The Syrian Revolution is From the People and For the Syrian People Alone

WASHINGTON- The recent bombings in Aleppo have given rise to a narrative here in American media –bolstered by comments from high-ranking officials in the American government- that Al’Qaeda has a foothold in Syria now and is attempting to infiltrate the Syrian revolution. We highly dispute this claim and would like to remind both the White House and the American public that the idea that those in the Syrian revolution are purely “Jihadists” or fighters affiliated with Al’Qaeda is a fabricated narrative that the Assad Regime has been pushing since the beginning of the pro-democracy revolution in Syria. The only people in Syria who have any contact with such groups or Al’Qaeda affiliates is the regime itself, who allowed numerous fighters to enter Iraq and fight during the War in Iraq.

Because of this contact and support for such fighters, the Assad Regime knows how to duplicate their methods of attack and their style. Clearly, in order to bolster the Regime’s claim that the revolution is affiliated with Al’Qaeda, when the Regime bombed their own buildings in Aleppo, they replicated Al’Qaeda’s style of bombing to confuse and scare Western nations into not supporting this pro-democracy revolution. Witnesses on the ground in Aleppo have explained that no car could possibly have entered the security checkpoint and barriers that surrounds the security intelligence building without authorization from security forces themselves.

This revolution was started by the Syrian people as a bid for dignity and freedom from the tyrannical Assad Regime. It is a revolution for all Syrians, of all faiths and backgrounds and enjoys support from all segments of society. We call upon the United States Government and the American public to be vigilant, and not to be fooled by the Regime’s attempts to use Al’Qaeda as a distraction from the real issue that every day the Assad Regime kills more and more innocent civilians while the international community remains silent and idle. We demand that a humanitarian corridor be established immediately so that medical aid and humanitarian supplies can reach affected areas and civilians will be protected.

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