The Rothchilds: At their beginning and now.


There are many errors in the above.
No one is close to 500 Trillion worth.
That sum is ridiculous – on any test.

Here are a few:

1. At the beginning, the Men had to marry only Jewish Women
to keep the family together. Women could never be in any of
the businesses. Only the sons were so enabled. That changed
much later on, but not in large numbers. Usually – the wives
had to convert or there no marriage. That way, all offspring
would be Jewish – which would keep the family together. It
appears to have worked very well for all of the Rothschilds.

2. Their reputation for intelligence/honesty – was their brand.
They always kept their commitments – which is why people
trusted them for their deposits, & also for sovereign loans.
The current leader of France made his fortune working for
them. He does not appear to be “grateful” regarding same.

3. Many of their business undertakings were kept very secret.
That was often in league – with the parties they dealt with.

4. They collaborated with 4-5 other Jewish Families like them.
They all had & have large operations in the City of London.

5. They knew Waterloo was won by England by carrier pigeons
flying to London – that had been trained for such messaging.

6. No one really knows what is their combined wealth. Most
is in trusts which are not reported to the public. There can
be now doubt that any other or families compare w them.

7. My father bought many of their fine Bordeaux wines in the
1950’s for his own use. Anyone would know – that they had
no equal in quality. We used to have a bottle every evening
at the dinner table. Eventually, it was no longer available.

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  1. It is true that the head of ther Rothschilds of London now has wealth of approximately 5 billion. But he inherited very little of it, He earned it over a 50-60 year period working his way up from junior to senior management for two petroleum companies, one after the other, and one of America;s major investment banks (can’t remember which one) over about 5-10 years . Here two he was promoted over several years from middle management to senior management. According to Wikipedia and I think ithe Financial Times, at least when I last checked them, his family name and title of Lord” (Baron) helped him get these positions, but not any money he had to invest in the firm. His inheritance was less than 100 million from the previous Lord Rothschild, I believe. He is now 87 years oold and not in the best of health. It is not clear who he will leave his wealth to, I don’t know whether his wife is Jewish. Most of his sons and daughters spouses do not have Jewish family names. I do not know what religion his eldest son, who will inherit his title of Baron R.. professes. What is known is that he earned his wealth over many decades by hard work, managerial talent and sound business sense (which he may have inherited from his ancestors) plus a bit of name-dropping. He did not inherit it from previous generations of Rothschilds.

  2. Adam Write it asap.

    You need to write it in a document separate from Israpundit
    Keep saving it on your computer

    When you’re happy with it all send it wherever whenever.

  3. I received an email :

    It may serve to note the London head is rated by I think Forbes, to have worth 5T at least.

    There is also a piece therein where they gave Trudeau a large personal airplane for a favour.

  4. Ted, this is absolute bunk. The Rothschilds were never even remotely as rich as this writer claims, and they were never evil conspirators as antisemites have always claim. They were actual model citizens in all the countries where they lived. They were generous, kind, public spirited and patriotic. They were good guys, not bad guys. While they were once very wealthy, they are not among the worlds wealthiest families today. The Nazis confiscated most of their properties on the European continent. They never asked Germany to restore them or compensate them. DeGaule nationalized most of their French property after the war. The continuous division of their estates whenever a Rothschild passed away has also greatly diminished the wealth of Rothschild’s living today. Not a single member of the Rothschilds clan has made Forbes Magazines list of the 2,500 of the world’s wealthiest families for many years running.
    I wish to write an article for Israpundit replying to all the lies and myths about the Rothschilds in this articles and so many others. I request permission to have such an article published here when I find the time to write it.

    Earlier this evening I wrote a much longer (too long) comment to refute this poisonous article with its many falsehoods about the Rothschilds. But the screen suddenly “went to code” and I lost the entire comment. If possible, could you save this longer comment from electronic oblivion and report it? Or perhaps publish it as an article? Many thanks

  5. They say, “Power corrupts, and Absolute power corrupts absolutely.” I would suppose that the same holds true for wealth.

  6. Wealth that one is born with is not always a blessing. A person’s self worth is built from meeting challenges and hardships. It is a hindrance to anyone’s emotional development to think that material possessions provide one with a feeling of self worth.

    Indeed, it is common in the United States for many people to think money and power are all that matters, when in truth, the seeking of money and power interfere with a person’s ability to know what really matters in life: your capacity to love.