Three Cheers for the American Jewish Congress.

By Ted Belman

    “AJCongress was the first American Jewish organization to endorse the principle of energy independence and our work towards that goal remains a top priority.”

As a result of their work the Senate passed U.S.-Israel Energy Cooperation Act (USIECA) as a provision (Title IX, Section 917) of comprehensive energy legislation (the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007)

Jack Halpern, Chairman of the AJCongress Energy Independence Task Force said,

    “USIECA’s incorporation in the comprehensive energy bill is a crucial step for helping the United States and other industrialized nations reduce dependence on imported oil, by putting to work Israel’s brilliant scientists and engineers to help devise alternative energy technologies.”

American Jewish Congress Executive Director Neil B. Goldstein said

    “Just as U.S.-Israel collaboration led to a breakthrough for missile defense in the form of the Arrow anti-missile, so will U.S.-Israel collaboration lead to new breakthroughs in energy technology,”

    “Israeli skills in solar energy can help produce hydrogen fuel; their skills in biotechnology can improve the conversion of cellulosic waste into ethanol and methanol; and their skills in chemistry, engineering and nanotechnology can improve the efficiency of fuel cells ? to name just a few of the areas where Israeli scientists and engineers excel.”

    “Moreover,in an era when some groups are trying to isolate Israel’s academic community, this measure will help build bridges between Israeli academicians and the U.S.”

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3 Comments / 3 Comments

  1. Shalom Laura,

    Whether a good bill or not, it is still a tax increase.

    True, B43 will sign the bill because the oil company tax sections were removed but the other taxes, both direct and indirect (hidden) are present.

    Re the bill’s “renewable energy credits”; they have a cost; an indirect tax.

    The bill pushes energy independence; not cost reduction.

    Note the “pump priming” FDR type of economics. The new vehicle fuel standards requires new vehicles for compliance. New trucks and cars, with their inflated costs (both by a devalued dollar and the built-in medical costs to some labor) are taxed on purchase and during operation. (Less the quasi-criminal Virginia farmers who can exempt their vehicles if used for “farming” [The definition of “farming” is not Farmer MacDonald]).

    Like Speaker Pelosi said: “It makes a major commitment to homegrown biofuels, sending our energy dollars to the Midwest, not the Middle East.”

    Where’s the Iowa Caucus located ?

    Kol tuv,

  2. I believe AIPAC endorced energy independence prior to American Jewish Congress realizing Arab oil was involved in all of this.

    AIPAC had nuclear reactor posters in their Capitol Hill office eons ago.

    The current energy bill is a tax increase.

    Re “the United States and other industralized nations … ” use imported oil because it is relatively cheap. Thank the “environmentalists” for the price distortions.

    Kol tuv,

    cc: Hyman Rickover, AEC, USN

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