because I as an Irishman have learned the REAL lesson of the Holocaust of not so many years ago.

    On that policy and fundamental I will stake my life what is left of it, and I will not cease to fight for that.

    What about all you on Israpundit?

  17. And why is Yamit filling our heads full of crap and has not been telling us as to what is really happening in this Israel. I mean by that that we who do not live in Israel are dependent on Yamit and people like Yamit to tell us exactly what is happening in Israel. I mean good old-fashioned empirical reporting, the honest truth

    Explain this Felix because you supply no context. Do you infer to mean that I have not written or posted items that reflect the truth about what’s really going on in Israeli society? I have and maybe not enough but then I find few readers are interested in negativity and don’t read them. pretty much like nobody reads polemics on Trotsky. Our long term social problems might do us all in eventually but if there are no Jews or no Israel because The Mullah’s and other Global forces are actively seeking to accomplish those ends I had try to prioritize and go for the immediate threats and challenges inside Israel and from without.

    The Arab minority within Israel is more of a serious problem for us than the Arabs in Gaza or Y & S. They are a protected enemy within, with rights and political power.

  18. Totally aside from whether I remember it as you do, it would appear you are endorsing my thoughts.

    Yes the Arabs including the Bedouin are a big problem here. Sure most of them go about their lives in harmony with Israel. But they elect strong nationalists even though they want to live in Israel rather than Palestine.

    The arabs refuse to pay taxes when they are not deducted at source. This includes real estate taxes. Both of these are freuently done. Then they complain that they are not getting municipal services, which they aren’t in part. They steal the livestock from the Kibbutzim and they steal their cars. The beduoin in the Negev illegally set up camp on state land wherever they want and Israel has to tear down their ramshackle dwellings/

    Arabs uproot our olive trees and then plant their own. By the applicable Turkish law which still applies, if you cultivate the land, its yours. So the cultivation wars are a constant.

    After the Carmel fire, there were 25 reported cases of Arab arson throughout Judea and Samaria.

    Ahnd I don’t follow it closely. But you can’t avoid hearing about them. Meanwhile Jews just want to earn a living and raise their families. Luckily some Jews have organized to fight this war to protect Jews and Jewish property.

  19. I have asked Yamit on this site so often what does he propose to do…answer is nothing, he is essentially a big mouth anarchist

    In order to begin to resolve this issue then I propose to take up the fight primarily against the Lauras, the Yamits, the Ted Belmans and others

    Because you all talk with forked tongues on this site

    I have begun a discussion on my own and new site and I am going to take no prisoners

    I am going to smoke out all of these so called pro Israeli few in Ireland to come out and state what they believe in

    And I do the same with all of you on so comfortable Israpundit and all the other Jewish sites which predominate

    The first thing that Israel needs is a Trotskyist party, a revolutionary Marxist Party.

    Here if by now you do not understand the difference between Marxism and Stalinism or Social Democracy, then just butt out, or to Yamit shut the f… up, OK

    you need a revolutionary party that will begin to fight for a number of things

    1. You MUST close down Haaretz

    2. You MUST place those journalists of Haaretz in jail

    3. You MUST close down the Knesset. You must end this parliamentary democracy farce and Jew Hatred which has these Arab antisemites and Jewish antisemites sitting there day after day operating the counter revolution against the Jewish Homeland

    4. You must immediately take Netanyahu and it is not too late at 60 give him a job shovelling gravel on a Jewish road

    5. You must in short make war inside the Jews of Israel. They are the problem. Not Obama or the Arabs. That is just being used as the excuse for the great betrayal that JEWS are carrying out

    And you must begin by declaring war on Yamit and Belman. Every time that the issue of new and revolutionary Trotskyist leadership comes up you have Yamit snarling like a Doberman and Belman backing him up.

    The problem actually starts with Israpundit and with you people on Israpundit.

    yes I am ranting but I really do have the measure of you oh so comfortable middle class Jews

  20. Ted

    You probably will not know what I am talking about here

    A long long time ago when Joseph Norland was running Israpundit and it was just starting actually I made a comment and I said that talk of peace was the greatest bullshit

    You came back and gave me a lecture basically as to how peace was a great pursuit of the Jews etc, not exactly your words but believe me coz I remember it as yesterday that was the essence

    That rankled and as you see stuck coz I was not feeling confident enough THEN to fight it out to the end

    I am a Trotskyist and Trotskyism is a theory of knowledge which in practice I venture to say is warlike. Just as Marx and Lenin were warlike also

    There is a gulf between us

    When I hear that Jewish girls in large numbers are teaming up with “sexy” Arabs and forsaking their Jewish heritage to have large families (I presume here since I do not know fully the writer’s references above) families which will be antisemitic

    When I hear that is happening I laugh, I had to laugh. Is that what Israel has come to?

    You mean Ted that you left Toronto to go back to THAT

    And why is Yamit filling our heads full of crap and has not been telling us as to what is really happening in this Israel. I mean by that that we who do not live in Israel are dependent on Yamit and people like Yamit to tell us exactly what is happening in Israel. I mean good old-fashioned empirical reporting, the honest truth

    I mean Ted you are probably comfortable with your adequate pension etc, but why do you not get out, meet some of the poor Jews in Israel, some of these masses of youth in Israel who I hear have no jobs and no prospect ever of jobs

    The problem is not these Arabs, the problem is YOU JEWS

    I wrote a comment (and all of you, I mean all, every single one of you, ignored oit studiously)about say 5 months ago here, you all saw it, I called for a war among the Jews, put these Haaretz Jews into jail NOW, get a damned good dictatorship of the Jews in operation, close down Haaretz, arrest the majority of these university bums Plaut talks (but does nothing else) about