There are no “innocent” Gazans

Nuts: Israel is cautioned to do no harm to “innocent” Gazans.

I hope I don’t come across as being angry.

For what Hamas did to my People, I guess it’s okay to be sad, horrified, dismayed…but not angry.

As the Rebbe says, all other nations may fight to win, but only Jews must turn the other cheek. They must not be angry.

That was Biden, appropriately providing military equipment to the Israelis, then by degrees, backtracking and backsliding.

It didn’t take long for him to be reminded, by people like Chuck Schumer, that he is a Democrat, and that for Democrats, support for Israel is always conditional.

Therefore, the Israelis, fighting for their very existence, may engage the enemy…sending in its finest sons into the trip-wired, booby-trapped jungle that is Hamas/Gaza…where what awaits them are thousands of savages…armed to the teeth…ambushes prepared house to house, corner to, corner …BUT, they must not do so in anger.

Do not be blinded by rage, Biden warned the Israelis.

They must do no harm to those “innocent civilians.”

In time of war, what other nation gets conditions like this? Only Israel…and in all our US wars, millions of civilians died through collateral damage…because it was them or us.

So it is, nation to nation.

In rules of engagement, there is no prize for runner-up or second best, and the dead get no second chances.

Innocent civilians?

Those Gazans voted for Hamas. After every suicide bombing against Israeli civilians, they cheered and gave out candy…as they did after our 9/11.

The surveys have them supporting Hamas 87 percent. The rest were too busy digging tunnels.

There are no innocent Gazans.

Not even 10 as in Sodom, which was destroyed by sulfur and fire when there was no righteousness to be found; only wickedness.

How’s that for “blinded by rage,” justified.

Thus, every casualty in Gaza is the responsibility of Hamas and the assorted terrorists who turned lush greenery into garbage and terror cells.

Hamas started this. Israel must finish this with justified Biblical ferocity.

Did I hear this right?

Biden is sending them $100 million.

His heart bleeds for them who did this to us.

No, he says, the money will be going to those innocent civilians…of which there are none.

Not a chance that a jackpot like that will end up in the hands of Hamas. He is sure of this.

If that sounds crazy, wait, there’s worse.

He’s talking about a two-state solution up ahead.

Now that…that is insanity.

Somebody tell him that Sharon’s giving up Gaza WAS the two-state solution…and then this is what happens…. again and again and again.

That’s the worst part of it all. People never learn.


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