The West supports the Arabs

By Zvi November

The Gaza confrontation is very complicated because there are many players: Hamas, World Jihad, Fatah, the ISIS radical Salafi group now taking over large parts of Syria and Iraq that is threatening Jordan and has set up terror cells in Gaza, Iran, Hezbollah and Al Sisi next door in Egypt with Russia and the US in the background.  And Saudi, Iranian and Qatari funds are financing most of these combatants.

The Holy Koran with its harsh disdain of Jews and Arab lies about how the Jews have stolen “their” land form the basis of an immutable belief system.  The Palestinian/Arab media hammer away on this theme daily with hate propaganda that pollutes the Arab soul.  Observe any pro-Arab demonstration anywhere to see what I am complaining about.


The basic Israeli position (as promoted by the left-leaning Israeli media) is a strong desire for QUIET.  The message is: ‘Let us lead the good life of a secular, Western (pseudo democratic) state married to materialism and frequent trips abroad.  Israel will do anything for tranquility or even the illusion of quiet.  Over the past 14 years tens of thousands of missiles have been fired into Israel from Gaza.   Most Israel governments, however, have ignored them.  Government spokesmen and women always declare that we cannot tolerate these attacks (all of which are war crimes as they target civilian populations) but except for occasional retaliations from the air, little or nothing is actually done.  Why?

It is understood that there are over a billion Moslems in the world and about 350 million Arabs while Israel is home to just over six million Jews.  Furthermore, the Arabs possess enormous oil wealth while Israel has relatively little to export.

The “neutral” West as well as the Chinese and Japanese are really one-sided supporters of the Arabs and Iran with whom they have important economic relations.  Empathy with Jewish Israel undermines this symbiosis.

Old-fashioned Jew-hatred (anti-Semitism) is also a factor when foreign observers like official Norway and Ireland, EU functionaries, the European media, BBC, neo-Nazi parties, Anglican Church, Church of Scotland, World Council of Churches, Quakers and others damn Israel’s self-defense efforts.

As Israel is a tiny country (with a 20% Arab minority, many of whom identifies with and supports her enemies) it is easy to pressure Netanyahu’s divided coalition government.  Israel is easily intimidated by UN resolutions, possible embargo on US arms shipments, indictments in various European courts, economic boycotts and academic ostracism.  Israelis are extremely sensitive to international sanctions and express fears about how the ‘international community’ may respond to a particular course of action.

Israeli governments and especially its foreign ministry have failed to explain the justice of Israel’s cause, to have its rights recognized and respected.  Leftists and the “Haaretz” newspaper supply Israel’s enemies with anti-Israel misinformation and disinformation.

Making matters worse, we have the Obama-Kerry team ignoring Arab/Palestinian aggression, refusal to make any compromises, refusal to recognize Israel as a Jewish state, rampant corruption (EU and US funds are misappropriated), paying liberal stipends to convicted terrorists, glorification of murderers, anti-normalization campaign and serious efforts to delegitimize Israel.  However, both Kerry and Obama are quick to blame Israel when things go awry.


Rarely does anyone raise the issue of comparative values.  Retribution is an elementary value in Arab society.  An Arab who does not take revenge for an insult or perceived indignity loses respect (honor) in his own eyes and in his community.  This contrasts sharply with Jewish thinking that disparages revenge.  It follows that Arab respect for Jews is almost non-existent because Jews normally don’t take revenge.  Revenge, of course, has to be and is based on hate.  Indeed. Arab spokesmen often state openly that they hate Jews.

On the positive side, the Jewish-Israeli public appears self-confident.  Christian supporters of Israel counter balance antagonistic churches and phony “human rights” organizations; a few objective observers like Pat Condell (on YouTube) contribute a boost to our morale.  Quiet, non-belligerent Arab neighbors in Israel and Arab friends abroad are a source of hope.  Crucially (and unfortunately), the Arab world is in turmoil.  Arabs are busy killing one another.

Hopefully, the current operation to destroy the Gaza terrorist infrastructure will succeed before Israel is forced by its “friends” to stop defending its citizens.

Zvi  November

July 13, 2014 | 2 Comments »

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2 Comments / 2 Comments

  1. Israel insults the Arabs by seeing them the same way it imagines the Arabs would ideally see Jews.

    Arabs don’t want peace, they want to eliminate Israel and the notion they should let Israel live in quiet is an insult to Arab honor. Israel may get a hudna but peace is out of the question.

    Regardless of the outcome of the current round of fighting.

  2. Horse feathers to complicated, difficult, etc.
    Nothing of the sort. Lack of definition and worse are the reasons for the tip toeing through the tulips we see leading to another “cease fire”.
    100 heavy tanks backed by ten batteries of field artillery plus two wings of AH-64’s and 25 F-16’s plus a couple of sea vessels fanning from North to South Gaza would flatten any resistance in a few hours.
    Netanyahu is the worst possible person to be in charge for the purpose.