To whom it may concern

By Vic Rosenthal

To whom it may concern in Europe and the US:

We are tired of hearing that withdrawal from Judea and Samaria will bring peace. We know and you know that it would bring another Gaza. So stop saying it.

We are tired of hearing that land beyond the Green Line is ‘Palestinian land’. The Green Line is simply an armistice line that has no political significance. You know this too.

We are tired of hearing about the “Palestinian people.” They are no different from the Arabs of Syria or Egypt, from which most of their ancestors migrated in the last 150 years or so. There is no Palestinian language or religion, and until very recently they considered themselves simply ‘Arabs’. Their culture is almost entirely defined by their opposition to the Jewish state.

We are tired of hearing that “the Palestinians deserve a state.” We are indigenous here, not them, and their behavior entitles them more to a trial at The Hague than to a state. And they certainly don’t deserve our state, which is the only state they want.

We are tired of hearing about ‘The Occupation’. As Naftali Bennett said the other day, you can’t be an occupier in your own land.

We are tired of hearing that “settlements are illegal under international law.” They aren’t.

We are tired of hearing that “settlement construction is an obstacle to peace.” Arab rejectionism and terrorism is the reason there isn’t peace. By the way, we are pro-peace. We are just not pro-suicide.

We are tired of hearing about the 5 million (or whatever ridiculous number there are alleged to be) ‘Palestinian refugees’ or the ‘Palestinian diaspora’. There were about 700,000 Arabs that left their homes in 1948, mostly of their own volition, more or less at the same time as the 800,000 Jewish refugees from Arab countries. We resettled ours — resettle yours.

We are tired of hearing anything from anyone associated with the UN. The UN is a parasitic and criminal enterprise dominated by our mortal enemies.

We are tired of stupid post-colonialist rhetoric. We aren’t ‘colonists’ and Arabs don’t have the right to murder us in the name of ‘resistance’. Talking this way reveals you as moral imbeciles.

You can’t recognize a state that has no borders, no single government, and no economy.

We know we can’t depend on any kind of security guarantee from anyone except the IDF. So stop being insulted because we don’t trust you. And don’t ask us to give up any nuclear weapons we might or might not have.

We know that the left-wing parties in Israel are bankrupt of ideas. We aren’t going to vote for them, no matter how much you would like us to. So don’t bother trying to influence our election.

Don’t believe what you read in Ha’aretz.

Jerusalem, undivided, is the capital of the state of Israel. Get used to it, because you can’t change it.


Ordinary Israelis


December 11, 2014 | 3 Comments »

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3 Comments / 3 Comments

  1. All of the above is meaningless talk, unless the Jewish population of at least the 2/3 of Shomron and Yehuda in Area C and the annexed parts of Jerusalem rapidly expands. Because nothing is harder to reverse than the fact of a settled and growing population. The Jewish population of annexed Jerusalem has surpassed 300,000 and that of Area C has reached approximately 400,000. If an annual population growth rate of 6 per cent can be maintained, which is not at all difficult if the State of Israel prioritizes this process, than that 700,000 population of Jews would double to 1.4 million in just 12 years, and would double again to 2.4 million in 24 years.

    But in order for this process to be fully effective, the Jewish population should be spread as homogenously as possible around the entirety of lands that must be kept. That should not at all be difficult when the overall land area of Shomron and Yehuda are compared with just two counties in southern Wisconsin, where I live: Dane County and Rock County together more or less equal the geographic size of Shomron and Yehuda. Based on urban and regional planning examples from all across the USA, purposely planned urban sprawl would restore a significant Jewish population into every part of Shomron and Yehuda, after a lapse of some 2000 years.

    If Israel is to stay alive in the long run, no competing non-Jewish and non-Israeli political entity can be permitted sovereignty in any of the districts located west of the Jordan River. Most of the population of Israel has come to understand that there no peace can be achieved with the local Arabs, because those Arabs and their leaders think the time will come when they will overwhelm the Jewish population. There is nothing that can be negotiated with such people other than some sort of local autonomy for their major Arab cities and offerings of either citizenship under minority status or buy-outs and translocation of the Arab residents in the lands that must be annexed.

    Nothing argued or threatened by the European states, the UNO, the present government of Barack Hussein Obama in the United States or any other outsiders can be permitted to shape the policy of the State of Israel and its sole responsibility for the Jewish nation now being rebuilt in the only place in the world where that process can take place, namely, Eretz-Yisrael. The government of Israel is answerable to nobody except the Jewish nation now resident in the State of Israel. Because any retreat from the Jordan River eastern border of Israel will ultimately kill the Jewish state, and with it, probably would terminate the Jewish nation as well. Because outside of Israel, the present trend is that there is no future there for organized Jewry. So it’s either Israel or nothing. Those are the stakes. Fpr those of you who live there or intend to move there, be prepared to act and vote accordingly.

    Arnold Harris
    Mount Horeb WI

  2. That explains it all in simple language which any mentally challenged anti-Israel or anti-Semite should understand.