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Emergency Campaign to Save Israel !

“If I Forget Thee O Jerusalem”

By capitulating to foreign interests and to the tiny but powerful anti-Zionist Left in Israel, the government is shattering the social contract that is the source of its right to govern. By violating the foundational principles and norms of the Jewish State, this government has delegitimized itself.

At the “Munich Conference” in Annapolis, the prime minister intends:

    -To establish an Arab terrorist state to be called Palestine;
    -To divide Jerusalem and give the Temple Mount to the Muslims;
    -To cede all of Judea and Samaria;
    -To give the enemy control of the mountain ridge overlooking “little Israel,” placing all the large population centers within range of Katusha rockets;
    -To expel hundreds of thousands of Jews from their homes and to destroy their communities.


This is not an “Israeli” issue; it is a Jewish issue.
Jerusalem is the birthright of every Jew.
Jerusalem was the capital of the Jewish People for 3,000 years.

By their failure to assert Jewish rights in our city and our holy sites, Israeli governments have set the stage for the ongoing destruction of our 3000 year old heritage. This government has forsaken the State of Israel’s duty to protect our Jewish birthright. If successful, they will sever the Jewish People’s ties to their history, land, and heritage. They will, in effect, deny the very basis of the right of a Jewish State to exist in the Land of Israel.

To divide Jerusalem is to commit national suicide.

To thwart this threat, we have established a coalition dedicated to saving Jerusalem and the Eretz Israel, the United Coalition for Jerusalem, encompassing organizations and groups in countries all over the world. Uniting us is the belief in the centrality of Jerusalem for Jews and Christians alike.

The Israeli wing of the coalition is composed of a long and growing list of extra-parliamentary organizations, Members of Knesset, military leaders, activists, media personalities and, of course, religious leaders. The hallmark of this effort is our inclusiveness. The members come from a wide spectrum of Israeli society: any group or individual opposed to the division of Jerusalem is invited to join.

Short Terms Goals:

    To isolate Olmert and his government, and to expose the fact that they are acting against the will of the people and without their support.

    To send out a clear and resounding message to the world that Jerusalem belongs to the Jews, now and forever.

    To make it clear to Olmert that his government will fall if he proceeds as planned.

Stage One: Building a coalition of forces.

We aim to build as broad a coalition as possible. Everyone who opposes the abandonment of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount is welcome.

Stage Two: Gathering forces.

We envision the active participation of representatives from a wide spectrum of Israeli society, the Jewish world, and Evangelical Christians in conveying the campaign’s message.

The different organizations will operate under the United Coalition for Jerusalem, but will undertake the tasks that they do best. Lobbying the Knesset and Congress, mobilizing Evangelical Christian support, education and public relations in Israel and among world Jewry, and obtaining international support are of utmost importance.

The minimum required budget will be $1 million and will include dozens of pinpoint campaigns.

Stage Three: Arousing public outrage and rebellion against the government.

“If I Forget Thee O Jerusalem…” is a non-sectarian, inclusive campaign.

Given a Knesset whose prime motivation is to cling to their seats, our immediate goal is to threaten the stability of the government coalition by arousing a level of public anger and unrest that can’t be ignored. This shall be achieved by worldwide pressure on PM Olmert and his government.

We will organize a massive demonstrations in Israel and in the USA as a show of strength demonstrating a readiness to do whatever it takes to defend Jerusalem.

Our activities will intensify, moving into non-violent civil disobedience, until the government backs down.

This national disaster, which will place Israel’s continued existence in jeopardy, is being orchestrated by a self-serving and corrupt political clique bent on trading the nation’s most sacred and vital interests for a reprieve from their legal problems.

We, therefore, declare that:

    We do not recognize the government’s right to cede the Land of the Bible and to blithely discard the Jewish People’s unique heritage of thousands of years. Nor do we recognize its attempt to reverse the Biblical prophecies of return to Zion that were fulfilled in our era at such tremendous human cost.

    We do not recognize the right of the government to tear our land into pieces, to destroy cities, towns, and communities, to make hundreds of thousands of Jews into homeless refugees and to steal their property, as was done to the loyal citizens of Gush Katif.

    We do not recognize the authority of the government to use the state as a tool to deny our right to the Land of Zion and to nullify the Zionism that built the state on the strength of 2,000 years of Jewish yearning for Zion.

    We do not recognize the government’s right to give our homeland to a fake people to establish a fake state.

    When a government becomes a cancer, destroying all that it is charged with protecting, the people must cease obeying its suicidal decrees and oppose the destruction.

The Jewish People in Israel and throughout the world will not be bound by the criminal concessions made by this government: it severs any and all connection with its immoral acts.

The Jewish People in Israel and abroad will do whatever it takes to save the nation and land of Israel from its degenerate leaders.

We truly believe that the tremendous power embodied in shivat tzion, the return of the Jewish people to their homeland, is dormant but not dead. A tremendous battle lies ahead, but

    “Let us ascend and we shall gain possession of it, for we can surely do it!” (Numbers 13; 30)

We can’t do this alone,We Need Your Help! –


Make checks to Central Fund of Israel, Re: L’Eretz Yisrael HaShleima.

Mail checks to:

    Central Fund of Israel.
    c/o Marcus Brothers Textiles
    980 6th Ave
    New York NY 10018

Tax ID number: 13-2992985

Telephone numbers:

    US: Jeff (212)519-0207

    Israel: Jay Marcus: 054-699 8155

    Tsafrir Ronen – (Israel coordinator) 972-52-235 8440

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