This Jewess Says RFK Jr is Right

A presidential candidate is assailed for speaking the truth.

Dr. Naomi Wolf’s

It’s legacy media hysteria time again: news outlets from The Washington Post to The Atlantic hyperventilate about what they spin as the latest scandale. Presidential candidate RFK Jr made comments at a dinner about ethnically targeted bioweapons. Mainstream media commentators claim that these comments are in themselves antisemitic.

Some articles are going back in time, cherry-picking remarks RFK Jr has made in the past about the Holocaust, and about other aspects of historic totalitarianism, to strengthen the case for imprinting the “Anti-Semite” label forever on Mr Kennedy’s candidacy and campaign. With the (now AI-driven) global smear campaign in full mode, we see the way that bad press today quickly becomes circular and self-referential.

Look at who is most upset! It is the Democratic political establishment — which is directly threatened by RFK Jr’s potential success — that is beside itself.

Democratic National Committee Chairman Jamie Harrison called RFK Jr’s remarks “deeply troubling.”

A group of Democrats ask the White House to disinvite Kennedy from appearing on Capitol Hill. Kyle Herrig, Executive Director of the [Democrats’] Congressional Integrity Project, wrote a letter to Congressman Jim Jordan, calling Kennedy “a total whack job whose views and conspiracy theories would be completely ignored but for his last name.” Herrig asked Mr Kennedy to be disinvited from a planned appearance at the White House due to “video evidence of his horrific antisemitic and xenophobic views which are simply beyond the pale.”

Who else is beside itself? The White House, and its spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre! It is this White House’s current inhabitant, of course, whom this candidate seeks to unseat.

These are the folks who most fear and dread this outsider’s surprisingly dynamic challenge to their planned stitch-up — (a Michele Obama/Gavin Newsom ticket is my guess) — of the 2024 Presidential election.

There is another branch of folks who are upset at RFK Jr. Who? Oh! That would be Big Pharma/Big Public Health.

AP (which has a Memorandum of Understanding with the CCP’s main propaganda outlet, Xinhua, to “Enhance Cooperation”) spun the candidate’s warnings about ethnically targeted bioweapons as lunacy, and trotted out Dr Michael Mina to confirm:

“He [Kennedy] asserted without evidence that there are bioweapons being developed to target certain ethnicities, and called for the Post’s article to be retracted.

Researchers and doctors pushed back on the assertion, including Michael Mina, a medical doctor and immunologist.

“Beyond the absurdity, biological know-how simply isn’t there to make a virus that targets only certain ethnicities,” Mina wrote on Twitter.”

Dr Mina is not an independent immunologist. He was a voice on social media promoting antigen tests throughout the pandemic (widespread testing with unreliable methods later proved to be one of the ways that the numbers related to the pandemic were inflated. PCR tests are grossly inaccurate and antigen tests too are not always accurate). Dr Mina called for weekly testing, worldwide.

He is also on the faculty at the “Center for Communicable Disease Dynamics” at the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health. This entity exists to communicate about public health threats. It boasts of partnering with government agencies, and it devotes a section of its website to COVID-19 op-eds published by its faculty.

Another surprise! These op eds universally support and elaborate “the narrative” of an eternal, lucrative COVID Inc. They warn about the faulty information sources of “anti-vaxxers”, they blame “COVID minimizers” for the fact that the population did not yet achieve herd immunity, and they glorify Pfizer’s “hyper-pursuit” of a vaccine. (We know now how scientifically shoddy and how damaging to public health was this “hyper-pursuit”). Dr Mina wrote an op ed in The New York Times urging executive action to bypass FDA approval for rapid antigen testing. Yet another surprise! Dr Mina may get a second paycheck from COVID Inc — “He advises Detect, Inc., a diagnostics company working on a rapid molecular test for Covid-19 […].” And perhaps a third: he is “Chief Science Officer” at eMed Digital Healthcare.

So: the two entities that initiated the attacks on RFK Jr, and that provided the media with the early grist in the form of howls of DNC outrage and sober “assessments” by fully compromised medical voices, are the two entities who stand to lose the most from a President Kennedy: Big Democrats, and Big Pharma/Big Public Health/Big Medical Data.

Now to Mr Kennedy’s assertions themselves. AP is supposed to do actual research before declaring a subject without merit. A simple Google search reveals scores of articles about ethnically targeted bioweapons, in publications ranging from Newsweek to peer-reviewed journals. The National Review warns as recently as April 2023 about “The Coming Threat of a Genetically Engineered ‘Ethnic Bioweapon.’” Eurasia Review alerted readers to “Bioweapons Targeting Specific Ethnicities: A Threat, and Nanotechnology’s Promise for Defense.” This essay is enlightening about one possible reason for the furore over Kennedy’s remarks. Look carefully:

“Bioweapons are defined as infectious agents or toxins that can be used to kill or incapacitate people, animals, or plants. These weapons can be engineered to target specific genetic traits or ethnicities by modifying the infectious agents’ genome or by altering the toxic properties of the bioweapon. Bioweapons are known to be used as a tool for ethnic cleansing or genocide, as they can selectively target specific populations.

One example of such a weapon is the so-called “ethnic bomb” that was reportedly developed by the former South African government during the apartheid era. This weapon was designed to target specific ethnic groups by exploiting genetic differences in the way the body metabolizes certain chemicals. The weapon was never deployed, but its existence highlights the potential for bioweapons to be used in this way.

Another example of a bioweapon that could target specific ethnic groups is the use of CRISPR gene editing technology. This technology allows for precise editing of genes and could be used to target specific genes that are unique to certain ethnic groups. This would allow for the creation of a bioweapon that is more lethal to one group than another [Italics mine].”

So — please process this. CRISPR — the new gene-editing technology with which establishment gatekeepers are so infatuated, and which is the darling of Bill Gates and the entire globalist gene-editing establishment — can be used as a precursor of ethnic targeting.

Articles are abundant that confirm that ethnically targeting bioweapons are seen as a pressing threat by those who actually know about national security issues. If the AP reporter had done a quick search, 14,900 scholarly articles on ethnically targeted bioweapons would have appeared, including in Foreign Affairs“The New Killer Pathogens: Countering the Coming Bioweapons Threat”. Sasha Latypova, on her Substack “Due Diligence and Art”, in an essay titled “Ethnically Targeted Bioweapons?” has done a thorough job presenting the many iterations of this form of bioweapons threat.

So while the details may be open to debate, the general subject that RFK Jr cited, regarding ethnically targeted bioweapons, is verified and real.

We at the WarRoom/DailyClout Pfizer Documents Volunteers Reports found possible evidence of geographic targeting, with 36,000 of 42,000 plus adverse events from the Pfizer injection, being within the United States; the next largest tranche of adverse events is in Western Europe, in order of political importance: Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Greece, Spain. And all the rest of the 52 countries of the world combined, in which this injection was rolled out, yielded only 7000 adverse events. I have confirmed from previous research that China is in charge of the IP of the Pfizer injection, and is deploying manufacturing plants in the West. I am not a medical doctor; I am a political commentator.

But any one who thinks about geopolitics will look at this distribution of adverse events and ask the cause of it.


Let me now reflect on the furore while putting on the hat of having been a former political consultant to two Presidential campaigns.

Disclosure: I know RFK Jr slightly, and I like and respect him. We are nonpartisan at DailyClout, so I can’t endorse any candidate.

That said, there is a reason his campaign is attaining sufficient momentum to scare the Democratic establishment criminal syndicate.

He is a candidate whose blessings are his curses, and vice versa.

Many people welcome him to the national political discussion because of his blistering honesty. A man who will call out Dr Anthony Fauci in a book of hundreds of pages, with thousands of footnotes; who will state in public that he believes that the CIA killed his uncle; who will approach radioactive no-go areas such as the impact of thimerisol on children’s health — brings to the stage a level of honesty (and of moral courage) that is compelling to watch.

That said, speaking as a former advisor to Presidential candidates and campaigns, this very honesty, moral courage and seriousness of purpose, if completely unmediated, can, frankly, turn into a minefield on the campaign trail.

No one who has not lived through a Presidential campaign, can imagine the white heat of the constant national scrutiny of every word; the fatigue generated by 12 hour days of events, with flights every other day; and above all, the paranoia that is engendered by the fact that spies, infiltrators and provocateurs are constant threats and presences. People whom the candidate thinks are friends, give damaging interviews to the press; personal secrets surface; the inner circle is often reluctant to present bad news in an unvarnished way, thus distorting the candidate’s sense of the political landscape; family members are attacked and react emotionally; and so on. Literally no one who has not experienced this for him or herself, can imagine the psychological and physical pressures of a Presidential campaign trail.

The exhaustion, upheaval and isolation can lead a candidate to — well, talk too much or too spontaneously, or to go into messy areas that can be taken out of context by the campaign’s enemies.

Both President Clinton and Vice President Gore had this tendency to freelance, and their advisors would tear their hair out when it surfaced. President Clinton liked to depart from his speech text with long, looping verbal riffs. Mostly that was fine, but sometimes it blew up in his face. The Vice President liked to detour into long excursions into highly technical subjects that fascinated him, but that did not always edify the press or his immediate audiences.

In such a context, any candidate requires a team that can and will enforce what is called “message discipline.” Any successful Presidential campaign needs a core set of talking points, a cleared set of soundbites, and speeches that are bulletproof. It also helps to have dozens of trained surrogates who repeat the campaign’s message, so that it does not all rest on the energies and efforts of the exhausted candidate.

Any Presidential candidate also needs someone — ideally from the press office — seated near him or her at all times who will jump in, signal quietly, or redirect, when a comment risks being taken out of context. No human being can police him or herself at all times, especially under the grueling conditions of a campaign.

What I am saying here is something that a candidate as honest and brave as RFK Jr may be reluctant to hear — but if he is really going to achieve his best shot at being President, I do believe this is important to consider.

RFK Jr is cursed and blessed with a passion for actual truth. So he speaks actual truth. This passion for truth, which I hope I share, is something that makes us both nostalgic and sad when we talk about the demise of truth in the liberal American ideal.

The sad fact though about a Presidential campaign, which is an absolutely grueling psychotic marathon, is that not everything that is true, or even true and very important, is wise always to present in that particular moment. The observation at the private dinner probably falls into that category. There are some truths that will be spun as lies from the start: they give rise to reactions described in Winston Churchill’s quote, “A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.”

Mr Kennedy is not the first candidate to learn that not everything that is actually true, and important, will play well. Mrs Gore had to discover that even though her commitment to raising awareness about depression was noble, and even though depression is a very real and important disease, it was not a discussion that was ultimately helping her husband’s campaign. She productively moved on to health and wellness. Mrs Clinton was correct in identifying her expertise as a potential bonus to the discussion about health care; but she was wrong in thinking that Americans would like having unelected individuals affecting national policy.

All of this risks sounding as if I am urging candidates to be fake, or to dissemble, or to trim their words, and I am not. Inauthenticity is offputting to voters— they can smell it — as well as being morally repellent.

I am saying rather that a good press team will enforce message discipline and will distill the candidate’s real passions and true motivations into talking points, speeches and sound bites that will never betray him or her, and that will spare his or her energies for the really important fights.

The second form of curse/ blessing that belongs to RFK Jr is that he actually understands the governance of this nation. It is the legacy of his family business and heritage. His uncle of course served as President and his father was that President’s Attorney General, as well as being that President’s closest advisor. Other members of Mr Kennedy’s family have served the nation in various ways at high levels.

This means that, likely due to the context of family memory and discussion, no doubt also due to his own reading about his heritage and about geopolitics, RFK Jr is not naive about what it actually means to be President, or what it means to be America in a dangerous world.

That means that he sees real geopolitical threats in advance and is not, to speak frankly, an idiot about national security, as most commentators in legacy media tend to be.

So he will inevitably see ethnically targeted bioweapons — or bioweapons as a whole – as the looming national security threat that they are, rather than as a “wacky” issue that is unmentionable at fancy dinners.

Very few people have had exposure to those making decisions about national security at the highest levels; so at times RFK Jr is likely to see a threat or express a concern that few others will see or understand.

Again: blessing/curse. You want that eagle’s eye view of global security threats in a President; but this rare perspective, as well as this passion to speak the truth, can create difficult, isolating challenges for a campaigner.


Now let us address the string of allegations that are being hurled at RFK Jr related to other alleged instances of anti-Semitism.

In the past, in multiple appearances, RFK Jr has compared current medical totalitarianism to Nazi practices. For this, he has been aggressively assailed.

I am embarrassed to say that the charges of anti-Semitism related to his having done so, have come from institutions central to preserving memories of the Holocaust; institutions ranging from The American Jewish Committee and the Anti-Defamation League have come forward to condemn him. For his 2022 remarks, in a speech, about Anne Frank, in which he pointed out that in the Nazi era one might hide from tyranny whereas now there is no escape possible, the US Holocaust Museum itself came forward to condemn him — a surprising turn of events, when a museum, which is supposed to be nonpartisan and apolitical, steps into a political fray. The museum gave Politico this quote:

“Making reckless comparisons to the Holocaust, the murder of six million Jews, for a political agenda is outrageous and deeply offensive. Those who carelessly invoke Anne Frank, the star badge, and the Nuremberg Trials exploit history and the consequences of hate,” the museum said Monday in a statement posted to Twitter.”

Do I think his Anne Frank remarks were perfectly worded? No indeed (hello again, mythical press officer who should be reading the candidate’s speech first).

Do I understand what he is saying? Yes I do.

I will go further. This Jewess here — who, as I often note, is the granddaughter of a woman who lost nine siblings to the Holocaust — abhors the fact that Jewish organizations are piling on and accusing RFK Jr of anti-Semitism for making comparisons of current medical tyranny to the Nazi era. I abhor this gross oversimplification and over-reaction, because RFK Jr is literally correct to draw these comparisons. I draw them myself.

Remember “Never forget”?

Anyone who has read the history of the rise of the National Socialists to power, knows that the weaponization of German society began with the coopting by the Nazis of physicians, and of doctors’ professional organizations. The full account of this brilliant and damaging innovation, which long preceded the 1933 formal ascendancy to power of the Nazis, let alone the 1939-1945 genocide programs, is in the important books, The Nazi Doctors: Medical Killing and the Psychology of Genocide by Robert Jay Lifton, and Racial Hygiene: Medicine Under the Nazis, by Robert N Proctor.

From where did the fully-formed murderous protocols and techniques of 2020-2023 come? They were not invented from whole cloth in the US or in the other nations in which they were launched. They were invented by the National Socialists in the 1930s.

In the early 1930s, as today, the Nazi state enlisted doctors, nurses and midwives to do the bidding of the State. In the early 1930s, as today, doctors were advanced if they joined the Nazi Party, and professional medical organizations were coopted by the Party; doctors lost licenses to practice or lost professional opportunities, if they refused to align.

As today, the National Socialists quickly divided society into two tiers, in which Aryans had rights, access to jobs, and access to state benefits and to universities, while non-Aryans were identified in multiple ways as second class citizens. The second class citizens lost the right to enter public buildings, to shop in commercial establishments, to keep their jobs, to study or teach in universities, and so on.

Does that sound familiar?

By 1939, the Nazi regime compelled nurses, doctors and midwives to identify mentally impaired infants and children. This was a program called “Aktion T4”. The parents of these children were being urged by “public health authorities” to bring these children to “pediatric clinics”. After that they were euthanized “by lethal overdoses of medication or starvation.” Of course the program expanded to include other ages.

Does this sound familiar?

We heard stories of medical murder “by lethal overdoses of medication or starvation” during the pandemic, by the score.

Indeed, does the following recent account, sound historically familiar?

“In early spring of 2021, the family of Grace Schara, a 19-year-old young woman with Down’s Syndrome, brought their daughter to an emergency room at the direction of an urgent care clinic due to wavering blood oxygen levels from COVID-19. According to her father Scott Schara, this was a grave mistake.

Schara claims the hospital, St. Elizabeth’s in Appleton, Wisconsin, became an adversary, not an ally, in treating Grace.  The relationship broke down when the Schara’s were not convinced Grace needed to be put on a ventilator, a treatment encouraged by the federal government with financial incentives. Within a matter of days, Grace was dead. Her family discovered the physician put a Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) order in place and infused a combination of powerful anesthesia drugs into her system. As a result, they’ve filed a lawsuit claiming the hospital engaged in euthanasia.

It was physicians and nurses tasked with being the “tip of the spear” of Nazi ideology, which saw non-Aryans or the impaired as “infectious” and “diseased”; and it was “public health” as the overarching ideology, that first established the Nazi ideals of pure and impure humans, of those who were privileged and those who were and who should be expendable.

And doctors complied.

Nazi totalitarianism, as anyone who is not historically illiterate knows – and RFK Jr knows history – started with and was predicated upon, medical or “public health” totalitarianism.

Which is all to say: RFK Jr is right to call our attention to direct echoes of our current dystopia with the early days of the Nazi regime. He is right to warn us, by using examples from this so-relevent history, where this all always goes.

It is madness to claim that no one should mention the Holocaust in relation to current redeployments of Nazi-type protocols and policies. We as Jews have always been told to be vigilant, to remember the Holocaust, to learn its lessons.

How can we deny that duty of vigilance, and of recognizing historical patterns, to leaders and colleagues who happen not to be Jewish?

I say it dishonors the memory of victims of the Holocaust to condemn anyone who seeks to learn from what happened to them, and who seeks, by learning from history, to prevent such atrocities from unfolding again.

This Jewess says: RFK Jr is not an anti-Semite for doing so. He is honoring the victims of the Nazis, and trying to draw our attention to that era’s lessons, to save us from similar horrors.


I hope for the sake of this country that we turn our gazes away from sideshows and smear campaigns, that we ignore personal invective, and that we not credit baseless character assassinations.

I hope for the sake of this country that we as voters demand that our media and our national debate stay focused on the actual platforms of all of the candidates; and that we direct our collective attention to the abundance of crises that we really do face, and hear out possible solutions — not as addicts of clickbait, but as sober, discerning citizens, with an important choice to make.

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  1. @Sebastien

    It is you and Peloni who are ignoring all the evidence because, like some conservatives, all that matters to you is the apocalyptic virus and liberal New World Order narrative.

    With all due respect, I have in fact ignored NOTHING even though I disagree with you. I have carefully stated the reasons which form my disagreement with you over what I find to be an unsupportable claim that RFK made an antisemitic statement by referencing evidence which states what he says it states. Also, my opinion is not based on my desire to preserve Kennedy’s position before the Bully Pulpit, not in the slightest. Even if he had a chance at becoming the Democratic Dog Catcher, which he does NOT, my opinion would not barter with the truth as I saw it. I simply do not believe his statement is bound in antisemitism, and I have tried my best to explain why that is. You are of course free to disagree with me, but I would suggest that you are mischaracterizing me when stating my position is due to my ignoring the evidence, because I have not done so.

    Additionally, I found the following statement quite inaccurate:

    all that matters to you is the apocalyptic virus and liberal New World Order narrative

    I will of course leave EvRe1 to make his own response, but you are quite wrong in making this statement about me. In fact, these are but symptoms of a greater issue of our day, as is the moves of totalitarianism in America, and the blind obsession with conquering Russia – these are all symptoms of a much greater disease, and that disease is the lack of voter integrity and voter transparency. The vote is what ties the govt to the will of the people, and it has been the untethering of this tie which has led to all these aberrant movements by the political elites and the beurocratic mischief which you seem to feel is my greater focus. The loss of voter integrity has led to the corruptions listed above, and the way to cure them all is to return the consent of the governed back to the people by securing the vote. At the moment, this is the only issue that matters, as I see things.

    I do agree with your desire to call out politicians for the antisemitic actions and statements which they make, but I also believe that we should not do so without cause, and here is why I disagree with you about the recent uproar over Kennedy and his revelation of the factual description of what was written in the scientific research.

    I do believe, however, that there is a better path to pursue when dealing with antisemitism than even chasing antisemites from the bully pulpit, which is a rather redundant act when those at the bully pulpit are not chosen by the people. In fact, when the people do not pick their leaders, it leaves the elites to do it for them. Such practices should not provide the Jews with any comfort. Surely, history has shown us that the interests of the Jews are best served when the principles of democracy are implemented and the rule of law is equally applied. The way back to these practices which were once routine is to return the govt to the status of being the servant of the people rather than the servant of the elites as it now stands. For this to take place, it would require that the electoral process be made secure and transparent and then your chastising reckless politicians might have a relevant effect – as I stated above, the return of voter integrity really is the only issue that matters at the moment, for many reasons, at least in my opinion.

  2. @EvRe1 That’s a straw man fallacy. Nobody said he said he wants to create a virus to ethnically target Jews. This NY Post headline captures it succinctly:

    RFK Jr. says COVID may have been ‘ethnically targeted’ to spare Jews

    and Chinese. And to target blacks and caucasians. He used the word, “target,” said that America and China are investing millions of dollars in bio-weapons that target racial and ethnic groups and then absurdly tried to cover his ass by backtracking bizarrely and saying, “but we don’t know if it’s deliberate.”

    He has associated with and defended the worst antisemites for years, Farakhan, Iran, Roger Waters.

    It is you and Peloni who are ignoring all the evidence because, like some conservatives, all that matters to you is the apocalyptic virus and liberal New World Order narrative.

    However, like many, if not most Jews, I am more concerned about any narrative that scapegoats Jews and sets us up as targets for negative stereotyping, demonization, discrimination, and violence as well as the messengers of such narratives, most especially if they are candidates for public office or otherwise in possession of any sort of bully pulpit. It needs to be taken away from them. Imagine if Hitler had lost his voice or had no access to radio. He never says he wants to kill all the Jews in Mein Kampf, either, though he says he wants to kill those Jewish leaders who he falsely blames for Germany’s surrender by putting them under poison gas. He just BLAMES us on a racial basis for everything but the common cold and lets human nature take its course.

    Or like the PA and Hamas who were foolishly allowed to indoctrinate more than one generation with Nazi propaganda like this vile, ignorant, racist and antisemitic creep, RFK, jr. who takes after his pro-Nazi grandfather. Skipped a generation, apparently.

    He deserves the treatment Roseanne Barr got but didn’t deserve. I hope he continues to lose his voice. He can incite on a street corner using sign language. Or like the real life villain, Baron Scarpia of “Tosca” was based on, who, on Napoleon’s orders not to harm him after being ousted from power, nobody harmed him but he died on the streets with money in his pocket because nobody would speak to him or even sell him a piece of bread.

    {Full disclosure: I am often internally conflicted by what I know to be common sense and justice politically on the one hand, and what I believe spiritually as a Jubu (Jewish Buddhist), on the other, (much like the liberal “Jewish Values” crowd but I had a “New Age” upbringing from my Jewish mother, as far as style goes) so let me add:

    and may he be happy, well and peaceful. }

  3. It seems that there are people who read articles here who are convinced that RFK Jr. is an antisemite. They are not going to change their minds no matter what objective evidence is offered to them. This is how they choose to judge the man and that is their right to make their own personal judgments.

    Others who read the articles and comment on them are not convinced that RFK Jr. is an antisemite despite what those who believe he is an antisemite say about him. They have an equal right to their judgment.

    The charge of antisemitism is as personally damaging as saying someone is a racist or bigot, but it is more damaging than those terms of opprobrium for the people who read the articles here, because we are generally more sensitive to those who hate Jews and we are motivated to identify them.

    The problem I have with the charge of antisemitism is that it generally leads to the complete and total rejection of the person without understanding any of the person’s potential gifts or strengths or abilities to serve the public.

    It is possible for a person who does not hate Jews to have made statements or choices in relationships that appear antisemitic, but may not be, if you look a little deeper.

    I don’t know what motivated RFK Jr. to have a relationship with Farrakhan. That sounds worrisome to me. But I would be interested in finding out more before I assumed anything about what it means.

    The fact that his parents or uncles or other family members were antisemites means nothing. Many people whose family member were antisemites are very supportive of Jews and Israel, and are completely different from their family members when it comes to that.

    His comments about the possibility of bioweapons that can be targeted towards one ethnic group or another is not the same thing as saying, “I would like to create a bioweapon that can target Jews.” He is saying the opposite: He is saying bioweapons are dangerous and the fact that some people are actually looking into targeting various ethnic groups with them makes them more dangerous. I just cannot see how his statements on this prove he is an antisemite.

    RFK Jr. like Donald Trump are the two candidates that the deep state and Biden Administration, and the globalists like Soros and Larry Fink are the most threatened by.

    RFK Jr. threatens them because he is going to tell the world about the genocidal program of the US bioweapons program that was mandated for every man, woman, and child in the US, the so-called vaccine which was actually damaging and toxic gene therapy. The deep state, the DoD, the Biden Administration, the pharmaceutical industry ALL WANT TO MAKE SURE HIS REPUTATION IS DESTROYED. Making him appear an antisemite is the easiest way to begin.

    Similarly, Trump is a threat to the deep state, the globalists like Soros and Larry Fink, islamic fundamentalists and global communists like Obama, and neocons and multinational weapons manufacturers HATE HIM AND WANT HIM DESTROYED. They created a very active LAWFARE program to do just that. But they started by calling him an antisemite, a bigot, a racist, etc. This psychological operation was extremely effective on the democrats of this country and on those republicans and independents who are either powerless and gullible or powerful and globalist in their motivations. Most of all the deep state hates him because he has already described how he is going to take down the deep state.

    So playing the antisemitism card against RFK Jr./and/or Donald Trump has one purpose: to get both of them so discredited that nobody believes anything they say.

  4. Check out , Arutz Sheva, for a fair and balanced description of the confrontation between RFKjr. and Debbie Wasserman Schultz in a taped clip of RFK jrs, testimony before a congressional committee, The podcaster who wrote this article, a conservative commentator, also describes herself as a :Jewiess.:

    She also provides an interesting history of RFK’s repeatedly have to walk back apparently antisemitic remarks over a period of years in an effort to avoid alienating his Jewish supporters. Also, having to distance himself from old friends such as Louis Farakhan, who were known to be antisemites. Finally, she provides a list of RFKjrs. relatives and ancestors who this author says were antisemites, (She denies that RFK’s father and mother were antisemitic, however.).