To US and EU: support for Israel will cost you


Kayhan Editor Close To Iran’s Supreme Leader Khamenei:

    ‘America and Its European Supporters Must Know… That the Price of Supporting [Israel] Will Cost Them the Property and Lives of Their Citizens… If the Heads of Some Islamic States Prevent the Muslim Peoples from Attacking the Zionists… They Can Be Toppled’

In a January 26 op-ed in the Iranian daily Kayhan, the paper’s editor, Hossein Shariatmadari, who is close to Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, called on Muslims to unite in a retaliatory attack on American, European, and Israeli “sensitive centers” because of “the war crimes that these countries are committing in the Gaza Strip” and because of their support for Israel.

In his op-ed, Shar’iatmadari stressed that American and European civilians must be harmed in these attacks, so as to make the U.S. and the European countries change their policy towards Israel. He further called for harming Israelis worldwide, and explained that Islamic regimes that prevent an Islamic attack on Israel must be toppled, because they are defending the enemy.

Following are excerpts from Sharatmadari’s op-ed, which was titled “The Defenders of the Enemy”: [1]

    “The slaughter being carried out by the Zionists in Gaza – which includes the mass murder of Palestinian men, women, and children, cutting off the electricity, water, and fuel, stopping the supply of medicines and food products – along with various other savage crimes, is disgraceful for the Zionists, and for America and its European allies.

    “However, it is even more embarrassing and disgraceful for, first and foremost, the heads of several Islamic countries, [including] Egypt, that is insisting on adhering to the abject Camp David Accords and closing the Rafah border crossing [to the Palestinians]; for the cowardly and characterless rulers of Bahrain and the U.A.E., who awarded a prize to the murderer [i.e. President Bush] of the oppressed Palestinian people during his recent trip to the region; and for the Saudi [royal] family, that bears the appellation ‘Custodian of the Two Holy Places’ but is indifferent to the crimes and violations of the infidel Zionists in the Muslim holy places, and so on.

    “But aren’t most of the sensitive centers of the Zionists, of the Americans, and of some European states that support Israel already situated within the arms’ reach of the Muslims? And aren’t the Zionists [vulnerable] and located within arms’ reach of the Muslims at the four corners of the earth? What human and legal basis can prevent an attack on these centers and people? Why must the savage, blood-letting Zionists and Americans be permitted to choose the field of battle as they wish? [Why are they permitted] to besiege the oppressed Palestinian brothers and sisters and their children, on the land that belongs to that helpless people, and to shoot at them night and day and to massacre them?

    “America and its European and Zionist supporters must know that their support for Israel’s crimes will cost them very dearly. Once they discern that this support will cost them the property and lives of their citizens, they will doubtless reconsider their support for the savage Zionists… And didn’t the Imam [Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini] instruct that if every Muslim pours out one bucket of water, there will be a flood that will sweep away Israel, and destroy it?

    “Every time a movement rises up against the Zionist occupier and acts to liberate its homeland, America and its allies accuse it of terrorism, and every state that supports these movements is punished. Why wouldn’t the Muslims act the same way, and attack all the supporters of the Zionists everywhere in the world?

    “There is a legal view valid in both the Shi’ite and the Sunni school that it is permissible to attack anyone whom the enemy uses as a shield in the war against the enemies of Islam. Therefore, if some heads of Islamic states prevent the Muslim peoples from attacking the Zionists – thus constituting a shield that prevents support to the persecuted people of that region – it permissible to topple these defenders of the enemy.”

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6 Comments / 6 Comments

  1. Thank you, Laura.

    I am so tired of the lefties who claim moral superiority through “sensitivity” when all their policies have done is to absolve those who are really guilty and indict the innocent. I see many people on the right who still claim that George W. Bush is the best friend Israel ever had in the white house. Frankly I find that insulting. The man has advocated consistently for a two-state solution that would create indefensible borders for Israel and he sends, as the lead negotiator for the United States a woman who draws parallels between the US civil rights struggle and the claims of the Palestinians. What utter rot.

    Of course, even more disgusting are people on the right who are apologists for the Muslims and allow them the free pass that they enjoy. Why, for example is CAIR who has been linked to the funding of terrorist organizations still allowed to function in the United States? Why are the FBI, CIA, and Homeland Security afraid of Muslims?

    The legacy of WWII, is that Jews tend to take the side of the underdog in every battle I cannot, for the life of me, come up with any other reason why they consistently tend to vote for liberals. No one, in this age seems to have the will to stand up and call for the wholesale deportation of Muslims, no one will call them what they are — a threat to our national security. They have a divided allegiance and given the choice of allegiance to the country they are living in and Islam you can bet your life they will choose Islam.
    It has become utterly unacceptable to suggest that DP camps or deportation stations be set up for fear of another holocaust and yet it has become completely acceptable to become entrenched in self hatred to the point that one will gladly betray ones own people and our ally Israel.

    One last thing I will bring to the readers attention and that is the fact that Hitler visited with the Mufti of Jerusalem and got many of his ideas for the “final solution” from the Arabs. Their anti-Antisemitism runs deep and they will never have peace until they rid the earth of Israel of every Jew and every other person they deem as an infidel. It’s about time that we wake up and realize our enemy is dead serious in their mission. It’s time for us to get real and defend ourselves from all enemies foreign and domestic.

  2. Excellent posts phillika. But the morally degenerate left will, rather than responding to such a blatant threat by supporting Israel, would in fact say this is proof of why we should end our alliance with Israel. And the so-called foreign policy “realists” of the James Baker school of thought, being the greedy moral cowards that they are, would advise the same thing.

    Now is the time for wholesale attacks on the heart of Islam. We must cripple them financially, mentally, spiritually and emotionally

    Absolutely Phillika. All western countries need to shut down the mosques and madrassas operating in our respective countries and order the saudis and other wealthy arab sheiks to end funding jihad and freeze their assets in our countries. Then mass bomb mecca and medina to show we mean business if they don’t comply.

  3. Can we please all stop residing in fantasyland? Islam has declared an all out war against all of Western civilization and we are still hanging out at the well wishing about world peace with the Muslims. Look, it’s about time that we face the reality that they want to annihilate us. Peace isn’t achieved sitting around a campfire toasting kosher marshmallows and singing kumbyah. Peace comes through strength and commitment to principles even if they make us uncomfortable. It is time to get out of our comfort zones and admit that “the way it’s been done” isn’t getting it done. For 7 years we have been doing targeted attacks, we still haven’t gotten the heart of their movement — Bin Laden. Now is the time for wholesale attacks on the heart of Islam. We must cripple them financially, mentally, spiritually and emotionally … I would say socially but they have already managed that on their own living in their backward depraved society of crapistan.

    Once upon a time, Walt Disney said “It’s kinda fun to achieve the impossible” … you know alot of people say it’s impossible to really win this war against the Jihadis … Well I think it would be kinda fun to actually try. Let’s throw out all the rules of engagement, the Geneva convention and the other shakles put upon us by the “international community” and start fighting this war. We are fighting savages therefore we need to fight like savages or we will never win. The Jihadi don’t fight by the rules, they aren’t held accountable by any world court and in fact they get a free pass and the rights granted to American Citizens courtesy of the ACLU and the liberals who feel sorry for the poor terrorists being “tortured” at Gitmo…BARF… those terrorists need to be humiliated, subjugated, deported and even killed for what they have done. They do not deserve any rights. Our POWs aren’t afforded any rights in fact they face real torture and murder not the fraternity pranks that happened at Abu Grahab.

    So to all of you who are still thinking that targeted assassinations are the way to go. They fear for civilian casualties, to which I scoff because these civilians are likely acting as shields for the jihadi and are offering them aid and comfort. That makes them our enemies too. So, I disagree that the way to go is to continue with targeted killings; we can win sooner with less casualties on our side with some good old fashioned Dresden bombings over Tehran, Beruit, Damascus, and Baghdad. Some of the libs stand around and sing “where all the flowers have gone” … I want to know where the daisy cutters are.

  4. Bill – I fear your comments perfectly encapsulates why we are losing this war.

    This Shar’iatmadari threatens to inflict social justice on us to get us to change our ways (with nary a peep from that broad stratum of “innocent” and “moderate” muslims in whose names the terror masters speak).

    We threaten to inflict individual justice on the terror masters, while leaving the status quo of the societies that produce them untouched.

    Are you really so in thrall to our technical superiority in armaments not to see that their tactical (and limited) use provides no strategic value whatsoever?

    Targeted assassinations have not worked against the arabs of palestine. Israel quickly eliminated Yassin and Rantisi years ago, yet Hamas is, far from being diminished, stronger than ever. The idea that the surge in Iraq is working also is open to question. Disrupting foreign terrorists there has done nothing to diminish the jihad elsewhere in the world, and leaves Iraqi tribalism untouched. We are in and endless war in Iraq because, from the very beginning, we were unwilling to inflict social justice there – just as the Israelis are unwilling to shut off electricity to gaza, while absorbing rocket fire on its own civilians.

    Iran operates on the Khomenei slogan: “The United States can’t do a damn thing.” Over almost 30 years now, have we done anything to prove them wrong?

    I believe it was the historian Crane Brinton in his “Anatomy of Revolution” who said something to the effect that the critical point in any revolution is reached not when the mob is no longer afraid of being shot at by the army; it is when the army becomes afraid to shoot on the mob.

    Revolutions are rarer than wars, but revolutions in international relations are rarer still. We are living through one. The muslim mob knows we are afraid to shoot at them, and that’s why they are confident they will win the war and create a radically different international order.

  5. Well, one thing you have to say for the -oh what are we calling them now? yes, islamosupremicists is that they don’t mince words. They tell us EXACTLY what they intend on doing. Personally I think it is time for us to try the same tactic. Let’s be quite clear here and for once, intellectually honest.

    1. Our enemy is Islam. It is a cult religion that is hell-bent on the destruction of all religions and people that it cannot control through force.

    2. There is no such thing as a moderate Muslim. If they are “moderate” then by Islam’s definition they are apostate and therefore marked for death just as infidels. True Muslims support Jihad in 3 ways, they either participate in it, financially support it or look the other way and through their silence allow it to continue. Jihad is a sin of commission AND a sin omission.

    3. Islam’s mission, at it’s core is the overthrowing of every world civilization and the setting up of a world caliphate and the adherence to strict shariah law.

    4. The Western World’s biggest mistake is that it insists on assigning western values, ethics and culture to a group who neither wants it nor respects it (See E.H. Carr’s seminal work the 20 year crisis). Tribalists such as Muslims see negotiation and diplomacy as a sign of weakness. When going to the market place to bargain never make the first offer, once you do you have put yourself in a position of weakness.

    5. The only way to save Western Civilization is to deport them and then declare a full out war against them.

    Until, we however, have the will to admit that it is Islam that is our enemy and not “just a few radicals” we will continue to lose the war. These are a very patient people. The war against the infidel has been waged for centuries and it will continue until we decide that what we have is worth defending. Before that can happen though we as a people have to be willing to sacrifice our creature comforts, stand up and say enough of this nonsense and take back our countries, our civilization from the politically correct who get nauseous at the thought of a world that denounces their mantra of multiculturalism and moral relativism.

    Yes, G-d has promised that those who bless Israel will be blessed and those who curse Israel will be cursed. But in order to bless Israel it takes more than just praying and hoping for the Messiah to make an appearance. It takes concrete action and commitment to principles rooted in intellectual honesty. We no longer have the luxury of sitting on the fence when it comes to support of and for the Jewish nation and our own world. Too much is at stake.There is good and there is evil. G-d has drawn a line in the sand, which side are you going to stand on?

  6. How lovely. Support for Israel gets one marked for death. G-d said to Avraham: “I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you.” After all these decades and not for lacking of trying, Israel’s enemies have not come close to ensuring her demise. And if they try hard to realize it, a lot of Jews and non-Jews and not in Israel only, will die in their efforts to maintain the Jewish State. Israel’s existence in a hostile region is a divine miracle. The Jews (and in particular, their having regained their independence in their ancient homeland) are the proof G-d exists. Whoever refuses to acknowledge this is literally an enemy of G-d, not just of the Jewish people.