The White House’s plan for peace in the Middle East

T. Belman. This plan is about normalization first. Without solving any major issue, it starts the normalization process first. Plus it seeks to make the status quo better by allowing expansion of Area B and restricting Israeli construction outside the settlement blocs.

But what is this about Jordan helping us with security. A week or so ago there was a reference to something like this, Jordan was to have some security responsibilities in J&S.

President Trump’s plan: reduce building in Judea, Samaria, use Jordan and Gulf states to help with Israel’s security.

US Middle East Envoy Jason Greenblatt spoke to senior Israeli officials and representatives of the Palestinian Authority about the US plan for negotiating a final status agreement, Channel 20 reported.

Among the items mentioned in the US proposal were: slowing building in Judea and Samaria, creating security arrangements in partnership with Jordan and the Gulf states, and normalizing Israel’s relations with the Arab countries.

According to the plan, negotiations will begin in September, following the meeting between US President Donald Trump, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, and Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas in Washington, D.C.

The plan also requires both sides to work towards peace.

The US will help consolidate security arrangements between Israel and the PA, as well as consolidate a joint effort to fight terror. Jordan and the Gulf states will also work to help radical Islamic terror.

Each side will commit to building a peaceful future and a culture which works towards co-existence.

The Arab nations will agree to normalize relations with Israel starting during the negotiations, in return for Israel reducing the number of housing units built in Judea and Samaria. Such an agreement would help the Israeli economy and encourage the Israeli public to be more willing to accept territorial compromise and the expulsion of Jews from various towns in Judea and Samaria.

According to the report, Trump will leave discussion on Jerusalem and the refugee crisis for the second stage of negotiations, after the sides have built a level of mutual trust.

The Israeli government insists the US plan include sections which obligate the PA to cease incitement to and encouraging of violence, and to cease payments to terrorists and their families.

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  1. and why does Israel allow terrorist leaders to come into Israel and get medical treatment for themselves and their families?

  2. @ Sebastien Zorn:
    and apropos of nothing, at a minimum, why is Israel continuing to supply electricity to terrorists? Because they might die?


    “If someone is coming to kill you, kill him first.”

    Babylonian Talmud
    Berachot 58a, Yoma 85b, Sanhedrin 72a

    “A range of opinions supports discretionary war to “diminish the heathens” provided the Talmudic procedural requirements are satisfied.

    “Because these requirements, including consultation of the priestly breastplate, the urim vetumim, are inapplicable under modern conditions, the only relevant addition would be an obligatory war to defend Jews against both actual and potential aggression “…even when there is only a suspicion that they may attack us.” (Arukh HaShulkhan He’Atid, Hilkhot Melakhim74:3-4)”

  3. OK. Where’s the peace, already? Are these peace gestures? Security Collaboration? Don’t make me laugh? or cry.

    from today’s A7

    “Border Police officer critically wounded in a combined shooting and stabbing attack in Jerusalem’s Old City.

    A 22-year-old female Border Police officer was critically wounded on Friday evening in a combined shooting and stabbing attack near the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem’s Old City.

    Four other people were wounded, among them two moderately, and one lightly.

    The attack took place around 7:30 p.m. on Friday evening, when four terrorists attacked Border Police officers using knives and rifles.

    Three terrorists were neutralized at the scene, and a manhunt is reportedly underway for the fourth.

    The critically wounded victim was evacuated to the Hadassah Mount Scopus Hospital for treatment.

    The other victims were taken to the Shaarei Tzedek Hospital.

    The area of the Damascus Gate has been repeatedly targeted by terrorists. Last month, a knife-wielding female Arab terrorist attacked officers who were deployed at the Damascus Gate.

    Officers responded quickly to the attempted stabbing attack, neutralizing the terrorist before she was able to reach her intended target.

    In April, an Arab terrorist from the city of Shechem (Nablus) wounded three Israelis at the same place, before being eliminated by Border Police.

    The attacks are part of the ongoing terror wave that began in October of 2015, on the eve of the Rosh Hashanah holiday.”

    “Revenge of the Jordan Valley farmers
    After Jordan Valley farmers suffer from destruction of fields and equipment by Arabs, regional council head takes an unusual step.”

    “After Jewish farmers in the Jordan valley have suffered of late from harassment by Arabs causing deliberate damage to fields and agricultural equipment, the head of the Jordan Valley Regional Council decided to take an unusual step as a show of resistance.

    Nrg reported that Council Head Idan Greenbaum instructed today, after an Arab herd of cows infringed on an agricultural field in a Jordan Valley kibbutz, that the herd be confiscated. The step was taken in coordination with enforcement authorities.

    While regional councils have generally refrained from taking strong measures against Arab destruction of agricultural plots and equipment, fearing Arab reprisal manifested in additional acts of destruction, Greenbaum explained that the Jordan Valley Council could no longer be silent.

    “We have decided that we will not be silent and will not sit complacently in the face of crime directed against the farmers of the Jordan Valley,” he said.

    “It is clear that, in coming days, we will have to keep our eyes open and be prepared for the owners of the herds, which have been causing us damage for a long time now.

    “We are determined to convey a strong message that will not be forgotten for a long time,” he said.

    Greenbaum said that he was in touch with police about an impending Arab response.

    “I have no doubt that [police] are aware as we are about what could happen, and I expect to receive from them all the assistance and defense to which they are obligated,” he said.”

    “Stabbing attack foiled near Hevron
    Terrorist surprised by Border Police officers near Cave of the Patriarchs, dropping the knife with which she intended to carry out attack.

    “Border Police officers on Monday evening foiled a stabbing attack near the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hevron.

    The incident began when a suspicious Arab woman arrived at one of the inspection posts near the Cave of the Patriarchs.

    The suspect, who was holding a knife, appeared to be surprised by the Border Police officers who approached her, causing her to drop the knife to the floor.

    The officers then arrested the suspect, a resident of the village of Yatta in her 20s. A preliminary investigation found that she intended to carry out a stabbing attack in order to be recognized as a “shaheed” (martyr).

    She was taken for further questioning.

    A similar incident took place two weeks ago, also near the Cave of the Patriarchs. In that incident, a female Arab terrorist from a village near Hevron was arrested when it was discovered she had hidden a large kitchen knife in her personal bag.

    Border Police officers who were stationed at one of the checkpoints near the Cave of the Patriarchs noticed the woman who had raised their suspicions.

    Upon searching her belongings, they found the large knife, with which she intended to carry out a stabbing attack against security forces or Jews who were in the vicinity of the Cave of the Patriarchs.”

    This is real news, ok?

    And this crazy.

    “Liberman: Artificial island near Gaza – reward to terrorism
    Defense Minister rejects initiative to set up artificial island opposite Gaza, says it would result in weapons being smuggled into Gaza.”

    “Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman (Yisrael Beytenu) on Thursday spoke out against the initiative of Transportation and Intelligence Minister Yisrael Katz (Likud) to set up an artificial island opposite Gaza.

    Speaking at the Tel Aviv International Salon, Liberman also made clear that Israel was not a side in the conflict between Fatah and Hamas which resulted in the current electricity crisis in Gaza.

    “What is happening in Gaza is an internal struggle between Hamas and Fatah and between Mahmoud Abbas and Yihya Sinwar. Hamas is the one who is responsible for this crisis… We are willing to supply electricity to Gaza, but they have to pay for it first. This should be made clear, especially to the international community,” he said.

    Liberman opined that “building an island and a port in Gaza means giving a reward to terrorism and encouraging it. Hamas will say that thanks to its fight, it has achieved investments worth billions and a new port in Gaza. Who will control this port from a security point of view? This would be the best way to smuggle weapons into Gaza. You cannot maintain our security via a remote control.”

    “We have a bitter past experience with things like this, among others with international forces that came to monitor, and then everything collapsed at the moment of truth. It is impossible to maintain security in Gaza with international inspectors,” he stressed.

    The Defense Minister also conveyed a message to the moderate Arab states, saying, “We are ready to cooperate with you, we have experience in the fight against terrorism and we are ready to be allies. The peace treaties with Egypt and Jordan have proven themselves, and this is a good example for others.”

    As for the possibility of reaching an agreement with the Palestinian Authority, Liberman said, “I do not see a real willingness on the part of the Palestinians to move forward and reach a comprehensive solution. We have failed in this regard so far. I was stunned by Ehud Olmert’s proposal in Annapolis, but Abbas refused to sign it. The formula of land for peace is a big mistake.”

    This was the last bit of craziness that the late and unlamented Peres was cooking up when he mercifully bit the dust.

  4. “Both sides”? As if Israel has done anything but work towards peace and the pals have done anything but work towards more terror. Complete fantasy at our expense. As Caroline Glick pointed out in an article reprinted here, the Sunni Arab states have been beating a path to Israel’s door anyway out of fear of Iran. In another earlier article, she pointed out that all of the peace agreements with Israel’s Arab neighbors, Egypt, Jordan, happened while settlement construction was expanding. Even Oslo. with no mention of Jewish construction freezes as a condition. They will sue for peace when we get aggressive, but they will become aggressive when we sue for peace.

  5. ““The plan also requires both sides to work towards peace.”

    Excuse me? Both? What the hell kind of false moral equivalence is this? Has Israel been doing anything else? Anybody heard of any Jewish terror attacks on Arabs? When it was even alleged, Not only the government but every sector of society condemned it even to the point of forgetting to protest the very real kidnapping and murders of the three Jewish teenagers that had just happened. Talk about adding insult to injury, especially since the enemy refuses to even consider stopping terror and openly celebrates it. The sheriff needs to run these bastards out of town, not give them the keys to the city!

  6. “The plan also requires both sides to work towards peace.

    The US will help consolidate security arrangements between Israel and the PA, as well as consolidate a joint effort to fight terror.”

    What is this even supposed to mean?

  7. Excuse me, it’s Area A not B. Area A is under exclusive PA security as well as administrative control.

    “Leaders of the Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria reacted angrily after it was revealed that the political echelon approved the construction of 14,000 housing units in the Arab city of Qalqiliya, allowing the city to expand from Area A into Area C. The number of housing units approved for the city was seven times the number of housing units approved for all Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria.”

    “Construction in Qalqiliya: ‘Someone’s lost their mind’
    IDF regulations ignored to allow Arab city to expand to within 50 meters of security fence.” – June 15, 2017

  8. Obama will be remembered as the worse and most Anti Israel president and in US history.lets not forget the $310 million Obama authorized 1 hour before leaving Office.He will be also become one of the richest and most Corrupt Presidents in History.He leaves the country with 51 million Americans on Food Stamps, half of them Fraudsters and illegal aliens.A National Disgrace.Any other country Obama would be in prison for Corruotion

  9. @ Ted Belman:
    Yes and no. The ball is in the Court of Saud et. al.
    The onus is on them to normalize relations with Israel. It must endure for 10 years, at least and then expanded.
    No concessions from Israel.

  10. Trumps “plan” is POISON for the Jewish state !
    ASSHOLE Trump is NOT the king of Israel !!!!!!!
    He should rent the Oval Office to his new buddy Abu Mazen !!!!!!


  11. Israel insisting no payments to terrorists and no incitement, prior to actual negotiations.

    If Bibi sticks to that no negotiations will happen. Abbas can not stop payments to Fatah terrorists sitting in Israeli prisons. If he does he will be hanged by his fellow non suit wearing terrorists.

  12. Such an agreement would help the Israeli economy and encourage the Israeli public to be more willing to accept territorial compromise and the expulsion of Jews from various towns in Judea and Samaria

    please someone explain? help the economy? who’s going to pay for the expulsion? not all the hero’s from gaza have been settled. then there’s those from amona? still out in the cold. nuff said. .

  13. I reiterate ‘which idiot takes credit for this rubbish?? how many village (Washington dc) idiots helped. first should have been the appy or the bone, being the embassy moved to JERUSALEM. then you can throw in this rubbish as your then owed. no doubt nutunyahoo will swoon over this road to hell. ‘

  14. This is essentially what I forecast after the Trump visit.. Normalization is happening before any major issues are decided. And the interim is made better by allowing the expansion of Area B and the settlement blocs to enable construction there. Israeli construction outside the blocs is to be restrained. Israel also to help the Palestinian economy.