The Tories and the callous betrayal of babies

E. Rowell:  The conservatives in government in Great Britain and those in the US Congress have been made wealthy by their globalist donors.  They want money and are willing to cede power to those on the left for it.  That has led to the successful infiltration of government in both countries by cultural Marxists who have been working from inside our governments to takedown Western civilization.  It is a satanic project, which aims to allow thousands of death cult Islamic jihadists into the country through immigration. The takedown of Western civilization has been an ongoing project in education, teaching children to hate “whiteness” and to hate Western values and cultural norms.  In addition, all manner of sexual perversions are taught to children as if they are completely normal.   I predict that there is going to be a definite repudiation of the entire Cultural Marxist project.  Like other Marxists, cultural Marxists are bullies, and use accusations of racism to silence their opponents.  But they have gone too far.  No one who is not a racist need fear being called one.  We have a civilization well worth saving, and those who wish to destroy it cannot be tolerated much longer.  Laura Perrins starts the great repudiation highlighting the need of children for their mothers in the first year of life.

By Laura Perrins, THE CONSERVATIVE WOMAN   3 June 2024

IN AN excellent piece in the Spectator, associate editor Douglas Murray remembered the times he was on various political shows with the usual line-up of Labour, LibDem and Conservative MPs. The Conservative MP always ended up trying to paint Murray as the extremist or right-wing nutjob.

I must quote Murray at length: ‘If you add together the Reform and Conservative parties’ share of the vote you have a force that would at least have a chance of power. But the Conservative Party never seems to want those people; indeed it is one of the only political parties I know whose leader seems to rather dislike its own voters.

‘For years I have seen a version of this play out personally. In the days when Question Time and similar programmes were watchable, I used to appear. As well as the opportunity to spend an evening with a Liberal Democrat, a Labour MP and a bitter comedian, these programmes always had one thing in common. The Labour MP would ride shotgun with the comedian (who was of course either left-wing or very left-wing), the Liberal Democrat would sit in the middle hoping to take advantage of any situation, and the job of the Conservative MP was to distance him or herself from the conservative person on the panel. When I was on, that person was me. If it was Rod Liddle or Melanie Phillips or anyone else, the Conservative MP would reliably turn on them at some point and scold them.’

I can relate as sometimes that was me on that panel. This really sums up the entire ghastly Conservative Party and the mess they now find themselves in. For years I was wheeled out on Question Time, Any Questions and all the rest of them. I could feel the hostility wafting off whatever Conservative MP I was on with. Just who is this woman? Why is she here? She’s just so . . . conservative.

Then there was Mark Steyn. He was telling a few too many truths about the Conservative Party on the so-called ‘Fox TV of the UK’, GB News. Unsurprisingly they found a way of getting rid of him and have now replaced him with – a load of Conservative MPs! You just couldn’t make it up.

In fact, this was the point of the entire website you are reading. Kathy and I were fed up with the unconservative Conservative Party and set up a website called The Conservative Woman to give some pointers, the basics in conservatism. It all fell on deaf ears with the great and good in the Conservative Party. And what a great position they find themselves in today – staring down the barrel of an election they will rightly get crushed in! And good riddance too.

Kathy has already explained how we will not be following every twist and turn of this ridiculous non-election election. What we will be highlighting is The Great Betrayal.

The betrayal has been greatest when it comes to family policy. The Conservatives have crushed any chance of a mother caring for her child at home.

It started when Cameron abolished universal child benefit and ever since then the Conservatives have subsidised nonfamily care. Stay-at-home mothers got punished – nurseries got subsidised. The latest expansion of childcare, which the Times called the biggest expansion of the welfare State since the NHS (so much for rowing back the state), will fund external care for babies from nine months. So you drop your nine-month-old infant off at nursery and the state will pick up some of the bill.

Now listen, I know it is tough for families out there with the cost of living and inflation etc. This is all because of the stupid policies of this stupid Conservative government. But children under one, babies, should be at home with their mothers. You can tell yourself that they are fine, that nursery will ‘stimulate them’, that they will make friends or whatever other lies you want to tell yourself to get you through the day. But they are just that – lies. Babies should be with their mothers. This was a given, a norm, a value so universally accepted until very recently that few questioned it – maybe some mad feminists on the extreme left wing of the Labour party denied it but no serious decent person agreed with them.

Then the Conservatives thought they’d get a lot more tax in if they pushed all the mothers of babies in swaddling blankets out to work. The feminists were getting noisier, and the Conservatives didn’t want to look ‘old-fashioned’ on Question Time. That position was delegated to me. Since then, things have only got worse.

This should have been the biggest story last week: ‘A nursery worker has been jailed for 14 years over the manslaughter of a baby she was supposed to be looking after.

‘Kate Roughley, 37, strapped nine-month-old Genevieve Meehan face down to a beanbag at the Tiny Toes nursery in Cheadle Hulme, Stockport, on 9 May 2022.

‘Genevieve was left on the beanbag for 90 minutes and was seen struggling and coughing on CCTV footage. But Roughley did not check on her until she was “unresponsive and blue”. Jurors heard Genevieve, the daughter of barrister John Meehan and solicitor Katie Wheeler, died from asphyxiation . . .

‘Sentencing Roughley, Mrs Justice Ellenbogen told her: “As the harrowing CCTV audio and video footage showed, that day you left Genevieve in that position only carrying the most cursory and infrequent of checks”.’

‘Roughley had pleaded not guilty to unlawful act manslaughter and an alternate count of child cruelty, claiming Genevieve’s death was a ‘terrible and unavoidable accident’. She claimed the staff-to-child ratio at Tiny Toes had “gradually worsened” and her barrister, Sarah Elliott KC, reminded the jury that senior managers had a live CCTV feed of the baby room where Genevieve was fighting for her life.

‘But prosecutor Peter Wright KC told the jury Roughley had “taken against” Genevieve in the days before her death. She was recorded mockingly singing “Genevieve go home” as the child cried, and was heard to call her “vile”. He said Roughley had “punished” Genevieve for the perceived “imposition” the youngster had placed on her time.

‘Jurors were in tears at the start of the trial as they watched the CCTV footage from the baby room, which showed the “virtually immobilised” Genevieve becoming increasingly distressed from 13:35 to 15:12.’

This case makes me very angry indeed. In fact, the term ‘baby room’, and live CCTV feed to baby rooms makes me positively infuriated. What kind of country is this, where babies suffocate through gross neglect in a baby room? For what? An increase in GDP?

I visited a baby room in a nursery when I deluded myself that I would go back to work – also in the law – with my first. I took one look, turned straight round and said, I don’t care what we must do, I’m not leaving my child in one of those places.

Of course, if I said as much – and I did – on one of those awful political programmes beside some awful Conservative MP, always a woman, like Justine Greening, I’d be painted as some backward dinosaur. Well, screw you and your baby rooms and live CCTV feeds. Babies shouldn’t be in baby rooms.

Then there was this case: ‘A paedophile working at a Staffordshire children’s nursery has admitted a string of sexual offences involving children in his care. Craig Ordish, 39, of Burton-on-Trent, worked at a nursery in the town. He admitted two counts of assault of a girl under 13 by touching . . . to causing/inciting a child under the age of 13 to engage in sexual activityfive counts of making indecent photograph/pseudo-photograph of a child and possession of extreme pornographic images.’

Oh, by the way, one of the big feminist pushes, no doubt something any reasonable Conservative MP would fall over themselves to agree with, is getting more men into childcare. Because ideology is more important than the safety of children!

There are some less serious harms going on in the nursery: ‘A nursery worker who shook a child and shoved toys in his chest because he wouldn’t tidy up has been sentenced for assault. 

‘The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) said that Aini Berrington, 54, assaulted the child on 3 February 2023 at a nursery in the Wirral.

‘Staff had been encouraging the children to tidy up their toys as they prepared for “home” time. Berrington began to speak sternly to one child because he wouldn’t tidy up and she repeatedly called the child “rude”. She then grabbed the child by the shoulders and repeatedly shook him.’

Reported in February this year, ‘a care practitioner has been reprimanded for failing to adequately supervise children – which led to one boy stripping naked and the escape of another child who crossed two roads to get to a park. Kirsty Anderson has received a warning from Scotland’s care watchdog for leaving children unsupervised on two occasions at Lincluden After School Group in Dumfries.’

You’d be surprised at how common it is for older children to escape from nursery. ‘James Maguire, three, escaped from his nursery and ran into a town centre before being rescued. His mum Fiona said her child, who is non-verbal, needs extra attention.’

And: ‘A mum whose three-year-old son escaped from a nursery and was nearly hit by a bus has said the early years sector needs to get a grip of the growing problem. Kayleigh Kilpatrick’s son River left the nursery school in Aberdeen without staff noticing and walked most of the 15-minute journey home before he was found next to a busy road by a passer-by. His mother said her son suffers anxiety and separation issues as a result of the incident.’

More abuse: ‘A nursery worker has been jailed after smearing leftovers in a toddler’s face while he was in her care. Helen Walker was captured on CCTV scooping up leftover food waste and pushing it into the boy’s face before ignoring his cries.’ That’s lovely, that is.

Anyway, I could go on. Believe me, I really could go on.

This is what this Conservative government has made the norm. This is what 14 years of Conservative rule have given us – an out-and-out attack on not just young children being cared for at home, but babies, infants left by their mothers to a nursery for hours on end.

And we are all supposed to get with the feminist programme. No thank you. I got the feminist memo and put it in the bin. Whereas all the dreadful – and they were all truly dreadful – Conservative women MPs (apart from Miriam Cates) just couldn’t do enough to get women ‘back to work’. It was their duty to go out and work for someone, according to these fools. No, a mother’s duty is to look after her baby.

RIP Conservative Party. A danger to babies and young children.

Goodbye and good riddance.

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